Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,358,159.11 From 390 Tournaments
World Ranking:

There have been 198 Moroccan esports players that have been awarded a total of $1,358,159.11 USD in prize money across 390 tournaments. The highest awarding game was Rocket League with $411,700.36 USD won, making up 30.31% of all earnings by Moroccan players. Amine "Itachi" Benayachi is the highest earning Moroccan player with $335,719.92 USD in prize money won overall, all of which was won from playing in Rocket League tournaments.

Top Games

 Game NameTotal (Game)
1.Rocket League$411,700.36
3.Free Fire$167,000.02
5.EA Sports FC 24$77,697.21
6.FIFA 23$57,999.99
7.Arena of Valor$45,666.67
8.World of WarCraft$45,000.00
9.League of Legends$43,064.84
10.Guns of Boom$20,887.50
11.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$19,788.90
13.Fall Guys$10,947.51$4,000.00
15.Street Fighter V: Champion Edition$3,500.00
16.King of Fighters XV$3,344.40
17.Mobile Legends: Bang Bang$2,716.67
18.FIFA 22$2,499.99
19.Teamfight Tactics$2,453.56
21.King of Fighters XIV$1,936.90
23.Tekken 7$1,200.00
25.Age of Empires II$944.05

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)
1.Morocco ItachiAmine Benayachi$335,719.92
2.Morocco xcharifxYoussef Charif$79,000.00
3.Morocco johnqtMouhamed Amine Ouarid$74,730.33
4.Morocco NóliferqtYouness Dorqoch$45,000.00
5.Morocco draliiSamy -$44,198.49
6.Morocco RayAbdessamad Allouch$43,666.67
7.Morocco MARSHALLSalah Elkhomri$43,652.50
8.Morocco ELCHAPOMouad El Mokhtari$43,027.50
9.Morocco SENKUOmar Mrabet$42,027.50
10.Morocco PokimaneImane Anys$36,522.51
11.Morocco LAZYOussama Tourki$35,027.50
12.Morocco nassNassim Bali$29,781.95
13.Morocco TarekTarek Mssedi$26,500.00
14.Morocco MR ALIMohamed Ali$25,166.67
15.Morocco CarryboyCHERKA ZAKARIA$21,054.56
16.Morocco Rom1oAbdessamii Faith$20,887.50
17.Morocco MarwanMC9Marwan Chahhou$20,690.18
18.Morocco DOWLY- -$20,266.67
18.Morocco ZIZOXZiad Selmouni$20,266.67
20.Morocco GENIUS- -$18,600.00
21.Morocco TchiCoOussama Abahaddou$17,983.93
22.Morocco OTHMANE- -$17,700.00
23.Morocco Adam_Hatake01- -$17,333.33
23.Morocco AymaneAymane Mokallik$17,333.33
25.Morocco VENOMAli El Amri$14,576.67

Top Tournament Results

1.Free Fire World Series 2022 Sentosa$72,500.00Free Fire5 Players
2.FC Pro 24 World Championship$70,000.00EA Sports FC 241 Player
3.RLCS 2022-23 - World Championship$66,666.67Rocket League1 Player
4.VCT 2024: Masters Madrid$50,000.00VALORANT1 Player
5.Honor of Kings International Championship 2022$41,666.67Arena of Valor1 Player
6.Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore$40,500.00Free Fire2 Players
7.PMSC - 2020 Arabia$40,000.00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile5 Players
8.FIFA eNations Cup 2023$39,999.99FIFA 233 Players
9.PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 - East$36,525.00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile5 Players
10.RLCS 2022-23 - Winter Split Major$33,333.33Rocket League1 Player
10.RLCS 2021-22 - World Championship$33,333.33Rocket League1 Player
12.RLCS 2024 - Major 1: Copenhagen$29,000.00Rocket League2 Players
13.PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022$26,000.00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile5 Players
14.PMSC - 2022 Arabia - Ramadan Edition$21,500.00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile9 Players
15.PMPL - 2022 Fall - Africa$21,366.67PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile13 Players
16.PMSC - 2021 Arabia - Ramadan Edition$20,800.00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile7 Players
17.EMEA Invitational 2021$20,000.02Free Fire11 Players
18.PMPL - S2 2021: Arabia$18,516.67PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile7 Players
19.Free Fire World Series 2023$18,000.00Free Fire5 Players
20.Gamers8 2023 - Rocket League$16,666.67Rocket League1 Player
20.Arena World Championship 2014$16,666.67World of WarCraft1 Player
22.FIFAe Nations Series 2023 - Middle East & Africa$16,000.00FIFA 234 Players
23.PMPL - 2022 Spring - Africa$15,750.00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile12 Players
24.Guns of Boom Season 1 Finals$15,000.00Guns of Boom1 Player
24.Arena Global Invitational 2013$15,000.00World of WarCraft1 Player