Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$31,108.2054 Players
2.Sweden Sweden$3,611.917 Players
3.Netherlands Netherlands$2,549.764 Players
4.Norway Norway$2,182.102 Players
5.Denmark Denmark$1,645.013 Players
6.Belgium Belgium$1,280.301 Player
7.Austria Austria$1,073.572 Players
8.Finland Finland$964.884 Players
9.Bulgaria Bulgaria$678.801 Player
10.Ireland Ireland$601.192 Players
11.Germany Germany$429.431 Player
12.United States United States$429.431 Player
13.Croatia Croatia$367.971 Player
14.Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago$367.971 Player
15.Hungary Hungary$257.661 Player
16.Latvia Latvia$214.711 Player
17.Russian Federation Russian Federation$214.711 Player


i61 (CS:GO)£7,450.00$9,597.67Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
i61 (RL)£1,500.00$1,932.41Rocket League 
i61 (TF2)£7,500.00$9,662.10Team Fortress 2 
UK CS:GO Masters Season 4 - Final£7,500.00$9,602.25Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
UK LoL Masters Season 3£10,000.00$12,803.00League of Legends 
i61 (LoL)£5,000.00$6,441.39League of Legends