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4PL All or Nothing$11,022.2030 Players9 Tournaments2 Events
4PL Clan League$9,048.3727 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
4PL Close Combat Cup$25,699.6392 Players99 Tournaments1 Event
4PL Play4Dota2$13,892.5261 Players26 Tournaments1 Event
4PL Play4Fame$21,068.5191 Players39 Tournaments1 Event
4PL Team Action Cup$3,524.1428 Players38 Tournaments1 Event


Call of Duty Challengers$3,300,550.00385 Players187 Tournaments28 Events
Call of Duty League$22,068,000.00171 Players61 Tournaments9 Events
COD Mobile World Championship$4,900,000.00223 Players7 Tournaments5 Events
COD World League$11,107,484.32420 Players61 Tournaments32 Events
CWL Championship$10,025,000.00289 Players7 Tournaments7 Events


Afreeca Challengers Starleague$42,395.5422 Players11 Tournaments11 Events
Afreeca Champions Cup$30,000.0019 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Afreeca Mastiff League$4,840.1916 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
Afreeca PUBG League$540,561.30220 Players16 Tournaments6 Events
Afreeca Starcraft BJ Team Battle$31,336.3015 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Afreeca StarCraft Team League$51,380.0039 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Afreeca Starleague$1,009,272.5078 Players17 Tournaments17 Events
Afreeca Starleague Team Battle$8,850.0012 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Afreeca Tekken League$261,389.4031 Players67 Tournaments5 Events
Afreeca Ultimate Battle$11,570.4111 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Afreeca VALORANT Invitational$40,000.00120 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Afreeca VALORANT League$80,000.0040 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Afreeca Warcraft III League$167,731.4030 Players19 Tournaments12 Events
Afreeca World Invitational$24,057.5295 Players112 Tournaments1 Event
Global StarCraft II League (Afreeca)$3,680,031.7894 Players53 Tournaments43 Events
HotS League: REVIVAL$80,848.3341 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
Ladies AfreecaTV StarCraft League$50,605.4517 Players12 Tournaments12 Events
Warcraft Survival Battle$106,575.2323 Players42 Tournaments9 Events
Woo StarCraft League$27,621.008 Players4 Tournaments1 Event


Alibaba Invitational$1,000.004 Players1 Tournament1 Event
World Electronic Sports Games$12,933,254.872283 Players308 Tournaments33 Events


ASUS Cup$1,542,408.381389 Players221 Tournaments49 Events
ASUS ROG - Paris Games Week$91,759.09102 Players5 Tournaments5 Events

Beyond The Summit

BTS Overwatch Cup$10,000.0018 Players1 Tournament1 Event
BTS Pro Series$1,458,750.00542 Players42 Tournaments16 Events
cs_summit$1,199,500.00220 Players9 Tournaments8 Events
Dota Pro Circuit North America$560,000.0092 Players4 Tournaments2 Events
Dota Pro Circuit SEA$940,000.0099 Players7 Tournaments3 Events
Dota Pro Circuit South America$940,000.00101 Players7 Tournaments3 Events
Dota2 Summit$2,333,544.00311 Players19 Tournaments15 Events
Rocket League Summit$144,900.0081 Players10 Tournaments3 Events
Smash Summit$1,139,499.79113 Players46 Tournaments18 Events

Blizzard Entertainment

Arena World Championship$6,146,000.00236 Players125 Tournaments32 Events
Battlegrounds Lobby Legends$250,000.0050 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Blizzard Worldwide Invitational$201,000.0025 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
BlizzCon$13,160,206.00959 Players46 Tournaments15 Events
BlizzCon Qualifiers / Road to BlizzCon$2,162,259.67648 Players73 Tournaments31 Events
Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament$130,000.0010 Players4 Tournaments2 Events
Copa América$456,825.00216 Players66 Tournaments7 Events
Hearthstone Championship Tour$3,716,291.74623 Players53 Tournaments31 Events
Hearthstone Global Games$812,600.00336 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Hearthstone GrandMasters$2,653,499.00101 Players80 Tournaments9 Events
Hearthstone Masters Tour$7,800,000.001021 Players27 Tournaments27 Events
Hearthstone Wild Open$78,000.0023 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Hearthstone World Championship$4,850,000.0074 Players7 Tournaments7 Events
Heroes Global Championship$10,991,982.95490 Players62 Tournaments14 Events
Korea StarCraft League$283,040.0032 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Master Monthly Cup$15,000.0010 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Overwatch Champions Series$490,000.00213 Players6 Tournaments2 Events
Overwatch Collegiate$193,800.00142 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Overwatch Contenders$11,553,062.002244 Players128 Tournaments24 Events
Overwatch Flash Ops$250,140.00285 Players13 Tournaments4 Events
Overwatch League$25,316,500.00562 Players49 Tournaments7 Events
Overwatch Open Division$71,000.00205 Players8 Tournaments2 Events
Overwatch Premier Series$843,842.58274 Players6 Tournaments3 Events
Overwatch World Cup$1,926,170.00856 Players54 Tournaments9 Events
StarCraft II World Championship Series$10,072,574.42669 Players174 Tournaments96 Events


Capcom Cup$3,852,000.00118 Players11 Tournaments9 Events
Capcom Pro Tour$1,741,158.40334 Players131 Tournaments6 Events
Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Global Tournament$232,400.00201 Players22 Tournaments8 Events
Street Fighter League$361,172.4127 Players4 Tournaments1 Event


Clash Royale Iberian International$58,684.6816 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
DreamHack$25,062,778.565810 Players693 Tournaments128 Events
DreamHack Beyond$83,249.79206 Players20 Tournaments1 Event
DreamHack Community Clash$14,670.00113 Players19 Tournaments5 Events
DreamHack Dota 2 Weekly$9,326.55188 Players24 Tournaments1 Event
DreamHack Influencer Invitational$30,000.0030 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
DreamHack Online CS:GO Events$1,942,000.00517 Players30 Tournaments12 Events
DreamHack Online Fortnite Events$1,214,050.00424 Players11 Tournaments1 Event
DreamHack SC2 Masters$2,114,990.00291 Players59 Tournaments10 Events
DreamHack Showdown$275,000.00187 Players9 Tournaments5 Events
DreamHack WC3 Open$379,800.0064 Players22 Tournaments8 Events
DreamLeague$11,654,626.00414 Players33 Tournaments23 Events
eAllsvenskan$123,872.6042 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
eSuperliga$410,618.6373 Players8 Tournaments8 Events
Nordic Championship$426,411.37358 Players22 Tournaments15 Events
Swedish E-Sports Championships$292,698.54154 Players28 Tournaments13 Events

EA Sports

EA Champions Cup$2,744,112.50203 Players15 Tournaments14 Events
EA Sports Cup$250,000.0040 Players1 Tournament1 Event
eLibertadores$412,000.0041 Players5 Tournaments4 Events
FC Pro Open$977,500.00116 Players21 Tournaments2 Events
FIFA eChampions League$1,220,000.0098 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
FIFA eClub World Cup$1,914,200.00239 Players26 Tournaments7 Events
FIFA eContinental Cup$1,200,000.00109 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
FIFA eNations Cup$2,110,500.08239 Players10 Tournaments4 Events
FIFA eWorld Cup$2,900,000.00103 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
FIFA Global Series$7,292,689.00636 Players112 Tournaments10 Events
FIFA Ultimate Team Championship$3,170,000.00323 Players34 Tournaments20 Events
FIFAe Champions Cup$200,000.0061 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Madden NFL Championship Series$9,557,992.00217 Players31 Tournaments12 Events

