Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2007-11-10 to 2007-11-11

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$27,135.8674 Players
2.Sweden Sweden$8,650.839 Players
3.Poland Poland$3,500.001 Player
4.United States United States$3,500.002 Players
5.Denmark Denmark$2,640.333 Players
6.Netherlands Netherlands$2,513.956 Players
7.Belarus Belarus$2,500.001 Player
8.Latvia Latvia$2,091.001 Player
9.Norway Norway$1,507.412 Players
10.Portugal Portugal$1,045.501 Player
11.Slovenia Slovenia$627.301 Player
12.Germany Germany$500.001 Player
13.Ireland Ireland$104.551 Player


i32 (CoD2)£400.00$836.40Call of Duty 2 
i32 (CoD4)£3,000.00$6,273.00Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 
i32 (CS:Source)€12,000.00$17,602.26Counter-Strike: Source 
i32 (Crysis)£4,000.00$8,364.00Crysis 
i32 (ET:QW)£3,000.00$6,273.00Enemy Territory: Quake Wars 
i32 (FIFA 08)£1,500.00$3,136.50FIFA 08 
i32 (Quake 4)-$20,000.00Quake 4 
i32 (TF2)£2,000.00$4,182.00Team Fortress 2 
i32 (WiC)£2,500.00$5,227.50World in Conflict