Highest Total Prizes Awarded
Dota 2 
1560 Tournaments
Denmark N0tail$7,172,191.58
Finland JerAx$6,470,000.02
Australia ana$6,004,411.96
France Ceb$5,773,812.41
Finland Topson$5,690,417.57

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$1,096,111,920.39 USD
in prize money recorded


Recent Player Earnings

1.United States ScumpSeth Abner$121,500.00
2.Ukraine B1tValeriy Vakhovskiy$45,000.00
3.Russian Federation Boombl4Kirill Mikhailov$45,000.00
4.Russian Federation electroNicDenis Sharipov$45,000.00
5.Russian Federation PerfectoIlya Zalutskiy$45,000.00
6.Ukraine s1mpleAlexander Kostylev$45,000.00
7.Russian Federation Ax1LeSergey Rykhtorov$34,347.08
8.Kazakhstan HObbitAbay Khasenov$34,347.08
9.Russian Federation interzTimofey Yakushin$34,347.08
10.Russian Federation nafanyVladislav Gorshkov$34,347.08
11.Russian Federation sh1roDmitry Sokolov$34,347.08
12.United States HusKerrsJordan Thomas$33,600.00
13.United Kingdom RatedRhys Price$32,666.67
14.United Kingdom TommeyThomas Trewren$29,666.67
15.United States NewbzEdy Juan$27,666.67
16.United Kingdom ALEXAlex McMeekin$23,538.56
17.Sweden BrollanLudvig Brolin$23,538.56
18.Sweden KRiMZFreddy Johansson$23,538.56
19.United Kingdom meziiWill Merriman$23,538.56
20.United Kingdom smooyaOwen Butterfield$23,538.56
21.United States AlmondBen Rosendahl$23,166.67
22.United States AydanAydan Conrad$22,666.67
23.United States SwaggKris Lamberson$21,800.00
24.United States aBeZyTyler Pharris$18,916.67
25.Mexico GoatClampEmiliano -$17,666.66
26.United States KennyKenneth Williams$17,083.33
27.France apEXDan Madesclaire$17,000.00
28.France KyojinJayson Nguyen Van$17,000.00
29.France MisutaaaKévin Rabier$17,000.00
30.France shoxRichard Papillon$17,000.00
31.France ZywOoMathieu Herbaut$17,000.00
32.Russian Federation El1anAleksey Gusev$15,995.26
33.Russian Federation ForesterIgor Bezotecheskiy$15,995.26
34.Russian Federation KradVladislav Kravchenko$15,995.26
35.Kazakhstan Lack1Viktor Boldyrev$15,995.26
36.Russian Federation NickelBack77Alexey Trofimov$15,995.26
37.United States BiffleDiaz -$15,000.00
38.United States SuperEvanEvan Moore$15,000.00
39.Korea, Republic of MaruCho, Sung Choo$14,050.00
40.United States Skullface49- -$13,666.67
41.United States AzuraAnarchyAbigail Daniels$13,333.33
42.United States EquuipNicholas Viera$13,333.33
43.Bulgaria SHiPZGeorgi Grigorov$12,579.61
44.China AngeloXiang, Tao$12,528.00
45.China binChen, Ze Bin$12,528.00
46.China huanfengTang, Huan Feng$12,528.00
47.China owoLuo, Wen Jun$12,528.00
48.Viet Nam SofMLê, Quang Duy$12,528.00
49.United States TeePeeTyler Polchow$12,000.00
50.Russian Federation magixxBoris Vorobiev$11,685.00