Electronic Sports League

ESL A1 Adria League$118,462.70179 Players23 Tournaments12 Events
ESL African Championship$153,129.0081 Players7 Tournaments2 Events
ESL Artifact Community Cup$205.326 Players8 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Belgian Championship$44,700.0276 Players4 Tournaments2 Events
ESL Black Monster Cup$133,803.94151 Players9 Tournaments5 Events
ESL Brasil Premier League$88,358.44254 Players19 Tournaments12 Events
ESL Brink Championship$21,505.825 Players1 Tournament1 Event
ESL Bulgarian Championships$3,819.4211 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Challenger Counter-Strike$1,000,000.00244 Players10 Tournaments10 Events
ESL Challenger League R6S$315,000.00382 Players19 Tournaments8 Events
ESL Clan League$421.0510 Players1 Tournament2 Events
ESL Clash Royale Mobcrush$54.861 Player1 Tournament1 Event
ESL Counter-Strike Champions League$16,534.2945 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Dutch Championship$43,758.5581 Players6 Tournaments3 Events
ESL Euro Series$47,406.6091 Players9 Tournaments5 Events
ESL European Nations Championship$354,958.04320 Players25 Tournaments7 Events
ESL Expo Barcelona$83,490.0040 Players1 Tournament1 Event
ESL Fortnite Regionals$12,250.0081 Players22 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Gears of War Pro League$120,000.0027 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
ESL Go4Artifact$3,461.9935 Players40 Tournaments3 Events
ESL Go4Battlerite$7,359.1726 Players32 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4BF4$26,726.1564 Players124 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4CoD:AW$8,432.82119 Players76 Tournaments2 Events
ESL Go4CrossFire$91,724.94231 Players217 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4CS:GO$100,672.591312 Players489 Tournaments2 Events
ESL Go4Dota2$24,769.06260 Players60 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4Evolve$5,454.9577 Players29 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4FIFA$25,391.38119 Players312 Tournaments7 Events
ESL Go4GuildWars2$26,005.5061 Players50 Tournaments2 Events
ESL Go4Halo$600.008 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4Hearthstone$4,326.8152 Players35 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4Heroes$23,198.02265 Players149 Tournaments2 Events
ESL Go4HotG$6,200.0016 Players9 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4LoL$330,431.501840 Players781 Tournaments7 Events
ESL Go4Overwatch$44,111.26472 Players178 Tournaments5 Events
ESL Go4Paladins$2,759.1145 Players10 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4ProjectCars$2,185.009 Players36 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4QC$23,600.00119 Players40 Tournaments4 Events
ESL Go4R6$9,166.55119 Players27 Tournaments4 Events
ESL Go4RocketLeague$38,995.19248 Players199 Tournaments3 Events
ESL Go4S.K.I.L.L.$3,977.1254 Players14 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4SC2$140,255.58174 Players529 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4ShardsofWar$1,029.2120 Players1 Tournament1 Event
ESL Go4Smite$2,560.1841 Players22 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4TrackMania$512.772 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4WC3$6,658.8817 Players26 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Go4WoT$3,018.50157 Players8 Tournaments2 Events
ESL Go4WoW$1,448.7017 Players13 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Hearthstone Legendary Series$97,400.0051 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
ESL Heroes Major League$36,800.0075 Players6 Tournaments3 Events
ESL Heroes of the Storm Championship$500,000.00115 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
ESL Impact League$1,038,500.00432 Players124 Tournaments13 Events
ESL Indonesia Championship$120,000.0097 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
ESL Intel Extreme Masters$25,796,444.352232 Players193 Tournaments94 Events
ESL Italia Championship$70,493.53119 Players13 Tournaments8 Events
ESL Katowice Royale$597,000.0094 Players4 Tournaments1 Event
ESL LA League$30,015.9165 Players5 Tournaments4 Events
ESL Major League$34,818.61209 Players10 Tournaments10 Events
ESL Major Series$522,666.99725 Players110 Tournaments18 Events
ESL MKX Pro League$407,500.0013 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
ESL Mobcrush Vainglory$860.5523 Players10 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Mobile Challenge$270,000.00114 Players6 Tournaments2 Events
ESL Mobile Open$699,007.14350 Players18 Tournaments9 Events
ESL Nationals Česko a Slovensko$22,255.2576 Players5 Tournaments3 Events
ESL One Series$18,710,241.231088 Players81 Tournaments54 Events
ESL Open Cup$317,700.00151 Players813 Tournaments2 Events
ESL Overwatch King of the Hill$7,000.0018 Players7 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Plantronics North America Weekly Cups$2,800.0042 Players8 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Premium Only CS:GO Cup$2,209.6636 Players12 Tournaments2 Events
ESL Premium Series$1,276.5012 Players21 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Pro European Championship$80,965.5020 Players1 Tournament1 Event
ESL Pro League Counter-Strike$14,694,890.30858 Players57 Tournaments21 Events
ESL Pro League R6S$3,175,625.00604 Players53 Tournaments12 Events
ESL Pro Series America / National EPS$146,500.00172 Players11 Tournaments11 Events
ESL Pro Series ANZ$276,163.39325 Players46 Tournaments26 Events
ESL Pro Series Benelux / ESL Benelux Championship$162,715.11279 Players31 Tournaments18 Events
ESL Pro Series Bulgaria$8,452.4042 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
ESL Pro Series CIS$48,097.3310 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
ESL Pro Series Czech Republic$1,960.008 Players1 Tournament1 Event
ESL Pro Series Denmark$17,648.8541 Players4 Tournaments3 Events
ESL Pro Series France / ESL Le Championnat National$424,108.22467 Players62 Tournaments32 Events
ESL Pro Series Germany / ESL Meisterschaft$4,035,779.102210 Players426 Tournaments102 Events
ESL Pro Series India$299,633.60352 Players36 Tournaments9 Events
ESL Pro Series Poland / ESL Mistrzostwa Polski$616,785.79467 Players55 Tournaments30 Events
ESL Pro Series Scandinavia / ESL Pro Series Nordic$66,616.4070 Players7 Tournaments4 Events
ESL Pro Series Spain / ESL Masters España$391,662.03411 Players43 Tournaments29 Events
ESL Pro Series UK / ESL UK/IRE Premiership$645,428.69776 Players65 Tournaments28 Events
ESL Pro Series Ukraine$16,327.5843 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
ESL PUBG Masters$300,500.00199 Players6 Tournaments4 Events
ESL Racing Released$464,686.0243 Players4 Tournaments2 Events
ESL S.K.I.L.L. Pro League$87,571.8349 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
ESL SC2 Americas Open$6,050.0045 Players119 Tournaments1 Event
ESL SC2 Masters$650,000.00103 Players12 Tournaments3 Events
ESL Sennheiser Cup$9,507.3228 Players34 Tournaments2 Events
ESL South East Europe Championship$99,688.55266 Players25 Tournaments11 Events
ESL Swiss League$72,161.7767 Players7 Tournaments7 Events
ESL Thailand Championship$61,552.2193 Players4 Tournaments3 Events
ESL Türkiye Şampiyonası$80,609.3978 Players9 Tournaments9 Events
ESL Vietnam Championship$36,327.1371 Players4 Tournaments3 Events
ESL Viking Cup$3,068.8618 Players31 Tournaments1 Event
ESL Warcraft III Invitational$9,662.043 Players1 Tournament1 Event
ESL WC3L Series$149,808.3480 Players12 Tournaments12 Events
ESL Women’s Tournament$7,539.2010 Players1 Tournament1 Event
GameGod ESL India$626.5829 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Intel Challenge Katowice$190,000.0059 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Intel Grand Slam$4,000,000.0020 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Intel World Open$800,000.00200 Players16 Tournaments3 Events
JBL Quantum Cup$401,762.04205 Players14 Tournaments5 Events
National ESL Iron Lady$1,575.0012 Players8 Tournaments2 Events
Snapdragon Mobile Masters$400,000.0069 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Snapdragon Pro Series$1,676,693.94834 Players36 Tournaments8 Events
UK Challenge Series$3,523.4757 Players14 Tournaments2 Events
VR League$419,856.40104 Players16 Tournaments10 Events
ZEN League$60,850.3758 Players6 Tournaments1 Event

Epic Esports Events

Adrenaline Cyber League$500,925.44113 Players13 Tournaments4 Events
Dota 2 Champions League$1,342,914.00393 Players30 Tournaments30 Events
Dota Pro Circuit Eastern Europe$800,000.00106 Players7 Tournaments3 Events
Epic Dota 2 Online Leagues$840,500.00185 Players7 Tournaments5 Events
EPICENTER$5,115,000.00376 Players16 Tournaments9 Events
MegaFon Dota 2 Events$333,144.0072 Players4 Tournaments3 Events
OMEGA League$629,500.00245 Players5 Tournaments3 Events

Epic Games

Console Champions Cup$1,004,850.00549 Players30 Tournaments4 Events
Fortnite Cash Cup$18,874,035.005137 Players1182 Tournaments52 Events
Fortnite Champion Series$65,720,155.003644 Players335 Tournaments22 Events
Fortnite Skirmish Series$18,382,750.00795 Players42 Tournaments3 Events
Fortnite Winter Royale$10,957,600.00977 Players23 Tournaments2 Events
Fortnite World Cup$46,252,500.001417 Players77 Tournaments3 Events
Throwback Cup$200,000.00148 Players14 Tournaments2 Events


ESEA$5,787,368.058225 Players522 Tournaments65 Events
ESEA Cash Cup$783,500.00746 Players158 Tournaments11 Events
ESEA Rank G$471,000.00343 Players157 Tournaments2 Events
ESEA Rank S$1,909,215.00501 Players456 Tournaments2 Events
ESEA SC2 League$25,000.0071 Players5 Tournaments5 Events


Esports Championship Series$6,195,000.00279 Players40 Tournaments8 Events
FACEIT CS2 10mans$18,000.0021 Players4 Tournaments2 Events
FACEIT CS:GO$1,584,254.75304 Players25 Tournaments13 Events
FACEIT Pro League$3,261,055.00721 Players356 Tournaments6 Events
FACEIT Pro Series: Apex Legends$50,000.0031 Players9 Tournaments1 Event
FACEIT PUBG$438,800.0092 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
FACEIT Quake Live Sunday Cup$2,125.0013 Players17 Tournaments1 Event
FACEIT Team Fortress 2$2,500.0024 Players1 Tournament1 Event

Freaks 4U

99Damage Arena$75,000.00146 Players19 Tournaments1 Event
99damage Liga$369,466.77237 Players22 Tournaments18 Events
99Damage Masters$80,000.0058 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
joinDOTA Bigpoint Battle$29,222.0065 Players11 Tournaments1 Event
joinDOTA League$239,099.05316 Players31 Tournaments14 Events
joinDOTA Masters$87,377.03182 Players31 Tournaments5 Events
Summoner's Inn League$43,705.8192 Players7 Tournaments4 Events


Electronic Sports World Cup$3,086,105.241179 Players130 Tournaments35 Events


AOV Star League$431,895.00173 Players10 Tournaments10 Events
Arena of Glory$2,040,162.28313 Players17 Tournaments17 Events
Arena of Survival$330,611.04123 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
Arena of Valor Premier League$1,850,000.00132 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
C.O.P.A. Free Fire$223,274.7340 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Champions Cup Taiwan$31,583.8420 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
CODM Major Series$39,008.0037 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Elite Challenger Series$130,919.8679 Players8 Tournaments8 Events
FIFA Online 4 Super League$246,137.0892 Players8 Tournaments8 Events
FIFA Online 4 Vietnam National Championship$45,884.3745 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
FIFA Online 4 Vietnam Pro League$92,150.34115 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Free Fire Challengers Series$79,523.2255 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
Free Fire Continental Series$900,000.00170 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
Free Fire Indonesia Masters$411,187.04257 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
Free Fire League Latinoamerica$744,000.00159 Players5 Tournaments3 Events
Free Fire Master League$2,340,517.29290 Players8 Tournaments6 Events
Free Fire Pro League Brazil$28,262.5042 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Free Fire Pro League Thailand$1,135,473.70223 Players8 Tournaments8 Events
Free Fire World Series$7,012,000.00298 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Garena Challenger Series$1,791,868.16149 Players14 Tournaments14 Events
Garena Masters$120,250.0043 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Garena Premier League$1,038,000.00250 Players9 Tournaments9 Events
Garena Star League$120,682.4074 Players11 Tournaments6 Events
HoN Tour$2,177,117.64484 Players181 Tournaments19 Events
League SEA Tour$391,000.0092 Players7 Tournaments4 Events
Liga Brasileira de Free Fire$786,083.73169 Players7 Tournaments3 Events
LoL Garuda Series$139,028.0936 Players10 Tournaments10 Events
LoL Master Series$1,052,857.00205 Players11 Tournaments10 Events
LoL Nova League$232,113.0793 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
MCPS Majors$238,600.00142 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Pacific Championship Series$662,000.00190 Players9 Tournaments9 Events
Point Blank Thailand Championship$151,462.0264 Players10 Tournaments8 Events
Pro Gaming Series$23,460.6687 Players9 Tournaments9 Events
RoV Division 1$126,234.9361 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
RoV Pro League$3,813,284.39215 Players14 Tournaments14 Events
Singapore Legends Series$14,905.4834 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Thailand Pro League$137,970.7993 Players15 Tournaments13 Events
The Legends Circuit$336,672.81117 Players23 Tournaments12 Events
Valor Cup$60,527.2371 Players6 Tournaments3 Events
Vietnam Championship Series$1,045,414.22270 Players25 Tournaments25 Events
Vietnam Free Fire League$515,072.6359 Players3 Tournaments2 Events


Gfinity European Pro League$34,351.5326 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Gfinity Offline Events$2,475,018.01708 Players63 Tournaments42 Events
Gfinity Online$208,628.121005 Players586 Tournaments22 Events


GIGA Grandslam$26,449.5710 Players8 Tournaments5 Events


Global StarCraft II League (GOMeXP)$3,197,002.00277 Players44 Tournaments29 Events
Global StarCraft II Team League$417,859.63170 Players10 Tournaments10 Events
GOMTV Classic$324,435.1534 Players8 Tournaments8 Events

Hi-Rez Studios

Paladins Mid Season Invitational$110,000.0034 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Paladins Premier League$200,000.0083 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Paladins World Championship$600,000.0058 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
SMITE Pro League$2,384,704.95373 Players43 Tournaments20 Events
SMITE World Championship$9,325,168.60208 Players13 Tournaments11 Events


iBUYPOWER Invitational$228,000.00115 Players12 Tournaments1 Event
iBUYPOWER Masters$450,000.00122 Players4 Tournaments4 Events

id Software

QuakeCon$2,428,600.00288 Players63 Tournaments21 Events


The Gathering$245,273.10222 Players67 Tournaments15 Events


Kinguin for Charity$30,000.0019 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
Kinguin Pro League$23,200.0019 Players3 Tournaments1 Event


