Player Rankings

Top 100 Highest Earnings for Korea, Republic of

This list represents the top players of the specified country in esports who won prize money based on information published on the internet. Sources include news articles, forum posts, live report threads, interviews, official statements, reliable databases, VODs and other publicly-accessable sources that preserve "historical" information.

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)Highest Paying GameTotal (Game)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of FakerLee, Sang Hyeok$1,228,281.90League of Legends$1,228,281.90100.00%
2.Korea, Republic of DukeLee, Ho Seong$954,620.62League of Legends$954,620.62100.00%
3.Korea, Republic of WolfLee, Jae Wan$913,084.70League of Legends$913,084.70100.00%
4.Korea, Republic of BangBae, Jun Sik$910,451.46League of Legends$910,451.46100.00%
5.Korea, Republic of BengiBae, Seong Ung$810,683.00League of Legends$810,683.00100.00%
6.Korea, Republic of MaruCho, Sung Choo$776,348.71StarCraft II$776,348.71100.00%
7.Korea, Republic of INnoVationLee, Shin Hyung$689,365.02StarCraft II$685,867.3299.49%
8.Korea, Republic of FlashLee, Young Ho$648,114.58StarCraft: Brood War$557,961.9486.09%
9.Korea, Republic of JaedongLee, Jae Dong$642,480.35StarCraft: Brood War$417,646.8265.01%
10.Korea, Republic of RogueLee, Byung Ryul$626,766.21StarCraft II$626,766.21100.00%
11.Korea, Republic of sOsKim, Yoo Jin$599,424.68StarCraft II$598,974.2399.92%
12.Korea, Republic of FebbyKim, Yong Min$599,421.88Dota 2$599,421.88100.00%
13.Korea, Republic of MPPyo, Noah$590,679.73Dota 2$590,679.73100.00%
14.Korea, Republic of QOKim, Sunyeob$590,522.79Dota 2$590,522.79100.00%
15.Korea, Republic of RookieSong, Eui Jin$584,249.03League of Legends$584,249.03100.00%
16.Korea, Republic of TYJun, Tae Yang$578,216.30StarCraft II$570,141.6398.60%
17.Korea, Republic of MoonJang, Jae Ho$570,023.87WarCraft III$542,270.8795.13%
18.Korea, Republic of soOEu, Yoon Su$567,037.28StarCraft II$558,094.7898.42%
19.Korea, Republic of StatsKim, Dae Yeob$562,411.46StarCraft II$557,092.5799.05%
20.Korea, Republic of Core JJJo, Yong In$559,825.34League of Legends$559,825.34100.00%
21.Korea, Republic of BlankKang, Sun Gu$559,518.75League of Legends$559,518.75100.00%
22.Korea, Republic of DuBuKim, Du Young$556,202.20Dota 2$556,202.20100.00%
23.Korea, Republic of AmbitionKang, Chan Yong$553,234.20League of Legends$553,234.20100.00%
24.Korea, Republic of ForevLee, Sang Don$539,533.37Dota 2$539,533.37100.00%
25.Korea, Republic of DarkPark, Ryung Woo$527,014.89StarCraft II$527,014.89100.00%
26.Korea, Republic of MataCho, Se Hyeong$523,021.19League of Legends$523,021.19100.00%
27.Korea, Republic of ImpactJung, Eon Yeong$521,327.84League of Legends$521,327.84100.00%
28.Korea, Republic of TheShyKang, Dong Geun$512,248.19League of Legends$512,248.19100.00%
29.Korea, Republic of MCJang, Min Chul$509,852.06StarCraft II$509,771.7999.98%
30.Korea, Republic of CuVeeLee, Seong Jin$484,913.81League of Legends$484,913.81100.00%
