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It may be trivial to find information on a single tournament, but try doing this for thousands of them. It's very difficult. Player results are incomplete. Entire tournaments and events are missing. Team rosters are still unknown. Some of this information is hiding in non-English websites. Finding and recording this history is esports mayhem. We don't follow every game, but we want to be fair to everyone. That's where you come in...

e-Sports Earnings would like to work with all competitive gaming communities to help make information about the games and the communities easier to access for everyone. The goal is to make researching competitive gaming easier for those involved, as well as those on the outside who would like to know more. We will add tournaments of all sizes; million-dollar tournaments with corporate backing, grassroots tournaments with a humble prize pool, online cups, and even show matches and money matches.

Our only requirement: Reliable sources must be cited.

The following tips were submitted by the public to help increase the accuracy and quality of information presented on the site...

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