PES League$1,524,950.58113 Players25 Tournaments10 Events

Major League Gaming

MLG GameBattles$660,585.00540 Players450 Tournaments26 Events
MLG Minor Championship$50,000.0020 Players1 Tournament1 Event
MLG Pro Circuit$9,523,437.011307 Players323 Tournaments93 Events
MLG Pro League$591,307.00119 Players7 Tournaments7 Events
MLG Underground Smash Series$9,840.0015 Players4 Tournaments2 Events


Dota2 Professional League$1,774,508.90234 Players12 Tournaments8 Events
Mars Dota 2 League$4,736,238.25253 Players11 Tournaments10 Events

MBC Game

MBC WC3 Prime League$82,226.9013 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
MBCGame StarCraft League$1,723,611.28135 Players23 Tournaments23 Events
MBCGame Warcraft 3 World War$103,600.0020 Players4 Tournaments1 Event


Call of the Abyss$2,699,959.20257 Players7 Tournaments7 Events
Gold Series Hearthstone$934,348.36190 Players18 Tournaments17 Events
Gold Series Heroes League$2,828,768.26208 Players20 Tournaments20 Events
Gold Series WarCraft 3$715,242.3146 Players22 Tournaments18 Events
Golden Professional Championship - Online Events$12,136.4223 Players17 Tournaments2 Events
Golden Professional League$478,739.65117 Players27 Tournaments26 Events
Identity V Championship$450,088.6998 Players8 Tournaments3 Events
Identity V Japan League$318,706.21100 Players4 Tournaments2 Events
Identity V League$2,216,808.50130 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
NARAKA BLADEPOINT Pro League$323,981.7568 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
Netease E-sports League$86,947.5365 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
NetEase Esports X Tournament$462,645.61224 Players27 Tournaments11 Events
Nexus Cup$124,400.52169 Players11 Tournaments11 Events
Top Clans$220,398.77235 Players16 Tournaments5 Events


Counter-Strike Online World Championship$160,000.0038 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
eK League$778,368.8384 Players10 Tournaments6 Events
Korea Dota League$357,839.72108 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
Nexon Dota 2 Events$373,039.0285 Players8 Tournaments5 Events


Battlegrounds Smash Cup$287,684.6784 Players11 Tournaments11 Events
Korea King Pro League$760,640.3193 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
National PUBG League$940,000.0090 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
National PUBG League Contenders$63,000.0059 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
OnGameNet Hearthstone$344,196.00105 Players11 Tournaments11 Events
OnGameNet Heroes Super League$517,600.0064 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
OnGameNet KartRider League$186,072.0032 Players12 Tournaments7 Events
OnGameNet LoL$1,935,689.08256 Players12 Tournaments12 Events
OnGameNet Overwatch APEX$853,109.65376 Players10 Tournaments10 Events
OnGameNet StarLeague$2,283,702.52214 Players44 Tournaments37 Events
OnGameNet Vainglory$237,986.0094 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
OnGameNet WarCraft 3$169,870.4085 Players8 Tournaments8 Events
OSL Futures$79,051.1352 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
PUBG Korea Contenders$126,250.0037 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
PUBG Super League Europe$68,940.0024 Players1 Tournament1 Event
PUBG Survival Series$317,637.00131 Players6 Tournaments3 Events

Perfect World Entertainment

Asian Super League$41,994.0025 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
CS:GO Asia Championships$1,300,000.00107 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
CS:GO Asia Summit$60,000.0020 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Dota 2 Asia Championships$4,674,208.00174 Players4 Tournaments3 Events
Dota 2 Pro Circuit China$2,440,000.00161 Players18 Tournaments8 Events
Perfect World League$689,246.34362 Players21 Tournaments9 Events


Collegiate Rocket League$1,256,725.00534 Players40 Tournaments16 Events
Rocket League Championship Series$24,976,028.543532 Players334 Tournaments32 Events
Rocket League Rival Series$567,000.00186 Players12 Tournaments6 Events

PUBG Corporation

PUBG Americas Series$240,000.00120 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
PUBG Asia Invitational$760,546.0093 Players4 Tournaments2 Events
PUBG Champions League$5,113,798.27334 Players13 Tournaments12 Events
PUBG Continental Series$7,796,613.00994 Players56 Tournaments8 Events
PUBG EMEA Championship$239,000.00103 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
PUBG Global Championship$14,194,864.00338 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
PUBG Global Invitational$9,717,044.43508 Players13 Tournaments3 Events
PUBG Global Series$3,892,576.20419 Players10 Tournaments6 Events
PUBG Japan Series$414,917.08167 Players15 Tournaments7 Events
PUBG Korea League$727,226.6494 Players12 Tournaments2 Events
PUBG Master League$193,996.4387 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
PUBG Mobile Club Open$2,220,398.07826 Players21 Tournaments5 Events
PUBG Mobile Global Championship$14,857,000.00543 Players7 Tournaments4 Events
PUBG Mobile Japan League$5,563,076.02137 Players8 Tournaments3 Events
PUBG Mobile National Championship$8,849.9917 Players1 Tournament1 Event
PUBG Mobile Pro League$14,336,145.272458 Players115 Tournaments8 Events
PUBG Mobile Super League$500,000.00150 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
PUBG Nations Cup$1,709,929.00152 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
PUBG Weekly Series$960,053.81115 Players9 Tournaments4 Events

Red Bull

Red Bull Battlegrounds$390,640.00143 Players26 Tournaments16 Events
Red Bull Contested$126,315.0050 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Red Bull Flick$93,027.8046 Players6 Tournaments1 Event
Red Bull High Grounds$32,710.0018 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Red Bull Home Ground$202,288.63127 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Red Bull Kumite$190,131.8359 Players7 Tournaments5 Events
Red Bull Mobile Esports Open$204,545.0056 Players5 Tournaments3 Events
Red Bull pLANet One$14,326.2023 Players7 Tournaments1 Event
Red Bull Untapped$190,000.0031 Players5 Tournaments2 Events
Red Bull Wololo$804,302.2975 Players26 Tournaments9 Events
Red Bull Xel'Naga Finest$1,640.009 Players3 Tournaments1 Event


BLAST Dota 2 Events$110,001.0030 Players1 Tournament1 Event
BLAST Premier$10,985,492.00411 Players41 Tournaments5 Events
BLAST Pro Series$3,040,000.00107 Players22 Tournaments11 Events
BLAST Rising$45,000.0034 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
BLAST The Draft$50,000.0032 Players1 Tournament1 Event
BLAST Twitch Invitational$59,234.0020 Players1 Tournament1 Event

Riot Games

Arabian League$38,007.5864 Players4 Tournaments3 Events
Brazilian Challenger Circuit$83,665.72141 Players9 Tournaments9 Events
Campeonato Brasileiro de LoL$1,050,624.02241 Players19 Tournaments19 Events
Clan Battle$11,817.0021 Players5 Tournaments1 Event
College VALORANT$224,000.00340 Players13 Tournaments1 Event
European Masters / EMEA Masters$2,097,048.87509 Players13 Tournaments13 Events
Ignis Cup$35,868.6036 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
International Invitational Tournament$53,329.9450 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Ionia Cup$437,629.5099 Players4 Tournaments3 Events
La Ligue Française$372,277.92139 Players14 Tournaments14 Events
Latin America Cup$535,656.9899 Players33 Tournaments9 Events
LCK Academy Series$129,178.30223 Players34 Tournaments5 Events
LCK Challengers League$399,362.3987 Players7 Tournaments7 Events
League Championship Korea$5,220,038.11246 Players19 Tournaments19 Events
League EMEA Championship$2,400,453.02106 Players14 Tournaments14 Events
Legends of Runeterra World Championship$400,000.0030 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Liga Latinoamérica$616,013.74102 Players12 Tournaments12 Events
LoL Academy League$550,000.00152 Players10 Tournaments10 Events
LoL Challenger Series$1,347,205.68419 Players36 Tournaments10 Events
LoL Championship Series$5,934,626.00304 Players40 Tournaments25 Events
LoL Circuit Oceania$180,000.0065 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
LoL Continental League$965,097.98144 Players17 Tournaments17 Events
LoL Japan League$955,299.8370 Players18 Tournaments13 Events
LoL World Championship$36,388,145.79726 Players17 Tournaments14 Events
LoR Seasonal Tournaments$162,400.00168 Players8 Tournaments2 Events
Mid-Season Invitational$6,300,495.00340 Players10 Tournaments10 Events
Oceanic Pro League$194,368.8055 Players8 Tournaments8 Events
Open Tour Benelux$18,653.24101 Players8 Tournaments2 Events
Open Tour France / Challenge France$275,799.22320 Players37 Tournaments10 Events
Prime Leage / Premier Tour$832,762.23189 Players21 Tournaments16 Events
Rift Rivals$831,500.00325 Players9 Tournaments3 Events
Rising Legends$321,605.08260 Players18 Tournaments6 Events
SEA Icon Series$940,985.87586 Players29 Tournaments4 Events
Strike Arabia$50,000.0040 Players1 Tournament1 Event
TFT Open Series$310,420.0040 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
TFT World Championship$2,815,000.00175 Players8 Tournaments8 Events
Turkish Champions League$276,640.03155 Players10 Tournaments10 Events
Turkish Promotion League / Challenger Series$72,299.72126 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
VALORANT Challengers League$2,024,601.081512 Players72 Tournaments3 Events
VALORANT Champions Tour$15,984,074.801594 Players170 Tournaments21 Events
VALORANT Champions Tour: Game Changers$2,635,182.77913 Players122 Tournaments4 Events
VALORANT Regional Leagues$433,547.08370 Players15 Tournaments3 Events
Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia$1,058,767.99351 Players8 Tournaments1 Event
Wild Rift Japan Cup$146,525.9277 Players5 Tournaments2 Events
Wild Tour Brasil$331,546.4597 Players6 Tournaments2 Events


SPOTV KartRider League$381,294.3559 Players8 Tournaments6 Events
SPOTV PUBG Warfare Masters$174,990.00134 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
SPOTV SSL Classic$27,559.008 Players1 Tournament1 Event
SPOTV StarCraft II StarLeague$578,325.8455 Players11 Tournaments7 Events


EMG League$19,500.00120 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
PUBG Europe League$1,140,000.00123 Players7 Tournaments4 Events
StarLadder$1,632,499.00293 Players17 Tournaments14 Events
StarLadder & i-League Invitational$1,499,500.00231 Players8 Tournaments7 Events
StarLadder & i-League StarSeries$4,834,786.00560 Players20 Tournaments13 Events
StarLadder ProSeries$74,768.00475 Players41 Tournaments27 Events
StarLadder SemiSeries$3,126.4010 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
StarLadder StarSeries$1,692,923.00508 Players48 Tournaments18 Events


Acer Predator Masters$130,000.0046 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Acer TeamStory Cup$60,000.0045 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
DraftStory Cup$20,000.0013 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Gentlemen Cup$7,000.0019 Players1 Tournament1 Event
HomeStory Cup$496,456.83126 Players31 Tournaments29 Events
Overwatch TaKeOver$55,000.0041 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
SeatStory Cup$205,000.0082 Players12 Tournaments11 Events
TaKeTV Penthouse Party$17,400.0020 Players4 Tournaments4 Events


