Highest Total Prizes Awarded
Dota 2 
1,915 Tournaments
Denmark N0tail$7,172,436.83
Finland JerAx$6,486,075.22
Australia ana$6,024,411.96
France Ceb$5,925,842.73
Finland Topson$5,768,341.20

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$1,684,027,790.69 USD
in prize money recorded


Recent Player Earnings - Last 30 Days

Player IDPlayer NamePrize (USD)
26.Thailand MoshiRatchanon Kunrayason$66,000.00
27.Thailand COUGAR- -$60,000.00
27.Thailand COZQPanuwat Chinwongkate$60,000.00
27.Thailand ONEMORERatta Poom$60,000.00
27.Thailand ONFIREPhulipat Yosit$60,000.00
27.Thailand PETERThanakorn Choompurad$60,000.00
32.China LiShaoLi, Chengyu$56,415.60
33.China TianLongZhang, Tianlong$55,024.00
34.United States AlmxndBenjamin Rosendahl$50,000.00
34.United States NewbzEdy Juan$50,000.00
34.United States skullfaceLogan Greifelt$50,000.00
37.Taiwan, Republic of China Yanyan- -$43,333.33
38.Saudi Arabia AboMakkahAhmad Mujahid$40,000.00
38.Philippines BennyqtFrederic Gonzales$40,000.00
38.China CremeLin, Jian$40,000.00
38.Singapore DiabloYeo Wee Lun$40,000.00
38.Netherlands EmreYilmazzEmre Yilmaz$40,000.00
38.Philippines HadessJaymark Lazaro$40,000.00
38.Philippines JaypeeJaypee Dela Cruz$40,000.00
38.Singapore JPLAkihiro Furusawa$40,000.00
38.Egypt K1JohnJohn Mouneer$40,000.00
38.Philippines KurtTzyJankurt Russel Matira$40,000.00
38.Philippines SanfordSanford Vinuya$40,000.00
38.Philippines SanjiAlston Pabico$40,000.00
38.Singapore VanixLim Wei Jun Keith$40,000.00