Recent Tournaments

2021-11-28BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021$425,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-28Diabotical Wipeout League: Season 2$5,000.00Diabotical 
2021-11-28eggwp NA Weekly Series #13$50.00Diabotical 
2021-11-28eggwp Weekly Series #39$56.59Diabotical 
2021-11-28Trackmania Seasonal Challenger Series: Fall 2021$491.37Trackmania (2020) 
2021-11-27Diabotical Birthday Series: NA #6$675.00Diabotical 
2021-11-27GameGune 24 (VALORANT)$11,319.91VALORANT 
2021-11-27The Requiem Tournament Series - Draft$100.00Artifact Classic 
2021-11-27VALORANT Open Tour: France - Finals$22,638.60VALORANT 
2021-11-26Diabotical Birthday Series: Asia-Pacific #3$400.00Diabotical 
2021-11-26Edelweiss Monthly Cup - November 2021$114.27Trackmania (2020) 
2021-11-26eFuse: Black Friday Search & Save Invitational$110,000.00Call of Duty: Vanguard 
2021-11-26Spartakus Invitational II$5,000.00Call of Duty: Warzone 
2021-11-25Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 5$50,000.00Dota 2 
2021-11-25RUSH Hour - Cup 4$336.20Rocket League 
2021-11-24Box Fight Championship - Cup #11$3,000.00Apex Legends 
2021-11-23BoomTV C6 Tournament$50,000.00Call of Duty: Vanguard 
2021-11-23Oceanic Weekly #4$50.00Age of Empires IV 
2021-11-23Winner Stays On Round 1$500.00Age of Empires IV 
2021-11-22BoomTV 20k 11/22/2021$20,000.00Call of Duty: Vanguard 
2021-11-22BoomTV Code Red 2021-11-22$20,000.00Call of Duty: Vanguard 
2021-11-22ESL Open Cup #98 Europe$800.00StarCraft II 
2021-11-22Twitch Rivals x MrSoki: Doritos Disruptor Series$10,000.00Call of Duty: Warzone 
2021-11-21(MVP) ZLaner's Certified Banger II$2,500.00Call of Duty: Warzone 
2021-11-21Aorus League 2$1,000.00Age of Empires II 
2021-11-21eggwp NA Weekly Series #12$50.00Diabotical 
2021-11-21eggwp Weekly Series #38$56.41Diabotical 
2021-11-21eLadies Valorant Cup #3$1,128.20VALORANT 
2021-11-21ESL Meisterschaft: Autumn 2021 (Dota 2)$29,773.64Dota 2 
2021-11-21FiReLEAGUE 2021$83,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-21Fortress Cup$546.00Age of Empires IV 
2021-11-21Fuzer AOE IV Open$227.00Age of Empires IV 
2021-11-21HCS North America Open Series 11/20-21/2021$2,000.00Halo: Infinite 
2021-11-21Hussars of Poland$365.00Age of Empires II 
2021-11-21King of Battles 2$15,000.00StarCraft II 
2021-11-21NEST 2021$104,922.00League of Legends 
2021-11-21PGCT #2$3,250.00Paladins 
2021-11-21Red Bull Flick Helsinki Invitational 2021$56,425.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-21RLCS 2021-22 - Fall: Asia-Pacific North Regional Event 3$15,000.00Rocket League 
2021-11-21RLCS 2021-22 - Fall: Europe Regional Event 3$100,000.00Rocket League 
2021-11-21SEAEF Dota2 Championship 2021$35,000.00Dota 2 
2021-11-21Telialigaen - Fall 2021 (RL)$5,606.57Rocket League 
2021-11-21The Coca Cola x Friends Tournament$3,384.90Dota 2 
2021-11-21The Ritual$171.84Trackmania (2020) 
2021-11-21Trackmania Grand League Fall 2021 - Challenger - Step 6$115.43Trackmania (2020) 
2021-11-21UNITED Pro Series Summer 2021$33,710.11Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-21V4 Future Sports Festival - Budapest 2021$343,470.75Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-21VCT 2021: Game Changers EMEA Series 3$56,409.51VALORANT 
2021-11-21XDWC 2021$100.00Xonotic 
2021-11-21XIV's North America Rumble$50.00Age of Empires IV 
2021-11-21ZLaner's Certified Banger II$97,500.00Call of Duty: Warzone 
2021-11-20Dash Bracket LAN: Diabotical$40.00Diabotical 