Arena of Valor International Championship$5,391,100.00275 Players14 Tournaments7 Events
Arena of Valor World Cup$2,874,000.00169 Players6 Tournaments5 Events
CODM Masters China$2,265,636.00115 Players13 Tournaments6 Events
CrossFire Brazil League$570,000.0065 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
CrossFire Champions Cup$2,298,450.00212 Players22 Tournaments8 Events
CrossFire HD League$987,069.7099 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
CrossFire Mobile League$5,244,261.97278 Players14 Tournaments14 Events
CrossFire Pro League$9,016,810.11318 Players23 Tournaments23 Events
CrossFire Stars$9,024,885.96402 Players39 Tournaments20 Events
CrossFire Stars APAC Series$325,000.0060 Players4 Tournaments2 Events
CrossFire Stars Invitational$800,000.00112 Players8 Tournaments7 Events
CrossFire Vietnam League$386,000.0079 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
CrossFire West League$570,000.0064 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Demacia Cup$1,483,271.82121 Players14 Tournaments13 Events
FIFA Online 4 Star League$222,688.5880 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
Honor of Kings Champion Cup$41,441,759.19581 Players19 Tournaments15 Events
King Growth League$3,601,001.27273 Players10 Tournaments10 Events
King Pro League$28,082,011.34437 Players16 Tournaments16 Events
LoL Pro League$11,453,375.26328 Players23 Tournaments23 Events
LoL Secondary Pro League / LoL Development League$1,928,358.36311 Players21 Tournaments19 Events
Peacekeeper Elite League$31,135,904.13396 Players18 Tournaments17 Events
PUBG Mobile World Invitational$6,063,000.00220 Players5 Tournaments2 Events
PUBG Mobile World League$864,000.00211 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
Tencent Games Arena$449,441.4488 Players13 Tournaments13 Events
TFT Open Championship$1,637,060.1081 Players8 Tournaments8 Events
Valor Series$474,000.00168 Players8 Tournaments3 Events
Wild Rift League$3,142,861.51105 Players8 Tournaments4 Events

Turner Broadcasting System

ELEAGUE$8,628,200.00464 Players18 Tournaments17 Events


6 Open Cup$55,518.2465 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Asia League$290,000.0059 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
Asia-Pacific League$896,998.00164 Players21 Tournaments3 Events
Brasileirão$406,557.16127 Players8 Tournaments5 Events
Brawlhalla World Championship$983,000.00207 Players12 Tournaments5 Events
Brazil League$549,682.8367 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
Campeonato Mexicano$142,103.9355 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Campeonato Sudamericano$152,000.0058 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Circuito Feminino$113,942.5949 Players14 Tournaments3 Events
Copa Elite Six$347,295.39101 Players6 Tournaments2 Events
Europe League$556,359.5969 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
European League$1,118,060.80189 Players18 Tournaments6 Events
Japan Circuit$983,859.71138 Players18 Tournaments8 Events
Japan League$402,378.7160 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
Korean Open$412,044.0993 Players9 Tournaments3 Events
MENA League$100,000.0065 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
National Leagues$562,925.52491 Players34 Tournaments6 Events
North America League$599,500.0066 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
North American League$1,219,600.00254 Players23 Tournaments8 Events
Oceania League$98,165.6454 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
Oceanic Nationals$279,080.71127 Players19 Tournaments9 Events
Operation League MY/SG/PH/ID$60,000.0022 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Operation League Southeast Asia$65,000.0065 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Operation League Taiwan$121,528.6816 Players7 Tournaments7 Events
Operation League Thailand$83,019.7629 Players9 Tournaments7 Events
Six Invitational$17,700,000.00340 Players9 Tournaments8 Events
Six Major$6,584,000.00436 Players24 Tournaments12 Events
South Asia Nationals$69,000.0044 Players6 Tournaments3 Events
South Korea League$412,064.9468 Players3 Tournaments2 Events

UMG Events

UMG Gaming$374,650.21168 Players16 Tournaments16 Events
UMG Online$528,149.00236 Players169 Tournaments9 Events

Valve Corporation

CS:GO Major Championships$16,500,000.00472 Players20 Tournaments20 Events
CS:GO Minor Championships$1,550,000.00276 Players31 Tournaments8 Events
CS:GO Regional Major Rankings$1,365,067.05533 Players23 Tournaments3 Events
Dota2 Major Championships$35,000,000.00377 Players28 Tournaments28 Events
Dota2 Minor Championships$6,400,000.00294 Players21 Tournaments21 Events
DPC Regional Online Leagues$14,000,000.00870 Players103 Tournaments8 Events
The International$203,185,282.05366 Players13 Tournaments12 Events

Clan Showdown / Clan Rivals$151,155.57166 Players12 Tournaments7 Events
Clan Super Cup$80,000.0056 Players2 Tournaments2 Events League$4,112,107.35382 Players28 Tournaments24 Events
WoT7$34,550.5475 Players9 Tournaments9 Events

World Cyber Games

WCG AMD Elite Challenge$2,642.402 Players1 Tournament1 Event
WCG Asian Championship$22,330.6559 Players12 Tournaments4 Events
WCG Fighter Club$1,500.003 Players1 Tournament1 Event
WCG Pan-American Championship$45,450.0064 Players15 Tournaments5 Events
WCG Rivals$50,000.0031 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
WCG Samsung Euro Championship$404,885.40163 Players34 Tournaments8 Events
WCG Ultimate Gamer$200,000.002 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
World Cyber Games$4,917,150.00789 Players148 Tournaments17 Events
World Cyber Games Argentina Qualifier$650.002 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
World Cyber Games Baltics Qualifier$650.004 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
World Cyber Games Brazil Qualifier$3,000.0010 Players1 Tournament1 Event
World Cyber Games Canada Qualifier$10,500.005 Players5 Tournaments3 Events
World Cyber Games China Qualifier$298,808.49182 Players46 Tournaments10 Events
World Cyber Games France Qualifier$1,451.175 Players1 Tournament1 Event
World Cyber Games Hong Kong Qualifier$12,406.3431 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
World Cyber Games Japan Qualifier$6,958.5013 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
World Cyber Games Kazakhstan Qualifier$12,371.428 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
World Cyber Games Malaysia Qualifier$969.406 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
World Cyber Games Netherlands Qualifier$832.502 Players1 Tournament1 Event
World Cyber Games Nordic Qualifier$2,125.9210 Players1 Tournament1 Event
World Cyber Games Poland Qualifier$4,652.0926 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
World Cyber Games Regional Qualifiers (2019)$47,500.0081 Players11 Tournaments4 Events
World Cyber Games Russia Qualifier$435,660.00255 Players40 Tournaments12 Events
World Cyber Games Singapore Qualifier$6,240.4412 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
World Cyber Games South Korea Qualifier$80,728.1435 Players14 Tournaments8 Events
World Cyber Games Thailand Qualifier$2,015.0020 Players1 Tournament1 Event
World Cyber Games UK Qualifier$4,278.114 Players1 Tournament1 Event
World Cyber Games USA Qualifier$182,850.0086 Players22 Tournaments8 Events


ZOTAC Cup$742,456.83687 Players1360 Tournaments18 Events

Other Leagues


125 FPS$22,696.4444 Players115 Tournaments25 Events
1XPLORE$180,000.0083 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
360icons$3,600.000 Players15 Tournaments1 Event
500 Casino League$30,000.0019 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
666-LAN$6,925.3538 Players5 Tournaments2 Events
7Series$1,728.3433 Players6 Tournaments2 Events


A1 eSports League Austria$89,907.93199 Players12 Tournaments7 Events
AAA Challenger Series$54,000.0064 Players11 Tournaments2 Events
Adapt Challenger Series$304.7315 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Alienware Arena$33,756.92114 Players14 Tournaments10 Events
Alienware Tournament Series$14,100.0096 Players15 Tournaments1 Event
Allied Esports$3,010.0054 Players7 Tournaments1 Event
Alpha X SC2 Events$56,291.85137 Players244 Tournaments9 Events
ALT Gaming League$2,150.0016 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Anakin Invitational$25,850.0037 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Anime Ascension$44,608.00106 Players36 Tournaments5 Events
AnimEVO$24,585.85149 Players48 Tournaments3 Events
AnjouGame$6,780.6228 Players7 Tournaments6 Events
Antec Attack$6,696.3023 Players26 Tournaments1 Event
AoEZone Events$7,329.0026 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
Aorus League$122,502.99293 Players46 Tournaments9 Events
Apex$143,120.89206 Players56 Tournaments7 Events
Apex Legends Global Series$15,162,392.001129 Players153 Tournaments27 Events
APL Esports$147,194.00145 Players34 Tournaments5 Events
Arbalet Cup$375,050.00296 Players35 Tournaments26 Events
Arena Gaming League$51,600.0028 Players7 Tournaments5 Events
Argeking$978.5210 Players4 Tournaments3 Events
Arma Cup$37,553.7033 Players14 Tournaments1 Event
Armageddon Online Cup$47,363.64109 Players18 Tournaments2 Events
Artifact Bitcoin League$8,590.0057 Players8 Tournaments1 Event
Artifact Championship Series$420.452 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Artifact Open Circuit$700.0019 Players4 Tournaments1 Event
Ascended Star League$18,392.2572 Players28 Tournaments7 Events
Asia Communication League$70,189.0032 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
Asia Pacific Predator League$1,103,881.82544 Players38 Tournaments4 Events
Asian DOTA2 Gold Occupation Invitational Competition$303,410.8060 Players11 Tournaments1 Event
Asian Games$0.00103 Players13 Tournaments2 Events
ASSEMBLY$865,356.84793 Players136 Tournaments37 Events
Association of Gaming Professionals$72,496.0078 Players16 Tournaments7 Events
Atlantic Lan$8,762.7035 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
ATLOpen$2,450.0021 Players8 Tournaments2 Events
Australian Cyber League$63,888.34128 Players30 Tournaments12 Events
Avatar Stargate Cup$900.009 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
AVGL: Intel Inspires$15,000.0012 Players2 Tournaments1 Event


Back2Warcraft$71,664.4694 Players136 Tournaments15 Events
BadCo Blitz$1,825.0058 Players7 Tournaments2 Events
Balkan Championship$6,547.0046 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Ballistix Brawl$3,500.0039 Players5 Tournaments1 Event
Baltic Esports League$46,398.24117 Players8 Tournaments5 Events
Bandits on Wheels$42,000.0038 Players6 Tournaments1 Event
BaseTradeTV Showmatch$6,841.9733 Players22 Tournaments13 Events
BaseTradeTV Star League$26,478.0158 Players36 Tournaments2 Events
BaseTradeTV: Money $peak$$3,165.0035 Players26 Tournaments12 Events
Battle of BC$23,841.3440 Players6 Tournaments2 Events
Battleriff Pro League$69,500.00106 Players10 Tournaments10 Events
Battletop$84,188.0923 Players9 Tournaments4 Events
Bay Area Monthlies$405.007 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
BEAT Invitational$33,300.00103 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Belgian League$60,501.0195 Players7 Tournaments7 Events
Belgian Student League$3,580.0726 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Benelux Premier League$13,509.0141 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Beyond Entertainment$184,700.00150 Players103 Tournaments8 Events
BGMI$881,041.95200 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
Blink Respawn$12,835.2018 Players6 Tournaments2 Events
BlueBird Rivals / Nordic Gaming$8,935.46104 Players54 Tournaments12 Events
BMW 120$52,500.0030 Players7 Tournaments1 Event
Bombastic StarLeague$63,365.4851 Players22 Tournaments3 Events
BoomTV$330,000.00120 Players10 Tournaments5 Events
BoomTV Code Red$896,000.00309 Players46 Tournaments5 Events
Boost Legacy$2,020.0057 Players13 Tournaments2 Events
BOSS Training Camp$70,395.7490 Players12 Tournaments5 Events Artifact Tournaments$735.0015 Players5 Tournaments1 Event
Braun$7,202.79117 Players44 Tournaments2 Events
Brawl Stars Championship$2,884,885.74602 Players168 Tournaments27 Events
Brawl Stars World Finals$4,000,000.00117 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Broad Street Battle$8,064.0069 Players47 Tournaments7 Events
Bubble Trubble Open Cup$5,539.0538 Players4 Tournaments2 Events
Bud Light Beer League$40,000.0041 Players34 Tournaments2 Events
Budapest Esports Cup$10,102.6846 Players4 Tournaments2 Events
Bullet Brawl$35,000.0026 Players35 Tournaments8 Events
Bullet Chess Championship$231,150.0043 Players12 Tournaments4 Events