Recent Tournaments

2024-07-20Thiên Khôi Cup 2024: 1v1 Assyrians$4,949.97Age of Empires 
2024-07-20VCT 2024: EMEA Stage 2$250,000.00VALORANT 
2024-07-19CrossFire HD League Season 5$137,560.00CrossFire HD 
2024-07-19Rise of the Ancients 4$150.00Age of Empires 
2024-07-19Thiên Khôi Cup 2024: 1v1 Random - Serie B$2,200.02Age of Empires 
2024-07-17Esports Balkan League - Season 15 (LoL)$10,791.60League of Legends 
2024-07-17Fox vs LingYuan Showmatch$100.00Age of Empires II 
2024-07-16Delicious “1v1” Summer Smackdown Co-op Show Match$190.00Age of Empires II 
2024-07-15World Cyber Games 2024 Glory Cup$13,756.00CrossFire 
2024-07-14Esports World Cup 2024 (Free Fire)$1,050,000.00Free Fire 
2024-07-14Esports World Cup 2024 Community Cup: SAM$12,500.00Rocket League 
2024-07-14Hoodyhooo 2v2: North America 3$1,000.00Rocket League 
2024-07-14MLBB Mid Season Cup 2024$3,050,000.00Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 
2024-07-14Raidiant: Star Chasers Showdown 2 2024 EU$9,900.00Rocket League 
2024-07-14Raidiant: Star Chasers Showdown 2 2024 NA$9,900.00Rocket League 
2024-07-14RLTS KennyStream - Finals$5,448.72Rocket League 
2024-07-14ShenAiXie Cup$20,000.00Age of Empires II 
2024-07-14Trackmania World Tour 2024 - Grand Community Cup #2$322.92Trackmania (2020) 
2024-07-13ESOC Spring Championship 2024$500.00Age of Empires III 
2024-07-13European Pro League Season 2 (LoL)$5,000.00League of Legends 
2024-07-13FC Pro 24 World Championship$1,000,000.00EA Sports FC 24 
2024-07-13HD Weekly 12$100.00Trackmania (2020) 
2024-07-13Peacekeeper Elite League Hua Aotion Cup$137,560.00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile 
2024-07-13RL Ireland: Newry LAN 2024$556.49Rocket League 
2024-07-13Skin.Club Summer Cup 2024$16,187.40Counter-Strike 2 
2024-07-12Arabian League Summer 2024$10,791.60League of Legends 
2024-07-11VCL 2024: Hong Kong and Taiwan Split 2$23,000.00VALORANT 
2024-07-10Master of the Huns 2024$79.98Age of Empires II 
2024-07-08ChessKid Youth Championships 2024 (Under 13)$5,000.00Chess.com 
2024-07-08ChessKid Youth Championships 2024 (Under 16)$10,000.00Chess.com 
2024-07-07Arena of Valor Premier League 2024$500,000.00Arena of Valor 
2024-07-07Beasty vs 1puppypaw Bo7 Showmatch$150.00Age of Empires IV 
2024-07-07eK League Championship 2024 Season 2 (Solo)$27,468.45EA Sports FC Online 
2024-07-07eK League Championship 2024 Season 2 (Team)$117,102.34EA Sports FC Online 
2024-07-07Esports World Cup 2024 (LoL)$1,050,000.00League of Legends 
2024-07-07Mad Random Cup 2$546.02Age of Empires II 
2024-07-07TFT Open Championship 8: Regional Finals$250,359.20Teamfight Tactics 
2024-07-07Trackmania World Tour 2024 - Grand Community Cup #1$322.92Trackmania (2020) 
2024-07-07UEFA eEuro 2024$100,000.00EA Sports FC 24 
2024-07-06Esports World Cup 2024 (CoD:Warzone)$1,050,000.00Call of Duty: Warzone 
2024-07-06HD Weekly 11$100.00Trackmania (2020) 
2024-07-06POST Esports Masters Season 5$4,662.51Rocket League 
2024-07-06Tasteless Time Warp #3$3,613.00StarCraft: Evo Complete (Mod) 
2024-07-06The Independence Cup 2024$975.00Rocket League 
2024-07-06VCL 2024: Spain Rising Split 2$17,266.56VALORANT 
2024-07-06World Cyber Games 2024 Rivals$7,228.53Street Fighter 6 
2024-07-05Fan Friday Fiesta #8 - Campaign Hunt$32.50Trackmania (2020) 
2024-07-05Fan Friday Fiesta #8 - Tournament$59.57Trackmania (2020) 
2024-07-04Saudi Womens eLeague 2024: Major 2$10,662.80VALORANT 
2024-07-01Canada Day Invitational 2024$727.54Rocket League 
2024-06-301win Series Dota 2 Summer$100,000.00Dota 2 
2024-06-30Bald Head Cup #6$13,760.00Street Fighter 6 
2024-06-30Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2024$239,910.82PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile 
2024-06-30Call of Duty League 2024 - Stage 4 Major$375,000.00Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (BBCF)$670.00BlazBlue: Central Fiction 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (CvS2)$510.00Capcom vs. SNK 2 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (DBFZ)$3,008.03Dragon Ball FighterZ 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (GBVSR)$1,820.00Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (GGST)$2,990.00Guilty Gear -STRIVE- 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (GGXrdR2)$330.00Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (KI)$10,480.00Killer Instinct (2013) 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (KoFXV)$2,410.00King of Fighters XV 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (MBTL)$300.00Melty Blood: Type Lumina 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (MK1)$1,130.00Mortal Kombat 1 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (SF6)$6,160.00Street Fighter 6 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (SFIII3S)$870.00Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (SSFIIT)$700.00Super Street Fighter II Turbo 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (T8)$12,390.00Tekken 8 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (UMVC3)$580.00Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 
2024-06-30CEO 2024 (UNI2)$990.00Under Night In-Birth II [Sys:Celes] 
2024-06-30FPF Taça Masters 2024$26,799.54EA Sports FC 24 
2024-06-30Fragster League 2024$1,070.56Rocket League 
2024-06-30JOC 5: Regional Finals$250,432.00Teamfight Tactics 
2024-06-30North America Tournament 2024$200.00osu! 
2024-06-30PUBG Mobile Regional Clash 2024 - PEL vs CSA vs SEA$137,600.00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile 
2024-06-30Rusaoc Cup 136$116.74Age of Empires II 
2024-06-30Top Team Gamer$4,000.00Age of Empires IV 
2024-06-30Trackmania World Tour 2024 - June Monthly Cup$1,076.90Trackmania (2020) 
2024-06-30VCL 2024: MENA Resilience Split 2 - Levant and North Africa$17,500.00VALORANT 
2024-06-30Xbox Wololo Controller Only$125.00Age of Empires II 
2024-06-29Frost Esports - Polar Flare #4$1,000.00Rocket League 
2024-06-29GSL 2024 Season 2$14,480.00StarCraft II 
2024-06-29HD Weekly 10$100.00Trackmania (2020) 
2024-06-29Kingsnipe Cup 2 - Showmatch: El_Matador vs FreakinAndy$100.00Age of Empires II 
2024-06-29Lan ETS 2024 (RL)$4,019.21Rocket League 
2024-06-29Lan ETS 2024 (Trackmania)$1,094.72Trackmania (2020) 
2024-06-29Morekats Mayhem #5$1,285.83Rocket League 
2024-06-29osu!catch World Cup 2024$2,000.00osu! 
2024-06-29Tooth & Nail Sacrifice Tournament - NA$250.00Quake Champions 
2024-06-29VCL 2024: MENA Resilience Split 2 - GCC and Iraq$17,500.00VALORANT 
2024-06-29YES OF CORSA CUP - Finals$4,500.38Rocket League 
2024-06-28AoE Leagues: Season #10 - Division A$60.00Age of Empires II 
2024-06-28ChampionSheep II: Showmatch$123.58Age of Empires II 
2024-06-28Feer Showmatch: Mawkzy vs Nuqqet$120.00Rocket League 
2024-06-28VCL 2024: Latin America North Split 2$39,000.00VALORANT 
2024-06-28VCL 2024: South Asia Split 2$63,500.00VALORANT 
2024-06-27Championship of Russia 2024 (SC2)$5,650.00StarCraft II 
2024-06-27European Pro League Season 18: Division 2 (CS2)$10,000.00Counter-Strike 2 
2024-06-26VCL 2024: Latin America South Split 2$39,000.00VALORANT 
2024-06-26Winner Stays On 6 (AoE2)$150.00Age of Empires II