Insomnia Gaming Festival

Prize Money Awarded:
$1,507,606.02 From 228 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2005-08-26 to

The Insomnia Gaming Festival is a fusion of games, industry exhibitors and a social festival atmosphere. This is the flagship event of Multiplay, a Hampshire based family run company, started way back in 1997 by Craig "Wizzo" Fletcher as a small LAN company.

It is the biggest gaming festival in the UK, playing host to over 2000 avid gamers 3 times a year. Ran by Multiplay employees and an army of volunteers, the Insomnia Gaming Festival or i-Series as it's known, has become a home to eSports in the UK.

Largest Prize Pools

 Tournament NamePrize Money
1.» CWL 2017 Birmingham Open @ i60$50,000.00
2.» i63 (CS:GO)$32,104.00
3.» i56 - Truesilver Championship (HS)$30,000.00
4.» i57 (HS) - Truesilver Championship$30,000.00
5.» i58 (HS - Truesilver Championship)$30,000.00
6.» i33 (CoD4)$23,815.60
7.» i32 (Quake 4)$20,000.00
8.» i33 (CS:Source)$19,846.33
9.» i49 (LoL)$18,697.83
10.» UK CS:GO Masters Season 2$18,108.00
11.» UK LoL Masters Season 2$18,108.00
12.» i34 (CoD4)$17,951.79
13.» i34 (CS:S)$17,951.79
14.» i32 (CS:Source)$17,602.26
15.» i53 (LoL - giffgaff Invitational)$15,697.40
16.» i55 (TF2)$15,391.51
17.» i35 (CS:S)$15,238.78
18.» i48 (SC2 - ESET UK Masters)$15,230.00
19.» i54 (CS:GO)$14,929.31
20.» Blitzkrieg Open Championship$14,045.04
21.» UK Masters Season 1$13,134.00
22.» UK LoL Masters Season 3$12,803.00
23.» i60 (RL)$12,522.00
24.» i52 (CS:GO)$12,405.57
25.» i52 (League of Legends)$12,405.57

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (League)
1.United Kingdom NessJoe Zazzaro-Francis$13,486.35
2.Romania RduDima Radu$11,250.00
3.United Kingdom Puls3Reece Marrs$10,281.07
4.Germany Ek0pJan Palys$10,000.00
5.United Kingdom nEiLZiNHoNeil Finlay$9,976.66
6.Sweden robiinRobin Sjögren$9,666.12
7.United Kingdom RattlesnKSam Gawn$8,830.93
8.United Kingdom BlinGSamayan Kay$8,309.01
9.United Kingdom WeberBrandon Weber$8,227.69
10.United Kingdom JoshhJoshua-Lee Shephard$8,071.76
11.Poland av3kMaciej Krzykowski$7,500.00
12.Germany XixoSebastian Bentert$7,500.00
13.United Kingdom wilzOOOJames Wilson$6,487.90
14.United Kingdom HenryGHenry Greer$6,326.83
15.United Kingdom MiGHTYMAXMax Heath$6,289.45
16.Norway SnuteJens Aasgaard$6,092.00
17.United Kingdom ptPete Wright$5,786.25
18.United Kingdom DqveeDavid Davies$5,769.51
19.United Kingdom HawqehhBilly Harris$5,769.51
20.United Kingdom TundraJamie Duthie$5,750.79
21.United Kingdom MangiacapraMarc Mangiacapra$5,743.86
22.United Kingdom hudzGGeorge Hoskins$5,720.06
23.United Kingdom BoarControlGeorge Webb$5,650.85
24.United Kingdom MadCatDylan Dally$5,635.14
25.Sweden ToxjqJohan Quick$5,500.00

Top Games

 Game NamePrize Money
1.» Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$262,623.71
2.» League of Legends$189,110.34
3.» Counter-Strike: Source$185,024.85
4.» Hearthstone$121,886.42
5.» Team Fortress 2$112,879.98

Online/LAN Breakdown

LocationPrize Money% of Total
Online Only$0.000.00%

Top Countries

 Country NamePrize Money
1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$792,286.02
2.Sweden Sweden$91,771.74
3.Netherlands Netherlands$65,827.16
4.United States United States$60,835.05
5.France France$57,928.57
6.Germany Germany$50,499.93
7.Denmark Denmark$39,264.60
8.Norway Norway$24,117.48
9.Czech Republic Czech Republic$24,016.10
10.Belgium Belgium$23,557.96