Call of Duty Online Champions League$400,892.800 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Campeonato Brasileiro de Point Blank$17,639.8715 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Canada Cup Gaming$103,759.29184 Players53 Tournaments7 Events
Cap Arena$33,838.0872 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
Captains Draft$737,561.0095 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Car Wars$33.832 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
Cascadia Cup$1,600.0020 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
CasterMuse StarLeague$34,110.0027 Players10 Tournaments2 Events
CBCS$391,505.65217 Players22 Tournaments4 Events
Celestial Invitational$55,000.0015 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
CFL Smackdown$18,306.4155 Players121 Tournaments4 Events
CGC @ SFSU$1,915.0020 Players9 Tournaments3 Events
Challenge Cup$29,412.0025 Players4 Tournaments1 Event
Challengestone$12,000.0013 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Champion of Champions Tour$3,600,000.00673 Players55 Tournaments10 Events
Champions Chess Tour$6,079,679.34189 Players48 Tournaments11 Events
Championship Gaming Series$2,312,743.82329 Players27 Tournaments7 Events
Championship of Russia$205,502.70146 Players13 Tournaments6 Events
CheckMate Gaming$28,800.00166 Players35 Tournaments4 Events
Cheeseadelphia$72,500.0060 Players11 Tournaments9 Events Arena Kings$98,050.0094 Players29 Tournaments3 Events PogChamps$305,000.0062 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
China Esport Games$153,729.25105 Players27 Tournaments12 Events
China Our Starcraft League$23,808.1030 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
China Seasons League$95,173.9752 Players11 Tournaments3 Events
CJ Media SuperFight$145,361.0014 Players10 Tournaments6 Events
ClanBase EuroCup$147,466.40187 Players21 Tournaments4 Events
Clash of Clans World Championship$4,310,000.00254 Players10 Tournaments7 Events
Clash Royale Crown Championship$515,000.0027 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Clash Royale League$6,630,460.37350 Players39 Tournaments15 Events
Classic Tetris League$13,318.0215 Players11 Tournaments4 Events
Classic Tetris Monthly$114,353.2877 Players38 Tournaments6 Events
Classic Tetris World Championship$131,058.58121 Players29 Tournaments19 Events
Climax of Night$12,570.0070 Players12 Tournaments3 Events
Coil Gaming$1,322.40101 Players21 Tournaments2 Events
Colleague Madness$1,050.0023 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
College Carball Association$161,425.00317 Players24 Tournaments9 Events
Collegiate Esports Commissioners Cup$2,000.006 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Combo Breaker$471,842.28583 Players128 Tournaments8 Events
Comic Con Baltics$17,732.44101 Players8 Tournaments3 Events
Community Clash League$192,290.0083 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Community Effort Orlando$699,296.63923 Players247 Tournaments20 Events
Community Gaming$53,100.00193 Players14 Tournaments2 Events
Competo Cup$3,231.9526 Players46 Tournaments1 Event
Console Gaming League$20,000.0054 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
COOL League$58,703.8994 Players10 Tournaments10 Events
Copenhagen Games$775,621.81639 Players52 Tournaments10 Events
Corsair Cup$12,410.0070 Players86 Tournaments1 Event
Crazy Raccoon Cup$145,235.1329 Players11 Tournaments2 Events
CS:GO Champions League$120,000.00124 Players7 Tournaments1 Event
Cyber Evolution$766,409.961121 Players98 Tournaments56 Events
Cyber Sports Network$450.003 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Cyberathlete Professional League$4,065,009.241353 Players114 Tournaments58 Events
CyberGamer$122,528.33187 Players41 Tournaments16 Events
CyberPowerPC Extreme Gaming Series$70,000.0099 Players7 Tournaments5 Events
Cyborg SC2-Inside Cup$6,010.7114 Players22 Tournaments1 Event
Czech e:LIGA$24,550.2424 Players4 Tournaments4 Events


D7 Show Match$2,135.031 Player1 Tournament1 Event
Deaf e-Sports League$580.3165 Players8 Tournaments6 Events
Deathfate Pro League$5,777.0023 Players6 Tournaments4 Events
Defiler Tour$8,235.0071 Players83 Tournaments1 Event
Dell Invitational Cup$5,654.1516 Players6 Tournaments1 Event
DemEyesRed Events$1,250.0010 Players6 Tournaments2 Events
Devastation$5,000.0026 Players7 Tournaments4 Events
DFB-ePOKAL$314,708.5062 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
DFSocial Open Cup$1,200.009 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Diabotical Pro Series$39,600.0081 Players42 Tournaments14 Events
Disconnect Weekly$180.0028 Players9 Tournaments1 Event
Discord Gaming$766.4239 Players5 Tournaments2 Events
División de Honor Mexico$165,986.7291 Players7 Tournaments7 Events
Dota Pit League$3,593,998.00366 Players25 Tournaments16 Events
Douyu Yule Cup$25,022.2016 Players4 Tournaments1 Event
Draft/Constructed League$2,583.7020 Players11 Tournaments5 Events$167,913.60162 Players40 Tournaments3 Events
Dutch League$58,309.4279 Players6 Tournaments6 Events


East Coast Throwdown$135,111.99261 Players84 Tournaments9 Events
eDivisie$142,945.6446 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
eFire League$36,000.0062 Players5 Tournaments4 Events
EG Master's Cup Series$43,500.0073 Players6 Tournaments1 Event
eggwp Weekly Series$9,099.0324 Players175 Tournaments3 Events
EIZO Cup$40,474.05112 Players25 Tournaments2 Events
Ekstraklasa Games$33,154.468 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
eLaLiga$1,094,536.6741 Players9 Tournaments4 Events
Electronic Sports China Cup$20,410.509 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Electronic Sports Festival$33,298.15105 Players14 Tournaments2 Events
Electronic Sports Global Tour$240,744.0040 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Elements League$30,000.0071 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
eLiga Portugal$191,340.9160 Players15 Tournaments5 Events
eLigue 1$394,462.0349 Players16 Tournaments8 Events
Elisa Esports$997,249.81402 Players21 Tournaments5 Events
Elite Series$10,721.3629 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
eLix Cups$295.5717 Players7 Tournaments1 Event
Empyre Esports$3,175.0076 Players22 Tournaments5 Events
Enter The Storm$43,100.0067 Players7 Tournaments6 Events
epic LAN$258,480.73685 Players130 Tournaments40 Events
Epulze$876,725.00365 Players51 Tournaments6 Events
ESB Dota 2 Tournaments$1,849,998.00235 Players15 Tournaments6 Events
Escape Gaming$106,214.0074 Players54 Tournaments15 Events
ESET Masters$44,222.3956 Players34 Tournaments4 Events
eSM$2,008.0512 Players1 Tournament1 Event
ESOCommunity$15,552.0057 Players26 Tournaments3 Events
Esports Arena$85,500.00235 Players56 Tournaments8 Events
Esports Balkan League$313,798.04326 Players16 Tournaments14 Events
eSports Champions League$196,854.39150 Players21 Tournaments14 Events
eSports Global Network$34,000.0018 Players6 Tournaments1 Event
Esportz Premier Series$33,821.5270 Players7 Tournaments3 Events
ESVision TV$3,200.0042 Players16 Tournaments1 Event
EU Bubble Hub Series$141.197 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
EURAT / RUSH$79,634.90332 Players60 Tournaments3 Events
European Development Championship$244,575.61194 Players10 Tournaments1 Event
European Gaming League$177,728.33176 Players42 Tournaments13 Events
European Gaming Organization$4,538.8030 Players5 Tournaments1 Event
European League Finals (RL)$5,417.959 Players1 Tournament1 Event
European Pro League$904,900.00737 Players65 Tournaments7 Events
European Team Fortress 2 League$23,809.61105 Players15 Tournaments14 Events
Evolution Championship Series$2,663,425.78873 Players237 Tournaments33 Events
eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia$579,277.59476 Players37 Tournaments8 Events


Faeria World Circuit$4,100.0012 Players5 Tournaments1 Event
Fantasy Expo Challenge$65,112.82180 Players62 Tournaments5 Events
Farming Simulator League$787,073.69155 Players38 Tournaments4 Events
FAV CUP$21,776.4031 Players5 Tournaments3 Events
Feer 1v1 Showmatches$13,002.0737 Players61 Tournaments4 Events
FFBB Hoops League$19,735.3438 Players33 Tournaments6 Events
FIFA Interactive World Cup$574,000.0045 Players13 Tournaments13 Events
Fighter's Spirit$16,095.4229 Players11 Tournaments2 Events
Final Round$135,630.00338 Players79 Tournaments5 Events
Finnish Esports League$167,902.55141 Players16 Tournaments12 Events
FiReLEAGUE$722,581.26176 Players12 Tournaments4 Events
First Attack$27,872.33117 Players35 Tournaments4 Events
FISSURE$2,842,720.00203 Players12 Tournaments9 Events
FLASHPOINT$2,150,000.00204 Players7 Tournaments3 Events
Flyboy Invitationals$17,500.0021 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
FPF eSports$185,977.1960 Players15 Tournaments5 Events
FPSThailand$104,257.53130 Players13 Tournaments2 Events
Frag-o-Matic$49,075.53211 Players27 Tournaments14 Events
Fragadelphia$517,350.00372 Players30 Tournaments21 Events
Fragbite$855,962.92661 Players65 Tournaments25 Events
Fragster League$55,655.9895 Players6 Tournaments3 Events
Frame Perfect Series$20,165.54109 Players20 Tournaments5 Events
Fresh Blood Cup$580.509 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
Frostbite$42,580.0063 Players10 Tournaments4 Events
Frosty Faustings$221,350.22621 Players174 Tournaments9 Events
Full Bloom$25,420.0061 Players15 Tournaments5 Events
FXOpen Invitational Series$19,500.0030 Players6 Tournaments1 Event


