Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2018-03-30 to 2018-04-02

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$27,521.8780 Players
2.Sweden Sweden$3,975.576 Players
3.Netherlands Netherlands$2,867.245 Players
4.Spain Spain$1,403.102 Players
5.Finland Finland$1,333.943 Players
6.Norway Norway$935.431 Player
7.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$702.251 Player
8.France France$702.251 Player
9.Bulgaria Bulgaria$701.551 Player
10.Denmark Denmark$701.551 Player
11.Hong Kong Hong Kong$524.761 Player
12.Czech Republic Czech Republic$491.581 Player
13.Germany Germany$421.362 Players
14.Lithuania Lithuania$350.781 Player
15.Belgium Belgium$58.931 Player


i62 (OW)£7,500.00$10,523.58Overwatch 
i62 (RL)£3,000.00$4,209.43Rocket League 
Blitzkrieg Open Championship£10,000.00$14,045.04Battalion 1944 
i62 (CS:GO)£7,500.00$10,523.25Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
i62 (LoL)£5,000.00$7,015.52League of Legends