31.Korea, Republic of CrownLee, Min Ho$482,787.81League of Legends$482,787.81100.00%
32.Korea, Republic of RulerPark, Jae Hyuk$481,570.19League of Legends$481,570.19100.00%
33.Korea, Republic of LifeLee, Seung Hyun$475,900.67StarCraft II$475,900.67100.00%
34.Korea, Republic of sakeLee, Jung Hyeog$462,790.78Heroes of the Storm$462,790.78100.00%
35.Korea, Republic of KyoChaJeong, Won Ho$462,468.56Heroes of the Storm$462,468.56100.00%
36.Korea, Republic of PeanutHan, Wang Ho$461,592.14League of Legends$461,592.14100.00%
37.Korea, Republic of PoltChoi, Sung Hoon$451,943.24StarCraft II$451,943.24100.00%
38.Korea, Republic of LynPark, Joon$450,244.50WarCraft III$417,290.4192.68%
39.Korea, Republic of PawNHeo, Won Seok$445,971.44League of Legends$445,971.44100.00%
40.Korea, Republic of ZestJoo, Sung Wook$443,019.87StarCraft II$443,019.87100.00%
41.Korea, Republic of RichLee, Jae Won$428,850.28Heroes of the Storm$427,923.2899.78%
42.Korea, Republic of ClassicKim, Doh Woo$426,170.66StarCraft II$423,490.6199.37%
43.Korea, Republic of MvpJung, Jong Hyun$409,621.15StarCraft II$404,994.8398.87%
44.Korea, Republic of MMAMoon, Sung Won$407,169.17StarCraft II$407,169.17100.00%
45.Korea, Republic of ByunByun, Hyun Woo$403,571.57StarCraft II$403,571.57100.00%
46.Korea, Republic of PartinGWon, Lee Sak$375,281.10StarCraft II$375,281.10100.00%
47.Korea, Republic of sAviOrMa, Jae Yoon$375,020.44StarCraft: Brood War$375,020.44100.00%
48.Korea, Republic of PraYKim, Jong In$374,778.08League of Legends$374,778.08100.00%
49.Korea, Republic of DeftKim, Hyuk Kyu$364,747.46League of Legends$364,747.46100.00%
50.Korea, Republic of ResetIm, Jin Woo$358,001.26Heroes of the Storm$358,001.26100.00%
51.Korea, Republic of TtsstKang, Woon Sung$349,475.27Heroes of the Storm$349,475.27100.00%
52.Korea, Republic of LooperJang, Hyeong Seok$346,307.48League of Legends$346,307.48100.00%
53.Korea, Republic of HaruKang, Min Seung$345,226.46League of Legends$345,226.46100.00%
54.Korea, Republic of HuniHeo, Seung Hoon$341,470.08League of Legends$341,470.08100.00%
55.Korea, Republic of BisuKim, Taek Yong$333,515.56StarCraft: Brood War$331,927.5599.52%
56.Korea, Republic of GorillAKang, Beom Hyeon$325,160.50League of Legends$325,160.50100.00%
57.Korea, Republic of NaDaLee, Yoon Yeol$323,389.66StarCraft: Brood War$289,381.8489.48%
58.Korea, Republic of herOKim, Joon Ho$320,642.69StarCraft II$320,642.68100.00%
59.Korea, Republic of impGu, Seung Bin$318,379.81League of Legends$318,379.81100.00%
60.Korea, Republic of RainJung, Yoon Jong$315,030.63StarCraft II$236,690.5175.13%
61.Korea, Republic of SolarKang, Min Soo$305,693.62StarCraft II$305,693.62100.00%
62.Korea, Republic of SmebSong, Kyung Ho$299,766.38League of Legends$299,766.38100.00%
63.Korea, Republic of TaeJaYoon, Young Suh$291,396.63StarCraft II$291,396.63100.00%
64.Korea, Republic of LeenockLee, Dong Nyung$288,257.14StarCraft II$288,257.14100.00%
65.Korea, Republic of NesTeaLim, Jae Duk$288,225.07StarCraft II$288,225.07100.00%