G PLAYDAYS$4,000.008 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
GAKGUAY Scrimmage$42,936.2236 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Galaxy Battles$650,000.0071 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Galaxy Cup$4,300.0073 Players27 Tournaments1 Event
GALAXY eSports Carnival$75,163.5834 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Game Show League$633,923.55265 Players15 Tournaments10 Events
GameAthlon$16,989.0754 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
GameCreds$8,746.4534 Players64 Tournaments1 Event
Gamefy G-League$960,952.43221 Players46 Tournaments13 Events
GameGune$569,704.89343 Players27 Tournaments23 Events ROG Cup$10,116.9155 Players4 Tournaments1 Event
GameOn Baltic Esports League/Baltic Masters$51,607.07146 Players11 Tournaments7 Events
Gamers Assembly$614,212.751157 Players158 Tournaments20 Events
Gamers Club$273,571.21383 Players108 Tournaments12 Events
GAMERS GALAXY: Invitational Series$438,679.40137 Players6 Tournaments3 Events
Gamers8$47,025,000.011226 Players34 Tournaments2 Events
Games Convention Leipzig$268,009.75180 Players14 Tournaments4 Events
Games of the Future$2,548,130.00253 Players5 Tournaments2 Events
Games.CON$6,336.4843 Players4 Tournaments2 Events
gamescom$4,533,753.051444 Players74 Tournaments13 Events
GameTime$14,225.0098 Players24 Tournaments6 Events
Gamez Invitational$1,226.0019 Players12 Tournaments1 Event
Gamplex XP League$4,731.637 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Gears Esports$2,070,920.00159 Players26 Tournaments2 Events
GENESIS$383,540.87304 Players55 Tournaments9 Events
Get On My Level$105,692.76187 Players39 Tournaments9 Events
GEXCon$3,505.0015 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
GIGABYTE Cup$52,439.47159 Players43 Tournaments4 Events
GIRLGAMER$190,706.90180 Players11 Tournaments5 Events
Global Electronic Sports Championship$600,000.0065 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Global Esports Tour$210,000.0060 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
Global Gaming League$133,552.3780 Players10 Tournaments8 Events
Global Loot League$1,474,230.00855 Players159 Tournaments18 Events
Go Championship Series$100,600.0088 Players17 Tournaments2 Events
Godalions Weeklies$710.5629 Players12 Tournaments1 Event
GODSGARDEN$11,322.7611 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Gold Rush$15,000.0019 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
Golden League AoE IV$194,450.9985 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
GoodGameSid Showmatches$112.182 Players1 Tournament1 Event
GosuCoaching Premiere League$14,500.0031 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
GosuGamers$44,209.26224 Players41 Tournaments7 Events
Great Lakes CRL$1,500.0015 Players4 Tournaments2 Events
Greek Legends League$90,682.71143 Players13 Tournaments11 Events
Grunex$26,034.95106 Players16 Tournaments3 Events
Gwent Masters$1,435,440.0077 Players28 Tournaments4 Events
GwentMania$3,305.72146 Players28 Tournaments1 Event


Halo Championship Series$4,899,300.00262 Players51 Tournaments29 Events
Halo World Championship$6,802,302.63199 Players28 Tournaments10 Events
Hellcase Cup$232,900.72228 Players9 Tournaments1 Event
Herculyse’s New Era Series$47,501.0070 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
Heroes Lounge Division S$9,478.5246 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Heroes Premier League$600.005 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
HeroesHype Premier Series$26,571.7297 Players15 Tournaments2 Events
HFLAN$26,065.0979 Players24 Tournaments16 Events
Hitbox$46,361.30176 Players15 Tournaments6 Events
Hitpoint Masters$101,809.91177 Players19 Tournaments19 Events
Hongtu Solo League$61,945.4034 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Hoodyhooo 2v2$14,600.0014 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
Hot Price League$12,000.0019 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
HRL Arena$812.1517 Players4 Tournaments1 Event
HUE Invitational$65,000.00131 Players7 Tournaments3 Events
Hungarian National Esport Championship$39,861.7464 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Huya Tianming Cup$690,417.50192 Players9 Tournaments9 Events
Hyperluxe$7,000.0065 Players11 Tournaments3 Events
HyperX Esports Arena$3,650.0046 Players11 Tournaments2 Events


i2e2 Tournaments$22,000.0026 Players8 Tournaments7 Events
Icelandic Esports League$6,658.7140 Players5 Tournaments4 Events
IGN Pro League$849,500.00355 Players68 Tournaments18 Events
Imagin Arena Masters$4,162.5626 Players1 Tournament1 Event
ImbaTV$907,986.66167 Players9 Tournaments6 Events
Incheon Challenge Cup$204,640.0037 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
inGame Warcraft Cup$32,084.9441 Players111 Tournaments11 Events
InsaLan$34,863.27139 Players29 Tournaments10 Events
Insomnia Gaming Festival$1,627,305.522007 Players248 Tournaments52 Events
Intel Arabian Cup$215,000.0059 Players7 Tournaments2 Events
International e-Sports Federation$1,541,721.66605 Players65 Tournaments17 Events
International e-Sports Festival$607,129.32151 Players31 Tournaments14 Events
International Electronic Sports Tournament$278,780.0065 Players11 Tournaments5 Events
International Esports Tournament$128,793.6058 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
International Metaverse League$500.003 Players1 Tournament1 Event
International VR League$43,000.0049 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
IntoTheAlphaX SC2 Events$43,195.0043 Players176 Tournaments7 Events
Invex Cup$5,332.758 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Iron Squid$55,000.0015 Players8 Tournaments2 Events
Italian Rocket Championship$37,991.2872 Players11 Tournaments10 Events


JCG Premier League$31,829.9079 Players19 Tournaments5 Events
JIB PUBG Thailand Pro League$32,785.8796 Players6 Tournaments3 Events
JJB Cup$73,424.0046 Players3 Tournaments3 Events


K&H University Esports Cup$1,103.689 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
K1 League$181,989.6032 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Kayzr League$69,529.96185 Players17 Tournaments11 Events
KBK Masters$57,340.2230 Players6 Tournaments3 Events
KCM StarCraft Events$279,833.06118 Players30 Tournaments3 Events
KeG Championship$41,890.0058 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
KeSPA Cup$804,252.55292 Players13 Tournaments13 Events
King of Nordic$122,640.40308 Players168 Tournaments19 Events
KNAF Digital$2,511.5644 Players15 Tournaments2 Events
Knights Bash$50,050.0044 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Knights Drift Monthly$17,500.0063 Players7 Tournaments1 Event
Knights Weekly$6,000.0084 Players20 Tournaments1 Event
KODE5$212,565.0569 Players9 Tournaments5 Events
Kung Fu Cup$151,354.19113 Players99 Tournaments10 Events


La Coupe$22,348.8177 Players7 Tournaments4 Events
La Ligue Féminine$12,647.4537 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
LagSpike$3,206.2928 Players19 Tournaments1 Event
LakicheCUP$763.5512 Players1 Tournament1 Event
LakiMonthly$294.2539 Players6 Tournaments1 Event
LAN Arena$39,599.1669 Players7 Tournaments2 Events
Lan ETS$158,336.65242 Players50 Tournaments13 Events
LanCraft$21,103.5590 Players27 Tournaments12 Events
LanTrek$144,034.87360 Players57 Tournaments11 Events
Launchpad$5,499.31141 Players70 Tournaments2 Events
League Championship Denmark$36,043.83105 Players9 Tournaments4 Events
League Greek Championship$70,697.32146 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
League of Steel$7,783.6067 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Legion Legends$899.1724 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Legion of Valkyries$2,075.0618 Players11 Tournaments3 Events
Legion Regions$13,185.3025 Players5 Tournaments1 Event
Leifeng Cup$163,868.65163 Players181 Tournaments2 Events
Level|Up Series$62,145.00200 Players363 Tournaments2 Events
Lichess Titled Arena$121,025.00123 Players145 Tournaments63 Events
LifeIsCool Show Matches$1,081.283 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Liga de Videojuegos Profesional$775,014.73941 Players86 Tournaments37 Events
Liga Latam$126,000.00102 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Liga Pro Gaming$31,500.0059 Players8 Tournaments3 Events
LoL Ladies Battle$24,627.445 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Lone Star Clash$85,000.0040 Players6 Tournaments3 Events
Long Haul League$786.0016 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
LOOT.BET Cup$470,000.00299 Players24 Tournaments2 Events
Lord of the Arena$9,000.009 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
LPLOL$125,806.29182 Players16 Tournaments16 Events
Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series$51,002.1122 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Lyon e-Sport$266,230.33201 Players13 Tournaments8 Events


M Challenge Cup$6,020.7425 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Magic World Championship$2,550,000.0055 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Maine Smash Tournament Series$1,045.0011 Players9 Tournaments3 Events
MainlineGG Artifact$6,500.0042 Players13 Tournaments2 Events
Major Proleague SC:R$1,150,880.8435 Players221 Tournaments11 Events
Malta Vibes Knockout Series$300,000.00239 Players6 Tournaments1 Event
Mass Madness$16,522.0076 Players37 Tournaments16 Events
Master's Coliseum$172,809.2053 Players8 Tournaments7 Events
Masters Series$445,334.86138 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Mayhem$6,334.9921 Players9 Tournaments5 Events
MDL Philippines$42,210.00125 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Mech Ascent Series$5,500.0014 Players9 Tournaments2 Events
MechWarrior Online World Championship$143,490.000 Players1 Tournament1 Event
MELEE-FC$24,611.8076 Players14 Tournaments5 Events
Melon Patch League$3,500.0027 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
MembTV Events$435,239.01107 Players40 Tournaments15 Events
Merkur Masters$112,070.73104 Players13 Tournaments2 Events
Metaleak$8,335.99108 Players46 Tournaments2 Events
MetalHogs PUBG League$111,167.8047 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
MGA Event$3,214.466 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Midas Mode$210,000.0083 Players5 Tournaments2 Events
Mineski VxV$21,528.5064 Players4 Tournaments3 Events
Mistrovství České Republiky$284,696.74335 Players39 Tournaments10 Events
MixBOT Pro-League Invite$6,000.0022 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
MLBB Continental Championships$60,000.0071 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
MLBB Latam Super League$145,750.00193 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
MLBB Southeast Asia Cup$1,075,769.00278 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
Mobile Legends World Championship$3,062,000.00376 Players9 Tournaments7 Events
Mock-It eSports$19,447.66111 Players65 Tournaments3 Events
Momentum Cup$10,000.0060 Players49 Tournaments3 Events
Monday Night Racing$500.001 Player1 Tournament1 Event
Mongolian Esports Association$183,087.16152 Players12 Tournaments4 Events
Monkey Business Challenge$1,500.0012 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Moo Proleague$29,540.0020 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Moon Studio Dota 2 Events$330,475.00253 Players14 Tournaments8 Events
Morekats Cups$1,636.6412 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Moscow Cyber Stadium$51,988.50209 Players8 Tournaments2 Events
Moscow Cybersport$11,203.39166 Players32 Tournaments2 Events
Mountain Masters$1,172.076 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Movistar Liga Pro Gaming$108,000.00100 Players11 Tournaments10 Events
MPL Brazil$163,700.00108 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
MPL Cambodia$200,000.00134 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
MPL Indonesia$2,384,258.39253 Players12 Tournaments12 Events
MPL Malaysia$596,300.00192 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
MPL Malaysia & Singapore$590,212.00169 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
MPL Middle East & North Africa$428,545.00131 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
MPL Myanmar$166,120.0097 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
MPL Philippines$1,423,228.00235 Players12 Tournaments12 Events
MPL Singapore$330,805.52137 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
MSI Pro Cup$27,897.0626 Players19 Tournaments14 Events
MSL: MLBB Invitational$40,000.00100 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
MT League$1,055.6519 Players10 Tournaments1 Event
MTC Turkiye Championship$25,240.8545 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Mundo AoE$2,899.7026 Players10 Tournaments4 Events
Musty Monthly$1,800.0048 Players6 Tournaments1 Event
Myre Cup$484.839 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Mythic Championship$3,000,000.00118 Players5 Tournaments3 Events


