Highest Total Prizes Awarded
Dota 2 
936 Tournaments
Germany KuroKy$3,739,754.41
Jordan Miracle-$3,313,886.88
Bulgaria MinD_ContRoL$3,080,961.36
Finland Matumbaman$3,080,665.64
United States UNiVeRsE$2,996,603.47

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$452,693,242.93 USD
in prize money recorded


Recent Player Earnings

26.United States CloakDennis Lepore$14,375.00
27.Korea, Republic of hyoilJung, Hyo Il$13,725.00
28.Korea, Republic of indigochild-, -$13,725.00
29.Korea, Republic of kAyleJeong, Su Yong$13,725.00
30.Korea, Republic of YaKK-, -$13,725.00
31.Bulgaria ChasJosef Stoianov$12,500.00
32.United States FrostyBradley Bergstrom$12,500.00
33.Korea, Republic of JinsooPark, Jin Soo$12,500.00
34.United States LethulTony Campbell$12,500.00
35.Canada MelukeLuke Laing$12,500.00
36.Argentina NalguidanFacu Pruzzo$12,500.00
37.Sweden RaikuShaun Andreas Meaney$12,500.00
38.Canada Royal 2Mathew Fiorante$12,500.00
39.Cuba SharpshothdDaniel Hernandez$12,500.00
40.United States SnakeBitePaul Duarte$12,500.00
41.Germany SwapxyRene Marcel Philipp Pinkera$12,500.00
42.Italy TurnaMarco Castiglioni$12,500.00
43.Denmark WhaazzOscar Nicolai Wulff$12,500.00
44.China xiaOtSun, Li Wei$12,500.00
45.United States YaBoiDreDiondre Bond$12,500.00
46.United States ZanpahLogan Heckman$12,500.00
47.United Kingdom Problem XBenjamin Simon$12,000.00
48.Denmark aizyPhilip Aistrup$11,200.00
49.Denmark KjaerbyeMarkus Kjærbye$11,200.00
50.Denmark MSLMathias Lauridsen$11,200.00

