Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2014-08-22 to 2014-08-23

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$18,677.2659 Players
2.United States United States$4,617.6510 Players
3.Sweden Sweden$4,300.604 Players
4.France France$3,418.407 Players
5.Iceland Iceland$2,481.111 Player
6.Germany Germany$2,246.806 Players
7.Ireland Ireland$1,687.163 Players
8.Denmark Denmark$1,405.972 Players
9.Netherlands Netherlands$1,240.561 Player
10.Bulgaria Bulgaria$1,075.151 Player
11.Canada Canada$923.532 Players
12.Australia Australia$661.626 Players
13.Finland Finland$595.462 Players
14.Portugal Portugal$344.601 Player
15.Greece Greece$74.431 Player


i52 (CoD: Ghosts)£4,000.00$6,616.31Call of Duty: Ghosts 
i52 (CS:GO)£7,500.00$12,405.57Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
i52 (Dota 2)£6,500.00$10,751.48Dota 2 
i52 (Halo 3)£1,200.00$1,984.90Halo 3 
i52 (Hearthstone)£3,000.00$4,962.22Hearthstone 
i52 (League of Legends)£7,500.00$12,405.57League of Legends 
i52 (StarCraft II)£1,000.00$1,654.08StarCraft II 
i52 (Team Fortress 2)£5,000.00$8,270.37Team Fortress 2