Naraka: Bladepoint World Championship$3,922,900.00133 Players5 Tournaments3 Events
National Electronic Sports Open$395,779.73101 Players23 Tournaments6 Events
National Electronic Sports Tournament$1,476,096.28457 Players32 Tournaments10 Events
National Professional Cybersport League$227,647.85158 Players6 Tournaments4 Events
National Student Esports Championship$752.889 Players1 Tournament1 Event
NationWars$188,816.7588 Players10 Tournaments8 Events
NBA 2K League$7,735,000.00236 Players20 Tournaments5 Events
NEO Star League$238,154.9176 Players11 Tournaments9 Events
Nerd Street Gamers$188,550.00401 Players49 Tournaments9 Events
NerdRageQuit Events$100.001 Player1 Tournament1 Event
Netolic Pro League$32,159.1173 Players10 Tournaments3 Events
NetParty Fyn$37,746.4797 Players16 Tournaments6 Events
Netzstatt Gaming League$290,911.0080 Players15 Tournaments10 Events
Next Level Battle Circuit$137,120.78324 Players550 Tournaments2 Events
Nexus Gaming$11,212.17112 Players64 Tournaments3 Events
Nicecactus$83,142.37597 Players453 Tournaments10 Events
NiceGameTV LoL Battle$624,339.69412 Players20 Tournaments18 Events
NiceGameTV WC3 League$57,556.9017 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Nili_AoE Events$337,449.4485 Players63 Tournaments11 Events
Nitro League$29,532.23157 Players15 Tournaments12 Events
NiuPi StarLeague$12,851.1832 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
NiusCup$1,000.009 Players1 Tournament1 Event
No Smoking Cup$1,216.1710 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
NON STOP Energy League$3,683.1430 Players10 Tournaments2 Events
North America Challenger Tournament$74,100.0077 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
North American Challenger League$48,500.0065 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
North American Star League$378,000.0076 Players25 Tournaments6 Events
NorthCon$61,696.8655 Players5 Tournaments3 Events
Northeast Championship$58,259.86136 Players61 Tournaments3 Events
Northern Arena$300,000.00102 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
Northwest Majors$20,070.00206 Players62 Tournaments6 Events
Numericable M-House Cup$41,505.2131 Players8 Tournaments5 Events
NVIDIA Game Festival$91,371.8054 Players7 Tournaments4 Events


Obao Elite Challenge$74,773.6039 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Occitanie Esports$76,838.34251 Players16 Tournaments5 Events
OCRS Cup$1,118.0810 Players1 Tournament1 Event
OLDI ProPlay Cup$6,882.9019 Players27 Tournaments2 Events
OlimoLeague$113,333.53128 Players322 Tournaments79 Events
Omega Sector Professional League$123,232.14289 Players49 Tournaments6 Events
ONE Esports$615,000.00117 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
ONE Esports MPL Invitational$400,000.00260 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
One Nation of Gamers$8,000.0022 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
One Tap League$52,500.5652 Players9 Tournaments1 Event
Online Sports Championships$67,936.50231 Players74 Tournaments5 Events
ONPOONG StarCraft 2 Events$19,217.3548 Players27 Tournaments2 Events
Organ Grinder$4,299.7546 Players28 Tournaments4 Events
OsloLAN$31,280.5930 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
osu! World Cup$48,365.00127 Players9 Tournaments9 Events
Overwatch PIT Championship$70,000.00133 Players6 Tournaments3 Events


Paragon Events$840,000.0098 Players6 Tournaments3 Events
Parimatch League$200,000.0064 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Penny Arcade Expo$2,705,843.00767 Players42 Tournaments20 Events
PG Nationals$21,905.0229 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
PGL China$389,412.3068 Players13 Tournaments7 Events
Piala Presiden Esports$143,878.33119 Players5 Tournaments4 Events
PiG Sty Festival$33,970.0037 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
Platinum StarCraft League$28,055.4917 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
PLAYDAYS$74,000.0044 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Player One Elite Series$15,000.0037 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Player One Esports$11,250.0057 Players18 Tournaments3 Events
Player One's Weekly Tournament$17,900.0046 Players17 Tournaments5 Events
Point Blank International Championship$757,000.00290 Players12 Tournaments12 Events
Point Blank League$111,015.2840 Players20 Tournaments6 Events
Point Blank National Championship$218,646.49111 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
Point Blank South East Asian$10,100.0032 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
Point Blank Star League$26,609.6435 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Point Blank World Challenge$197,000.00119 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Pokemon UNITE Championship Series$935,000.00339 Players12 Tournaments1 Event
Polar Flare$5,000.0024 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
Polska Liga Esportowa$683,934.32441 Players36 Tournaments20 Events
Porsche Esports Supercup$1,100,000.0053 Players6 Tournaments6 Events
Pound$73,166.03130 Players24 Tournaments7 Events
Predator League$92,814.51132 Players16 Tournaments1 Event
PRO Chess League$453,000.00204 Players7 Tournaments6 Events
ProDota Cup$251,500.00365 Players53 Tournaments5 Events
ProDrops 1v1$14,000.0012 Players4 Tournaments1 Event
Professional Gamers League (America)$187,900.0061 Players9 Tournaments4 Events
Professional Gamers League (Romania)$9,977,000.001145 Players67 Tournaments32 Events
Project V$105,570.29161 Players15 Tournaments4 Events
Proleague$1,365,602.01261 Players29 Tournaments9 Events
PUBG Asia Super Cup$200,000.00166 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
PUBG Challenger Rumble$35,000.0066 Players5 Tournaments3 Events
PUBG Finland$113,917.9693 Players11 Tournaments9 Events
PUBG Mobile Pro Series$544,542.8478 Players13 Tournaments5 Events
PUBG Mobile Regional Clash$150,000.00227 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
PUBG Mobile Star Challenge$1,647,700.00467 Players13 Tournaments5 Events
PUBG Thailand Open$41,354.74103 Players5 Tournaments3 Events
PUBG Thailand Series$300,690.11223 Players13 Tournaments6 Events
PUBG Vietnam Open$8,307.3849 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
PUBG Vietnam Series$102,871.20162 Players10 Tournaments4 Events
Pulsar Premier League$1,750.0015 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Puzzle Battle World Championship$69,510.0030 Players6 Tournaments4 Events
PxL LAN$106,726.04323 Players66 Tournaments39 Events


QIWI Teamplay$35,294.51129 Players8 Tournaments2 Events
Quake Community Tournaments$19,069.1786 Players74 Tournaments7 Events
Quake Pro League$1,149,550.0038 Players14 Tournaments4 Events
Quarterly Rapport$14,260.00334 Players120 Tournaments3 Events
Quietus Day$8,702.8658 Players6 Tournaments6 Events


RaidCall Dota 2 Open Cup$4,500.0031 Players9 Tournaments2 Events
Raidiant: Star Chasers Showdown$46,800.0059 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
RaketLigaen$6,217.7617 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Rapid Chess Championship$650,000.0053 Players26 Tournaments1 Event
Razer Invitational$58,416.0090 Players9 Tournaments2 Events
RBG Esports Gauntlet$2,945.00102 Players44 Tournaments2 Events
Realms Collide$85,000.0073 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
RedRain Cup$29,048.0035 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
Reflex GT$32,479.4392 Players23 Tournaments12 Events
Regain$4,500.0015 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
Reidthesloth x RLStats Show Match$150.004 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
Reign Esports Monthly$800.0016 Players5 Tournaments2 Events
Relog Media$4,013,454.47927 Players46 Tournaments18 Events
Rendezvous LAN$66,968.29144 Players28 Tournaments27 Events
Renegade Cup$42,000.00101 Players9 Tournaments2 Events
Return of the Legends$51,100.9010 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
REV Major$27,017.8493 Players15 Tournaments4 Events
Revival of Melee$16,044.9940 Players14 Tournaments7 Events
Rewind Gaming$500.0013 Players5 Tournaments1 Event$54,459.00471 Players31 Tournaments20 Events
RGN Pro Series$64,600.00102 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
Rise of Legion$6,016.5593 Players27 Tournaments6 Events
Rising Stars Odyssey$70,000.0071 Players5 Tournaments1 Event
Rising Stars Rocket League$3,009.9934 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
Ritmix$46,200.0043 Players7 Tournaments3 Events
Rival Esports$36,450.00142 Players76 Tournaments15 Events
Rizzo Showmatches$8,500.0041 Players16 Tournaments2 Events
RL Ireland LAN$2,086.4914 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
RL Oceania$107,461.07145 Players101 Tournaments14 Events
RLH Esport Series$1,015.0042 Players6 Tournaments3 Events
RLQC Holidays$374.579 Players1 Tournament1 Event
RMLP$2,167.2119 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Rocket Baguette$50,321.1492 Players22 Tournaments7 Events
Rocket Benelux$20,699.24163 Players36 Tournaments5 Events
Rocket Core$10,656.3884 Players29 Tournaments4 Events
Rocket Frites$3,345.4419 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
Rocket Kingdom$990.1231 Players6 Tournaments2 Events
Rocket Soccar Confederation EU$16,338.29180 Players47 Tournaments5 Events
Rocket Street Seasons$25,000.00126 Players18 Tournaments7 Events
Rocketmania$7,081.3245 Players4 Tournaments1 Event
Rocketment Monthly$1,100.6923 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
Romanian Esports League$26,723.0840 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
RottiShowmatches SC2$3,040.0030 Players9 Tournaments5 Events
Royal eSports Masters$1,790.7616 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
RTBF iXPé$21,758.7742 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Rusaoc$2,981.6620 Players16 Tournaments2 Events
Russian Cyber Games$41,516.3518 Players4 Tournaments3 Events
Russian e-Sports Cup$301,294.45200 Players13 Tournaments6 Events


