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Recent Tournaments

Recent Tournaments

This is a list of recently-ended tournaments, along with their recorded prize money and results.

2022-05-15Master of the Circus 2$1,000.00Age of Empires II  8 Players
2022-05-15WRL 2022 Season 1$737,100.00League of Legends: Wild Rift 6 Teams30 Players
2022-05-15eggwp NA Weekly Series #35$50.00Diabotical  1 Player
2022-05-15eggwp Weekly Series #61$52.08Diabotical  1 Player
2022-05-14Rusaoc Cup 84$139.00Age of Empires II  4 Players
2022-05-14Arena of Valor International Championship 2022 - Arabia Cup$50,000.00Arena of Valor 4 Teams0 Players
2022-05-14KLOUDCHASERS 2v2 Simul TDM$1,000.00Lemnis Gate 2 Teams2 Players
2022-05-14Dash Bracket LAN #2: Diabotical$204.10Diabotical  3 Players
2022-05-14LarryNOS Shorts Campaign$50.00Trackmania (2020)  1 Player
2022-05-14Diabotical Pro Series: May (Europe)$1,000.00Diabotical  8 Players
2022-05-13Turin AOE4 FFA Tournament #2$50.00Age of Empires IV  1 Player
2022-05-13AoE All Stars$415.00Age of Empires IV  4 Players
2022-05-12King of Americas III$2,350.00Age of Empires II  9 Players
2022-05-12JorDan's Medieval Brawl Season 1 #3$510.00Age of Empires II  4 Players
2022-05-11Dota 2 Champions League 2022 Season 10$50,000.00Dota 2 12 Teams40 Players
2022-05-11Only Land Cup Show Match: JorDan vs Sitaux$100.00Age of Empires II  2 Players
2022-05-08VCT 2022: Game Changers Brazil Series 1 - Qualifier 3$3,935.90VALORANT 8 Teams40 Players
2022-05-08VCT 2022: Game Changers EMEA Series 2$31,645.20VALORANT 8 Teams40 Players
2022-05-08Arena of Glory Spring 2022$130,800.00Arena of Valor 16 Teams36 Players
2022-05-08PCS6: Europe$250,000.00PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS 19 Teams57 Players
2022-05-08Copa 200K Libertadores$1,000.00Age of Empires II 3 Teams14 Players
2022-05-08HunLeague: Gold$888.00Age of Empires II  6 Players
2022-05-08Gamers Without Borders 2022: Europe & CIS$750,000.00Dota 2 4 Teams20 Players
2022-05-08PCS6: Asia$250,000.00PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS 19 Teams65 Players
2022-05-08eggwp NA Weekly Series #34$50.00Diabotical  1 Player
2022-05-08eggwp Weekly Series #60$52.70Diabotical  1 Player
2022-05-08Hamishegi Esports Season 2$9,870.00Dota 2 3 Teams15 Players
2022-05-08Gamers Without Borders 2022: Saudi Arabia$500,000.00Dota 2 4 Teams22 Players
2022-05-08ESL Mistrzostwa Polski: Spring 2022 - Playoffs (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)$22,369.78Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 4 Teams20 Players
2022-05-08Gamers Without Borders 2022: Asia$750,000.00Dota 2 4 Teams20 Players
2022-05-08DPC CN 2022 Tour 2: Regional Final$100,000.00Dota 2 4 Teams20 Players
2022-05-07Spartan's King of the Hill Tournament$70.00Age of Empires Online  1 Player
2022-05-07The Warchief Club #11$110.00Age of Empires IV  6 Players
2022-05-07Meta Plays: Season 2 - Monthly #9$150.00Age of Mythology  4 Players
2022-05-07Ganji vs Monoz Bo7 Showmatch$200.00Age of Empires II  1 Player
2022-05-07PS4 Open Series March Monthly Final$1,000.00Auto Chess  4 Players
2022-05-07Kayzr League Spring 2022$4,216.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 4 Teams20 Players
2022-05-07ESL Meisterschaft: Spring 2022 (WC3)$8,434.96WarCraft III: Reforged  12 Players
2022-05-07PUBG Mobile Japan League Season 2: Phase 1$1,155,420.00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile 13 Teams49 Players
2022-05-06Turin AOE4 FFA Tournament$50.00Age of Empires IV  1 Player
2022-05-06Dominaticus Crown Cup #21$50.00Age of Empires IV  4 Players
2022-05-06Rise of the Elephants$5,000.00Age of Empires II 5 Teams24 Players
2022-05-05GSL 2022 Season 1$123,000.00StarCraft II  20 Players
2022-05-04Ancient Chinese Cup 2$1,451.00Age of Empires IV 16 Teams32 Players
2022-05-03Torneo Nacional Español 2021$396.95Age of Empires II  24 Players
2022-05-02ESL Open Cup #121 Americas$400.00StarCraft II  4 Players
2022-05-02ESL Open Cup #121 Europe$400.00StarCraft II  4 Players
2022-05-02LPL Pro League Season 10$7,087.06Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 4 Teams27 Players
2022-05-02Dominaticus Crown Cup #20$400.00Age of Empires IV  4 Players
2022-05-02DPC EEU 2022 Tour 2: Playoffs$102,500.00Dota 2 8 Teams40 Players
2022-05-01Gaming Culture - Girl Power #4$4,021.91VALORANT 4 Teams20 Players