2021-11-20Diabotical Birthday Series: Europe #5$675.00Diabotical 
2021-11-20Diabotical Birthday Series: SA #3$250.00Diabotical 
2021-11-20REPUBLEAGUE Season 2$112,821.33Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-20RLCS 2021-22 - Fall: South America Regional Event 3$30,000.00Rocket League 
2021-11-20RUSH to Glory #7$1,128.20VALORANT 
2021-11-20Super Girl Gamer Pro Championships Fall 2021 (VALORANT)$10,000.00VALORANT 
2021-11-20Telialigaen - Fall 2021 (CS:GO)$18,944.80Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-20Twitch Rivals x Swagg: Doritos Disruptor Series 2$25,000.00Call of Duty: Warzone 
2021-11-20UESF Ukrainian Championship 2021 (CS:GO)$18,066.14Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-20UESF Ukrainian Championship 2021 (Dota 2)$18,066.14Dota 2 
2021-11-19Dominaticus Crown Cup #2$50.00Age of Empires IV 
2021-11-19IESF World Championship 2021 (Dota 2)$20,000.00Dota 2 
2021-11-19Minnesota Rokkr 50k Battle of the Champions$50,000.00Call of Duty: Vanguard 
2021-11-19RUSH to Honor #11$281.50VALORANT 
2021-11-19The Warchief Club #1$105.00Age of Empires IV 
2021-11-18Box Fight Championship - Cup #11 - Qualifier$500.00Apex Legends 
2021-11-18IESF World Championship 2021 (CS:GO)$20,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-18RUSH Hour - Cup 3$567.22Rocket League 
2021-11-18SiGMA Esports Technologies Cup 2021$15,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-18The Sparty Brawl #2$50.00Age of Empires IV 
2021-11-18William Hill Cup$50,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-17ESL Open Cup #97 Europe$800.00StarCraft II 
2021-11-17Liga Española AoE2 3: División Campeones$105.00Age of Empires II 
2021-11-17The Gran Turino #2$200.00Age of Empires IV 
2021-11-17World Series Of Warzone - Captains Cup (NA Duos)$100,000.00Call of Duty: Warzone 
2021-11-17World Series Of Warzone - NA Duos$200,000.00Call of Duty: Warzone 
2021-11-17World Series Of Warzone - NA SoloYolo$100,000.00Call of Duty: Warzone 
2021-11-16Oceanic Weekly #3$50.00Age of Empires IV 
2021-11-15CBCS Masters 2021$9,161.52Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-15eFuse Community Vanguard Showdown$40,000.00Call of Duty: Vanguard 
2021-11-15ESL Open Cup #96 Europe$800.00StarCraft II 
2021-11-14Arenas Stadium (Singles)$1,315.92Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 
2021-11-14Avec Originalité et Enthousiasme 2$5,723.00Age of Empires IV 
2021-11-14Beloud Cup #11$2,000.00VALORANT 
2021-11-14BTS Pro Series Season 9: Americas$40,000.00Dota 2 
2021-11-14BTS Pro Series Season 9: Southeast Asia$60,000.00Dota 2 
2021-11-14CTWC 2021$10,000.00Tetris 
2021-11-14DH SC2 Masters 2021 Winter: Season Finals$50,000.00StarCraft II 
2021-11-14DreamHack Open November 2021$100,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-14eggwp NA Weekly Series #11$50.00Diabotical 
2021-11-14eggwp Weekly Series #37$57.22Diabotical 
2021-11-14ESEA Cash Cup: North America - Autumn 2021 #5$15,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-14Fragadelphia 16: Philadelphia$10,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-14GENESIS$20,000.00Age of Empires IV 
2021-11-14Iberian Cup 2021$23,400.00League of Legends 
2021-11-14iBUYPOWER Mythic Masters Winter 2021$50,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-11-14Italian Rocket Championship Season 7: Serie A$4,577.44Rocket League 
2021-11-14LCK Academy Series 2021 2nd Championship$8,400.00League of Legends