SAM Championship$3,000.0012 Players1 Tournament1 Event
SAM Invitational$200.0015 Players5 Tournaments1 Event
Sanpao StarLeague CellGame Cup$7,225.0023 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
Sanpao StarLeague Spring Cup$76,101.5355 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
Saudi eLeagues$2,464,615.82331 Players31 Tournaments9 Events
Saudi Esports Federation$4,130,662.08138 Players6 Tournaments2 Events
Sazka eLEAGUE$232,415.89278 Players19 Tournaments13 Events
SC2ONLINE Community Open$8,440.0075 Players113 Tournaments1 Event
SCAN Invitational$7,876.7316 Players5 Tournaments1 Event
SCS Productions$24,850.0068 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
Season's Beatings$3,750.0036 Players11 Tournaments2 Events
SECTOR: MOSTBET$80,105.2065 Players4 Tournaments3 Events
Shadowverse Open$31,700.0058 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
Shadowverse World Grand Prix$5,111,023.4972 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Shanghai Dota 2 Open$170,102.6074 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
Shift Pro League Weekly Cups$3,975.00119 Players36 Tournaments2 Events
Shik'Up$4,348.1438 Players20 Tournaments4 Events
SHOUTcraft Invitational$149,368.0089 Players21 Tournaments20 Events
Sinfrenos League$4,589.6318 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
Skyesports$1,075,615.15313 Players23 Tournaments17 Events
SLAP LIVE LAN$146,170.40181 Players20 Tournaments11 Events
SLKS LAN$29,554.8050 Players4 Tournaments2 Events
Smash Masters League$86,462.36112 Players20 Tournaments2 Events
SMM Grand National$153,328.5894 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
SMYM$12,058.0058 Players12 Tournaments4 Events
SoCal Regionals$135,744.35165 Players40 Tournaments4 Events
Solary Cup$15,792.8524 Players6 Tournaments2 Events
Solary Grand Prix$13,129.3716 Players5 Tournaments2 Events
Solo Q$34,000.0019 Players5 Tournaments1 Event
SOSPA Ranking Tournament$9,100.7611 Players18 Tournaments18 Events
Special Force II Pro League$130,250.000 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Speed Chess Championship$1,224,121.05243 Players77 Tournaments17 Events
Square One Tetris Championship$4,884.4824 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
StarCraft II Regular Cup$7,766.0418 Players77 Tournaments1 Event V Cup$7,439.7429 Players10 Tournaments10 Events
Stars War$204,740.03107 Players15 Tournaments12 Events
SteelSeries$40,000.0067 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
Storm League$48,315.6055 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Stride Esports Weekly$450.009 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Summer Jam$39,011.5097 Players34 Tournaments3 Events
Summoners War World Arena Championship$792,000.0033 Players7 Tournaments7 Events
Super Girl Gamer Pro Championships$36,500.0057 Players4 Tournaments2 Events
Super Smash Sundays$47,910.0086 Players113 Tournaments56 Events
Super Smash Sundays EC$1,211.0031 Players12 Tournaments3 Events
Svenska Elitserien$286,002.60113 Players12 Tournaments1 Event
Svenska Raketligan$22,473.7147 Players17 Tournaments12 Events
SWEET$25,358.0062 Players30 Tournaments13 Events
Swiss Esports League$34,630.72109 Players11 Tournaments7 Events


T90Official Events$325,337.38158 Players79 Tournaments14 Events
Taiwan eSports League$95,036.2831 Players7 Tournaments3 Events
Take the Shot Monthly$1,107.496 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Tampa Never Sleeps$20,262.0080 Players18 Tournaments3 Events
TCS eSports League$77,075.73142 Players18 Tournaments11 Events
Team Liquid Map Contest Tournament$42,150.0071 Players11 Tournaments11 Events
Team META - Elite Series$105,978.70167 Players13 Tournaments6 Events
TeamLiquid StarLeague$272,900.00188 Players40 Tournaments11 Events
Techlabs Cup$258,457.86206 Players33 Tournaments13 Events
TEKKEN Online Challenge$48,000.0068 Players12 Tournaments2 Events
Tekken World Tour$598,200.0095 Players18 Tournaments6 Events
Telia Eesti$1,941.7124 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
Telialigaen / Telenorligaen$455,926.20382 Players48 Tournaments17 Events
Telus Esports Series$4,991.459 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Temporada de Juegos$82,627.31156 Players12 Tournaments5 Events
Temtem Championship Series$60,000.0034 Players8 Tournaments1 Event
Tenacity 1v1$240.424 Players1 Tournament1 Event
TEPPEN World Champion Series$119,885.2939 Players21 Tournaments2 Events
Tetris Effect: Connected World Championship$3,610.006 Players5 Tournaments2 Events
TeVo Clash$280.0024 Players7 Tournaments1 Event
Texas Showdown$0.00103 Players16 Tournaments1 Event
Thaiger Uppercut$17,290.1752 Players15 Tournaments4 Events
Thailand Esports Championship$47,139.1628 Players10 Tournaments4 Events
Thailand League$8,366.4716 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
The Big House$218,811.50203 Players44 Tournaments11 Events
The Blast!$27,293.9782 Players8 Tournaments6 Events
The Box$304,350.00242 Players167 Tournaments6 Events
The Brawl$2,115.0012 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
The Draw$126,000.0065 Players9 Tournaments2 Events
The Esports Club$220,412.83167 Players19 Tournaments7 Events
The Fall Classic$22,670.00173 Players42 Tournaments3 Events
The Field$111,000.00258 Players28 Tournaments7 Events
The Gaming Stadium$2,839.6024 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
The Gauntlet SC2$4,150.0019 Players20 Tournaments2 Events
The GD Studio$21,400.0044 Players15 Tournaments10 Events
The Legion Clan Events$203,870.00198 Players61 Tournaments35 Events
The MIXUP$42,710.5162 Players16 Tournaments2 Events
The NUEL Championships$1,327.9418 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
The Party$8,940.8940 Players6 Tournaments5 Events
The Pinnacle (Fighting Games)$47,147.28181 Players51 Tournaments3 Events
The Pinnacle (Hearthstone)$20,000.0016 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
The Raid$600.0013 Players5 Tournaments1 Event
The Salt Mine$161,000.0073 Players12 Tournaments4 Events
The Skirmish Invitational$10,240.0081 Players26 Tournaments4 Events
The World CS:GO Championships$200,000.0077 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Thonon Gaming Fest$5,605.449 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Thor's Challenge$95.619 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Thunderpick Events$877,000.00287 Players13 Tournaments5 Events
Thunderstruck$9,266.8925 Players7 Tournaments3 Events
Thursday Throwdown$638.4113 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
Tipped Off$49,546.52102 Players37 Tournaments13 Events
TippmixPro$46,405.2072 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
Tipsport Cup$277,470.5080 Players9 Tournaments9 Events
Titanar Hearthstone Elite Invitational$60,000.0014 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
Titled Tuesday$854,837.03472 Players413 Tournaments112 Events
TodayPay Invitational$34,500.0094 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
Topanga League$342,643.7237 Players15 Tournaments12 Events
Toryuken$7,249.0377 Players34 Tournaments2 Events
Tournament Go$4,802.0018 Players7 Tournaments5 Events
TP Series$137,445.4626 Players21 Tournaments5 Events
Trackmania Formula E Championship$6,487.176 Players6 Tournaments2 Events
Trackmania World Tour$269,695.9488 Players94 Tournaments10 Events
Turbo Tuesdays$2,100.00112 Players26 Tournaments3 Events
Twitch Rivals$13,399,708.024545 Players273 Tournaments76 Events
TwitchCon$3,733,544.33730 Players23 Tournaments7 Events
Tyler1 Championship Series$100,000.0010 Players2 Tournaments2 Events


UCI Cycling Esports World Championships$65,370.7610 Players7 Tournaments2 Events
UESF Ukrainian Championship$73,775.94131 Players5 Tournaments4 Events
Ultimate Fighting Arena$153,233.35148 Players26 Tournaments5 Events
Ultimate Gaming Challenge$293,488.11178 Players20 Tournaments10 Events
Ultraliga$298,534.77204 Players17 Tournaments14 Events
Underdogs$167,383.56188 Players100 Tournaments5 Events
United21$99,500.00221 Players21 Tournaments14 Events
University Rocketeers$37,147.97117 Players16 Tournaments9 Events
Unreal Tournament Pro League$3,698.9265 Players3 Tournaments2 Events
Uprise Champions Cup$91,484.00109 Players8 Tournaments7 Events
Upthrust Esports$75,842.0088 Players8 Tournaments3 Events
Urban Series$6,478.0443 Players6 Tournaments2 Events


V4 Future Sports Festival$1,967,500.14186 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
Vainglory World Championship$260,000.0059 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
VALORANT Academy$11,897.9190 Players13 Tournaments2 Events
Vanguard Champion Series$27,500.00202 Players27 Tournaments1 Event
Variants Community Series$11,250.0019 Players3 Tournaments1 Event
Viagame House Cup$70,000.0018 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Video Gamers League$25,350.0024 Players8 Tournaments7 Events
Virtual Athletics League$17,950.0031 Players8 Tournaments4 Events
Virtual Bundesliga$650,292.9353 Players10 Tournaments9 Events
VisionGaming Invitational$1,918.3027 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
Volt Esports x Aluminum eSports$1,390.0028 Players5 Tournaments3 Events
Voobly Events$6,900.0043 Players6 Tournaments5 Events
VR Esports League$1,000.0020 Players1 Tournament1 Event
VR Master League$57,750.00202 Players28 Tournaments15 Events
VSFighting$129,852.53156 Players27 Tournaments6 Events


WarCraft III E-Sports League$8,278.7422 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
WardiTV Championship$54,700.0071 Players34 Tournaments11 Events
WardiTV End of Year Tournament$39,300.0043 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
WardiTV European League$17,880.0042 Players17 Tournaments5 Events
WardiTV Invitational$17,285.0061 Players24 Tournaments6 Events
WardiTV Korean Royale$27,250.0021 Players5 Tournaments3 Events
WardiTV Monthly Open$6,100.0018 Players8 Tournaments1 Event
WardiTV Weekly Series$4,943.0032 Players29 Tournaments1 Event
Warriors International$1,600.0045 Players5 Tournaments1 Event
We Craft Warriors$798.228 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Wednesday Night Melee$410.003 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
WePlay$3,179,896.00636 Players40 Tournaments24 Events
West Coast Warzone$7,780.0022 Players9 Tournaments2 Events
Winner Stays$6,000.0010 Players6 Tournaments2 Events
Wisconsin Collegiate Rocket League$1,000.003 Players1 Tournament1 Event
Women of the eRena$523,000.00250 Players9 Tournaments2 Events
Womens Car Ball Championship$67,438.3971 Players43 Tournaments6 Events
World Cyber Arena$6,686,435.041109 Players93 Tournaments24 Events
World E-sport Championships$317,563.3764 Players4 Tournaments1 Event
World e-Sports Games$1,410,678.54361 Players32 Tournaments14 Events
World Esports Games & Leagues$554,076.10196 Players14 Tournaments7 Events
World GameMaster Tournament$190,948.78150 Players38 Tournaments8 Events
World of Rockets$1,000.006 Players2 Tournaments1 Event
World of Tanks Championship League$24,234.0027 Players1 Tournament1 Event
World Puzzle League$18,944.3777 Players46 Tournaments10 Events
World Series of Video Games$876,300.00252 Players37 Tournaments11 Events
World Showdown of Esports$636,500.00194 Players12 Tournaments11 Events
World Team League$468,683.04131 Players23 Tournaments6 Events


X Championship$81,566.0020 Players1 Tournament1 Event Rampage Series$33,843.3886 Players6 Tournaments1 Event
X-Cup$17,752.0041 Players4 Tournaments4 Events
X5 Mega Arena$45,924.25162 Players12 Tournaments5 Events
Xanadu$91,339.00296 Players378 Tournaments7 Events
Xfinity Hearthstone Invitational$25,000.008 Players2 Tournaments2 Events
XLG$85,838.32182 Players18 Tournaments8 Events
XP Game Fest$24,420.3442 Players3 Tournaments3 Events


Y-Games - MSR$220,298.01326 Players22 Tournaments15 Events
YaLLa Compass$450,000.00166 Players3 Tournaments3 Events
YUZU Winter Challenge$6,483.0047 Players12 Tournaments2 Events


Zagreb Gaming Arena$18,201.2432 Players5 Tournaments1 Event
ZeratoR Cup$34,015.2032 Players13 Tournaments2 Events
Zlan Multigaming$289,463.8526 Players5 Tournaments5 Events
ZODIAC WC3 Events$3,377.8023 Players4 Tournaments4 Events