66.Korea, Republic of StorkSong, Byung Goo$281,158.23StarCraft: Brood War$263,183.8293.61%
67.Korea, Republic of DanDyChoi, In Kyu$281,150.19League of Legends$281,150.19100.00%
68.Korea, Republic of sCsCKim, Seung Chul$270,494.48Heroes of the Storm$239,311.6288.47%
69.Korea, Republic of MarchPark, Tae Won$267,060.97Dota 2$267,060.97100.00%
70.Korea, Republic of PigletChae, Gwang Jin$265,429.15League of Legends$265,429.15100.00%
71.Korea, Republic of kurOLee, Seo Haeng$264,245.95League of Legends$264,245.95100.00%
72.Korea, Republic of DongRaeGuPark, Soo Ho$262,639.08StarCraft II$262,639.08100.00%
73.Korea, Republic of HerOSong, Hyeon Deok$261,757.87StarCraft II$261,757.87100.00%
74.Korea, Republic of BomberChoi, Ji Sung$258,460.13StarCraft II$257,077.1499.46%
75.Korea, Republic of PoohManDuLee, Jeong Hyeon$256,771.39League of Legends$256,771.39100.00%
76.Korea, Republic of SurrenderKim, Jung Soo$250,881.57Hearthstone$250,881.57100.00%
77.Korea, Republic of EasyhoonLee, Ji Hoon$249,497.86League of Legends$249,497.86100.00%
78.Korea, Republic of ScoutLee, Ye Chan$238,743.95League of Legends$238,743.95100.00%
79.Korea, Republic of InfiltrationLee, Seon Woo$236,321.58Street Fighter V$81,392.0034.44%
80.Korea, Republic of HyuNKo, Seok Hyun$235,535.11StarCraft II$233,783.9199.26%
81.Korea, Republic of fOrGGPark, Ji Soo$235,330.97StarCraft II$147,378.9562.63%
82.Korea, Republic of JulyPark, Sung Joon$230,774.13StarCraft: Brood War$180,682.6278.29%
83.Korea, Republic of ZeroYoon, Kyung Sup$229,438.65League of Legends$229,438.65100.00%
84.Korea, Republic of SoulkeyKim, Min Chul$225,362.02StarCraft II$153,116.4967.94%
85.Korea, Republic of MaRinJang, Gyeong Hwan$219,660.30League of Legends$219,660.30100.00%
86.Korea, Republic of GuMihoKoh, Byung Jae$215,101.23StarCraft II$215,101.23100.00%
87.Korea, Republic of SignYoon, Ji Hoon$212,917.84Heroes of the Storm$211,104.4699.15%
88.Korea, Republic of MarineKingLee, Jung Hoon$212,397.14StarCraft II$212,397.14100.00%
89.Korea, Republic of HydraShin, Dong Won$211,295.74StarCraft II$147,459.8969.79%
90.Korea, Republic of DearBaek, Dong Jun$203,975.97StarCraft II$203,515.5099.77%
91.Korea, Republic of aLiveHan, Lee Seok$201,506.55StarCraft II$201,506.55100.00%
92.Korea, Republic of JeonghaLee, Jeong Ha$200,447.42Heroes of the Storm$200,447.42100.00%
93.Korea, Republic of SniperKwon, Tae Hoon$198,399.10Heroes of the Storm$128,659.7464.85%
94.Korea, Republic of GestureHong, Jae Hee$197,508.75Overwatch$197,508.75100.00%
95.Korea, Republic of ProfitPark, Joon Yeong$197,508.75Overwatch$197,508.75100.00%
96.Korea, Republic of CloserJung, Won Sik$197,026.19Overwatch$197,026.19100.00%
97.Korea, Republic of EscAKim, In Jae$192,273.68PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$153,763.0179.97%
98.Korea, Republic of viOLetKim, Dong Hwan$187,755.93StarCraft II$183,568.9697.77%
99.Korea, Republic of merrydayLee, Tae Jun$186,604.16Heroes of the Storm$184,790.7899.03%
100.Korea, Republic of KhanKim, Dong Ha$185,638.28League of Legends$185,638.28100.00%