Recent Tournaments

2018-07-16CWL Pro League Challenge 07-16$2,000.00Call of Duty: World War II 
2018-07-16QIWI TEAM PLAY Season 1$4,651.31Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-15AWC Summer Finals 2018$100,000.00World of WarCraft 
2018-07-15Gallantry Summer Event$7,012.24Battalion 1944 
2018-07-15Gears New Orleans Open 2018$250,000.00Gears of War 4 
2018-07-15Go4CS:GO EU #312$116.89Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-15HCS New Orleans Open 2018$250,000.00Halo 5: Guardians 
2018-07-15HCT 2018 - Oakland$16,600.00Hearthstone 
2018-07-15LCL Open Cup 2018$16,150.00League of Legends 
2018-07-15Nili's Apartment Cup$2,925.00Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings 
2018-07-15Showdown 3$60.00Arms 
2018-07-15Thunderpick Invitational #2$10,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-15Tokyo in Tulsa 2018$10,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-15WESG 2018 China - Xi'an Qualifier (CS:GO)$1,792.80Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-15WSOE PUBG PAN-Continental 2018$90,000.00PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS 
2018-07-14DreamHack Valencia 2018 (CS:GO)$100,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-14DreamHack Valencia 2018 (R6S)$50,000.00Rainbow Six Siege 
2018-07-14DreamHack Valencia 2018 (SC2 - WCS Circuit)$101,000.00StarCraft II 
2018-07-14ESL Masters España 2018 - Season 3 (CS:GO)$20,450.69Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-14Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series - Week 1$250,000.00Fortnite 
2018-07-14Games Clash Masters Closed Qualifier 2$2,705.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-14Gfinity Elite Series AU - Season 1 (CS:GO)$59,402.72Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-14Naka's 170$ 1 Day EE DM Tournament$160.00Age of Mythology 
2018-07-14Stream.me - CIS Challenger League$3,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-132018 CWL National Circuit Australia Stage 4$1,000.00Call of Duty: World War II 
2018-07-13CIS Minor Championship - London 2018$50,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-13ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational 2018$250,000.00Street Fighter V 
2018-07-13Gamers.com.mt Fortnite Duo Series #2$58.36Fortnite 
2018-07-13UMG Friday Fortnite 2018-07-13$20,000.00Fortnite 
2018-07-12CBE 2018 - EU Open Qualifier #3$1,167.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-12Go4CS:GO June 2018 Monthly Finals$583.50Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-11Americas Minor Championship - London 2018$50,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-10ESL SEEC: Season 7 Playoffs (LoL)$5,877.00League of Legends 
2018-07-08Doom Drop TV Masters+ Tournament$15.00StarCraft II 
2018-07-08ESL One Cologne 2018$300,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-08Go4CS:GO EU #311$117.47Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-08Go4SC2 EU #793$115.98StarCraft II 
2018-07-08HCT 2018 - Italy$25,000.00Hearthstone 
2018-07-08Master Cup Portugal 2018$3,524.10Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-08NeSA 2018$11,747.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-08Premier Tour 2018 Summer Hamburg$29,388.75League of Legends 
2018-07-08Rift Rivals 2018 - LCK vs LPL vs LMS$144,000.00League of Legends 
2018-07-08Rift Rivals 2018 - LLN vs CLS vs CBLOL$42,500.00League of Legends 
2018-07-08Rift Rivals 2018 - NA vs EU$75,000.00League of Legends 
2018-07-08Trung Việt 2018 - 2vs2 Assy$2,700.00Age of Empires 
2018-07-08Trung Việt 2018 - 2vs2 Shang$2,700.00Age of Empires 
2018-07-08Trung Việt 2018 - 3vs3 Deathmatch$3,375.00Age of Empires 
2018-07-08Trung Việt 2018 - 3vs3 Shang$3,375.00Age of Empires 
2018-07-08Trung Việt 2018 - Solo Assyrian$2,250.00Age of Empires 
2018-07-08Trung Việt 2018 - Solo Random$1,980.00Age of Empires 
2018-07-08Trung Việt 2018 - Solo Shang$2,250.00Age of Empires 
2018-07-08X-Bet.co Rampage Series #1$5,935.51Dota 2 
2018-07-07ESL SEEC: Season 7 Playoffs (CS:GO)$5,877.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-07Overwatch Campeonato de Portugal$2,250.20Overwatch 
2018-07-07Rift Rivals 2018 - LCL vs TCL vs VCS$72,000.00League of Legends 
2018-07-07RPSS: Road to Shine$214.00Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 
2018-07-06FNB EU #2$100.00Brawlhalla 
2018-07-06Gamers.com.mt Fortnite Duo Series #1$58.70Fortnite 
2018-07-06Liga Pro Gaming - Invitational Cup #1$500.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-06UMG Friday Fortnite 2018-07-06$20,000.00Fortnite 
2018-07-05Elektron Division$8,793.06Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-05Forge of Champions Summer 2018 - Qualifier 1$8,445.98League of Legends 
2018-07-05Kung Fu Cup 2018 - Weekly #11$500.00StarCraft II 
2018-07-05ProDotA Cup China #3$2,000.00Dota 2 
2018-07-05Rift Rivals 2018 - SEA vs LJL vs OPL$60,000.00League of Legends 
2018-07-02DLMO #4$7.00Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links 
2018-07-02Esport Balkan League - Season 2 (CS:GO)$23,274.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-01CEO 2018 (DBFZ)$11,630.00Dragon Ball FighterZ 
2018-07-01CEO 2018 (SFV:AE)$15,000.00Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition 
2018-07-01CEO 2018 (T7)$8,560.20Tekken 7 
2018-07-01CEO 2018 Melee Doubles$1,720.00Super Smash Bros. Melee 
2018-07-01CEO 2018 Melee Singles$4,400.00Super Smash Bros. Melee 
2018-07-01CEO 2018 Wii U Doubles$2,500.00Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 
2018-07-01CEO 2018 Wii U Singles$6,790.00Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 
2018-07-01E-Sport4u Double Elimination #1 (EU & NA)$200.00Brawlhalla 
2018-07-01ESL Italia Championship Summer 2018 (CS:GO)$5,249.25Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-01Go4CS:GO EU #310$116.65Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-01Go4SC2 EU #791$115.98StarCraft II 
2018-07-01HCT 2018/19 - Season 1$250,000.00Hearthstone 
2018-07-01HomeStory Cup XVII$9,500.00StarCraft II 
2018-07-01META '18$1,500.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-01MSI MGAxSNS Grand League Final$2,232.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-01PUBG Global Invitational 2018 - Europe Qualifier$100,000.00PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS 
2018-07-01Vodacom 4U Cup$3,097.71Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-07-01ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 - Americas$20,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-06-30AfreecaTV PUBG League - Season 2 Finals$73,200.00PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS 
2018-06-30Aorus League - Brazil #2 Finals$1,200.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-06-30ARMS Random #8$40.00Arms 
2018-06-30CFCL Elite Season 3 - Month 1$9,000.00CrossFire 
2018-06-30CTA (June 30th, 2018)$50.00Arms 
2018-06-30DLAT 3$30.00Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links 
2018-06-30ESL Championnat National - Summer 2018 Finals (CS:GO)$15,161.90Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2018-06-30Gamers.com.mt Fortnite Duo Series Beta$58.38Fortnite 
2018-06-30HomeStory Cup XVII - WC3 Showmatch$200.00WarCraft III 
2018-06-30Quickfire FIFA18 World Cup Face-Off$93.52FIFA 18 
2018-06-30UC3$123.00Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 
2018-06-29Meta Weekly #26$130.00Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links 
2018-06-29MPGL Asian Championship 2018$100,000.00Dota 2 
2018-06-29UMG Friday Fortnite 2018-06-29$20,000.00Fortnite 
2018-06-29Worten Game Ring - Rock in Rio 2018$5,851.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive