Player Rankings

Top 100 Highest Earnings for Taiwan, Republic of China

This list represents the top players of the specified country in esports who won prize money based on information published on the internet. Sources include news articles, forum posts, live report threads, interviews, official statements, reliable databases, VODs and other publicly-accessable sources that preserve "historical" information.

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)Highest Paying GameTotal (Game)% of Total
1.Taiwan, Republic of China tom60229Chen, Wei Lin$401,027.87Hearthstone$401,027.87100.00%
2.Taiwan, Republic of China KarsaHung, Hau Hsuan$375,838.76League of Legends$375,838.76100.00%
3.Taiwan, Republic of China bebeCheng, Bo Wei$286,115.32League of Legends$286,115.32100.00%
4.Taiwan, Republic of China SwordArtHu, Shuo Jie$243,904.67League of Legends$243,904.67100.00%
5.Taiwan, Republic of China MapleHuang, Yi Tang$240,437.63League of Legends$240,437.63100.00%
6.Taiwan, Republic of China StanleyWang, June Tsan$225,522.01League of Legends$225,522.01100.00%
7.Taiwan, Republic of China LilballzKuan Po Sung$217,429.72League of Legends$217,429.72100.00%
8.Taiwan, Republic of China MiSTakEChen, Hui Chung$216,539.83League of Legends$216,539.83100.00%
9.Taiwan, Republic of China BettyLu, Yu Hung$169,734.08League of Legends$169,734.08100.00%
10.Taiwan, Republic of China SenYang, Chia Cheng$146,979.66StarCraft II$140,762.5495.77%
11.Taiwan, Republic of China MMDYau, Li Hung$141,158.92League of Legends$141,158.92100.00%
12.Taiwan, Republic of China HasKe, Yu Feng$131,856.22StarCraft II$131,856.22100.00%
13.Taiwan, Republic of China westdoorLiu, Shu Wei$129,522.58League of Legends$129,522.58100.00%
14.Taiwan, Republic of China NeilChang, Chun Sheng$120,644.94Arena of Valor$120,644.94100.00%
15.Taiwan, Republic of China MrAlbisKang, Chia Wei$111,379.07League of Legends$111,346.8399.97%
16.Taiwan, Republic of China BennyChen, Chien Ting$110,644.94Arena of Valor$110,644.94100.00%
17.Taiwan, Republic of China StarLin, Nsu Yu$110,644.94Arena of Valor$110,644.94100.00%
18.Taiwan, Republic of China WindsChen, Ting Jui$110,644.94Arena of Valor$110,644.94100.00%
19.Taiwan, Republic of China YuzonChung, Chou$110,644.94Arena of Valor$110,644.94100.00%
20.Taiwan, Republic of China ANChou, Chun An$105,655.98League of Legends$105,655.98100.00%
21.Taiwan, Republic of China RogerLuo, Shengyuan$96,719.10Hearthstone$96,719.10100.00%
22.Taiwan, Republic of China NLHsiung, Wen An$94,664.75League of Legends$94,664.75100.00%
23.Taiwan, Republic of China ZivChen, Yi$92,568.84League of Legends$92,568.84100.00%
24.Taiwan, Republic of China MountainXue, Zhao Hong$88,662.62League of Legends$88,662.62100.00%
25.Taiwan, Republic of China HanabiSu, Chia Hsiang$88,376.35League of Legends$88,376.35100.00%
26.Taiwan, Republic of China MorningChen, Kuan Ting$86,907.07League of Legends$86,907.07100.00%
27.Taiwan, Republic of China SamuelTsaoTsao, Tsu Lin$83,500.00Hearthstone$83,500.00100.00%
28.Taiwan, Republic of China BloodTrailWu, Zong Chang$82,500.00Hearthstone$82,500.00100.00%
29.Taiwan, Republic of China JayLi, Chieh$75,696.57League of Legends$75,696.57100.00%
30.Taiwan, Republic of China GoDDogSu, Yu Yen$65,965.06Heroes of the Storm$65,965.06100.00%
31.Taiwan, Republic of China GreenTeaSa, Shang-Ching$64,280.29League of Legends$64,280.29100.00%
32.Taiwan, Republic of China AchieChen, Chen Chi$63,795.03League of Legends$63,795.03100.00%
33.Taiwan, Republic of China GarnetDevilLai, Yi I-Meng$59,391.82League of Legends$38,786.3865.31%
34.Taiwan, Republic of China DinTerXue, Hong Wei$58,858.79League of Legends$58,858.79100.00%
35.Taiwan, Republic of China ZondaLyu, Jhong Da$56,329.47Overwatch$33,566.7559.59%
36.Taiwan, Republic of China GamerBeeBruce Hsiang$55,861.66Ultra Street Fighter IV$26,884.9048.13%
37.Taiwan, Republic of China SteakChou, Lu Hsi$54,770.50League of Legends$54,770.50100.00%
38.Taiwan, Republic of China AlphalunaWu, Chun Yu$53,541.00Heroes of the Storm$53,541.00100.00%
39.Taiwan, Republic of China WindsChen, Peng Nien$52,939.79League of Legends$52,939.79100.00%
40.Taiwan, Republic of China ScrollLai, Yung Hsiu$50,527.27Heroes of the Storm$50,527.27100.00%
41.Taiwan, Republic of China BayBayWang, You Chun$48,214.69League of Legends$48,214.69100.00%
42.Taiwan, Republic of China PrydzChen, Kuang Feng$44,108.76League of Legends$44,108.76100.00%
43.Taiwan, Republic of China BaphometLi, Qi Hua$42,825.14Heroes of the Storm$42,825.14100.00%
44.Taiwan, Republic of China ZoLaFan, Chun-Hao$42,744.00Heroes of the Storm$42,744.00100.00%
45.Taiwan, Republic of China Chichi-, -$42,482.43Arena of Valor$42,482.43100.00%
46.Taiwan, Republic of China Genji-, -$42,482.43Arena of Valor$42,482.43100.00%
47.Taiwan, Republic of China Hanzo-, -$42,482.43Arena of Valor$42,482.43100.00%
48.Taiwan, Republic of China Liang-, -$42,482.43Arena of Valor$42,482.43100.00%
49.Taiwan, Republic of China Sirenia-, -$42,482.43Arena of Valor$42,482.43100.00%
50.Taiwan, Republic of China KMoMoSyu, Maojyun$40,501.85Overwatch$34,429.0585.01%
51.Taiwan, Republic of China 山下智久- -$40,000.00Hearthstone$40,000.00100.00%
52.Taiwan, Republic of China BaconjackLuo, Zihuan$39,629.05Overwatch$34,429.0586.88%
53.Taiwan, Republic of China Oil KingLi Wei Lin$37,854.76Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition$27,426.4672.45%
54.Taiwan, Republic of China KoalaLin, Chih Chiang$35,950.18League of Legends$35,950.18100.00%
55.Taiwan, Republic of China GoDJJYong Jie Wang$35,941.28League of Legends$35,941.28100.00%
56.Taiwan, Republic of China PinpinghoHo, Kwo Ping$35,070.91Hearthstone$35,070.91100.00%
57.Taiwan, Republic of China S1nklerLi, Jiahao$34,429.05Overwatch$34,429.05100.00%
58.Taiwan, Republic of China NazChen, Tien Chih$34,024.48League of Legends$34,024.48100.00%
59.Taiwan, Republic of China Lulala-, -$33,333.33Arena of Valor$33,333.33100.00%
60.Taiwan, Republic of China YaoYaoTsai, Cheng Yao$33,000.00Clash Royale$33,000.00100.00%
61.Taiwan, Republic of China realmentPo-Hsun Huang$32,777.37Overwatch$30,566.7593.26%
62.Taiwan, Republic of China W1nnerWei Tsai, Hong$31,522.08PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$31,522.08100.00%
63.Taiwan, Republic of China ShiauCLiu, Chia Hao$31,426.21League of Legends$31,426.21100.00%
64.Taiwan, Republic of China JongieCheng, Ji$31,003.61Overwatch$27,836.9589.79%
65.Taiwan, Republic of China K3Lee, Guan Sian$30,544.08PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$30,544.08100.00%
66.Taiwan, Republic of China KKe, Kai Sheng$29,984.71League of Legends$29,984.71100.00%
67.Taiwan, Republic of China MilkLin, Chi Hung$29,784.75PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$29,784.75100.00%
68.Taiwan, Republic of China CQBYang, Hao Cheng$27,998.00Overwatch$27,998.00100.00%
69.Taiwan, Republic of China SRWu, Si Lin$27,727.08PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$27,727.08100.00%
70.Taiwan, Republic of China NiceHuang, Yu Shiang$27,187.05StarCraft II$27,187.05100.00%
71.Taiwan, Republic of China BreezeHuang, Chien Yuan$26,718.68League of Legends$26,718.68100.00%
72.Taiwan, Republic of China REFRA1NChen, Kuan Ting$26,635.15League of Legends$26,635.15100.00%
73.Taiwan, Republic of China XiaoLiangWu, Liang Te$26,628.21League of Legends$26,628.21100.00%
74.Taiwan, Republic of China JimmyXu, Yinjun$26,121.11PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile$26,121.11100.00%
75.Taiwan, Republic of China UniboyChen, Chang Chu$25,837.46League of Legends$25,837.46100.00%
76.Taiwan, Republic of China YseraWang, Tsung Chih$25,389.50League of Legends$25,389.50100.00%
77.Taiwan, Republic of China pkHsieh, Yu Ting$25,199.45League of Legends$25,199.45100.00%
78.Taiwan, Republic of China KongyueJen Tso Hsiao$24,637.46League of Legends$24,637.46100.00%
79.Taiwan, Republic of China Virtual-, -$23,500.15Hearthstone$23,500.15100.00%
80.Taiwan, Republic of China FoFoChu, Chun Lan$22,190.86League of Legends$22,190.86100.00%
81.Taiwan, Republic of China BennyLien, Hsiu Chi$21,264.27League of Legends$21,264.27100.00%
82.Taiwan, Republic of China RivalWu, Tsung Han$21,100.43Heroes of the Storm$21,100.43100.00%
83.Taiwan, Republic of China KuonetKuo, Shih Ming$20,862.78Hearthstone$20,862.78100.00%
84.Taiwan, Republic of China RexLei, Hao Cheng$20,600.60StarCraft II$20,600.60100.00%
85.Taiwan, Republic of China ATingChen, Shao Hua$20,384.58Overwatch$20,384.58100.00%
86.Taiwan, Republic of China ShaiuLinLin, Keng Yu$20,384.58Overwatch$20,384.58100.00%
87.Taiwan, Republic of China IanLu, Jia Hong$20,361.23StarCraft II$20,361.23100.00%
88.Taiwan, Republic of China ShaxyLiu, Wei Chieh$20,250.00Hearthstone$20,250.00100.00%
89.Taiwan, Republic of China KaohenAlex Wang$20,020.00Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings$20,020.00100.00%
90.Taiwan, Republic of China IamKmkmJeng Cheng Tseng$20,000.00Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings$20,000.00100.00%
91.Taiwan, Republic of China IamJordanYu Kuei Huang$19,500.00Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings$16,000.0082.05%
92.Taiwan, Republic of China LilvChen, Chin Han$18,973.13League of Legends$18,973.13100.00%
93.Taiwan, Republic of China LulumiChen, Ting-Rui$18,802.60Heroes of the Storm$18,802.60100.00%
94.Taiwan, Republic of China ktforYen, Hsiang Chun$18,130.48Heroes of the Storm$18,130.48100.00%
95.Taiwan, Republic of China CandyLiu, Shih Chieh$17,071.74League of Legends$17,071.74100.00%
96.Taiwan, Republic of China LantyrZhang, Huai Cang$16,700.01League of Legends$16,700.01100.00%
97.Taiwan, Republic of China booy005Li, Chia Lin$16,684.00Heroes of the Storm$16,684.00100.00%
98.Taiwan, Republic of China RinsShen, Po Ju$16,437.90League of Legends$16,437.90100.00%
99.Taiwan, Republic of China AustingerLiu, En Yu$16,136.68Heroes of the Storm$16,136.68100.00%
100.Taiwan, Republic of China HuaLinHsieh, Chen Chieh$15,891.93Arena of Valor$15,891.93100.00%