2022-05-01Thonon Gaming Fest #1$5,271.76Super Smash Bros. Ultimate  8 Players
2022-05-01FlagRush Open Cup 2$105.44Trackmania (2020) 1 Team4 Players
2022-05-01ALGS: Split 2 Playoffs$1,000,000.00Apex Legends 41 Teams121 Players
2022-05-01RLCS Spring OCE Regional Event 1$30,000.00Rocket League 16 Teams15 Players
2022-05-01BLAST Premier: Spring American Showdown 2022$67,500.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 8 Teams40 Players
2022-05-01BLAST Premier: Spring European Showdown 2022$67,500.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 8 Teams40 Players
2022-05-01ESL Meisterschaft: Spring 2022 (Dota 2)$27,308.20Dota 2 12 Teams50 Players
2022-05-01Masters Tour 2022 Voyage to the Sunken City$250,000.00Hearthstone  222 Players
2022-05-01ESL Open Cup #121 Korea$400.00StarCraft II  4 Players
2022-05-01MistGames Heroes of Tomorrow 2022$7,880.40Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 2 Teams12 Players
2022-05-01Winline Insight$13,810.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 4 Teams22 Players
2022-05-01CBCS Retake Series 2022 Season 1 Playoffs$4,916.50Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 4 Teams20 Players
2022-05-01Two Towns Tournament$110.00Age of Empires III  4 Players
2022-05-01ESEA Cash Cup: North America - Spring 2022 #3$15,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 3 Teams15 Players
2022-05-01ESL Australia & NZ Championship - Season 14 Playoffs (CS:GO)$14,103.60Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 4 Teams20 Players
2022-05-01King of Battles 3$15,000.00StarCraft II  16 Players
2022-05-01Ayre Masters Series II: Arabia$500.00Age of Empires II  4 Players
2022-05-01Copa Wallace$2,000.00Age of Empires II 4 Teams20 Players
2022-05-01Aim Cup 2022$158.19osu! 1 Team2 Players
2022-05-01Arena of Valor International Championship 2022 - Europe Qualifier$21,100.00Arena of Valor 6 Teams10 Players
2022-05-01Rage Forest 3$10,000.00Age of Empires II 4 Teams23 Players
2022-05-01Zero Effort #4$71.00Age of Empires IV  2 Players
2022-05-01Zurite Hunting$75.00Trackmania (2020)  5 Players
2022-05-01eggwp NA Weekly Series #33$50.00Diabotical  1 Player
2022-05-01King G-League Spring 2022$457,500.00Arena of Valor 9 Teams41 Players
2022-05-01Diabotical Wipeout League: Season 3 (Europe)$5,000.00Diabotical 4 Teams22 Players
2022-05-01Efrei TrackMania Cup 2022$2,108.70Trackmania (2020)  4 Players
2022-04-30BOSS BATTLES: For Glory$1,358.11Super Smash Bros. Ultimate  6 Players
2022-04-30Hong Kong Esports Premier League Season 2$2,917.46Hearthstone  8 Players
2022-04-30Esport Tour 2022: Series #1$4,957.92Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 3 Teams12 Players
2022-04-30Pentathlon Challenge April$5,000.00Rezzil Player  5 Players
2022-04-30Icelandic Esports League Season 6 Finals$3,068.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 2 Teams10 Players
2022-04-30ESL Meisterschaft: Spring 2022 (CS:GO)$39,222.56Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 12 Teams70 Players
2022-04-30ESL Benelux Championship: Spring 2022 - Playoffs (CS:GO)$10,543.70Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 4 Teams20 Players
2022-04-30Garena Challenger Series Spring 2022$156,620.80Arena of Valor 7 Teams36 Players
2022-04-30Eternal Frost$300.00Age of Mythology  4 Players
2022-04-30FreakinAndy vs uNLeAsHeD Bo7 Showmatch$100.00Age of Empires II  1 Player
2022-04-30Megarandom Overlord Cup$124.00Age of Empires IV  2 Players
2022-04-29ESL Championnat National: Spring 2022 Playoffs (CS:GO)$10,543.70Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 4 Teams20 Players
2022-04-27Gengar's Brawl$1,750.00StarCraft II 4 Teams14 Players
2022-04-27Bring It On 4$200.00Age of Empires IV  4 Players
2022-04-26DPC CN 2022 Tour 2: Division II$75,000.00Dota 2 6 Teams34 Players
2022-04-25ESL Open Cup #120 Americas$400.00StarCraft II  4 Players
2022-04-25ESL Open Cup #120 Europe$400.00StarCraft II  4 Players
2022-04-25DPC CN 2022 Tour 2: Division I$205,000.00Dota 2 8 Teams42 Players
2022-04-24Vancouver Battle Royale: Resurrection (SSBM Singles)$393.13Super Smash Bros. Melee  3 Players
2022-04-24Vancouver Battle Royale: Resurrection (GGST)$1,022.17Guilty Gear -STRIVE-  8 Players
2022-04-24Vancouver Battle Royale: Resurrection (SSBU Singles)$1,179.43Super Smash Bros. Ultimate  8 Players
2022-04-24Vancouver Battle Royale: Resurrection (SCVI)$157.26Soul Calibur VI  3 Players