Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2016-03-25 to 2016-03-27

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$27,917.9368 Players
2.Germany Germany$6,250.005 Players
3.United States United States$6,250.002 Players
4.Sweden Sweden$3,775.314 Players
5.Belgium Belgium$2,843.884 Players
6.Poland Poland$1,413.055 Players
7.Czech Republic Czech Republic$1,250.001 Player
8.Portugal Portugal$966.285 Players
9.Netherlands Netherlands$913.063 Players
10.Finland Finland$710.971 Player
11.France France$710.971 Player
12.Ireland Ireland$664.484 Players
13.Austria Austria$625.001 Player
14.Denmark Denmark$625.001 Player
15.Romania Romania$625.001 Player
16.Lithuania Lithuania$284.391 Player
17.Ukraine Ukraine$85.321 Player
18.Norway Norway$26.501 Player


i57 (CS:GO)£5,000.00$7,065.27Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
i57 (Dota 2)£5,000.00$7,065.27Dota 2 
i57 (Halo 5)£3,000.00$4,265.80Halo 5: Guardians 
i57 (HS) - Truesilver Championship-$30,000.00Hearthstone 
i57 (LoL)£5,000.00$7,109.66League of Legends 
i57 (HotS)£200.00$282.61Heroes of the Storm 
i57 (RocketLeague)£3,000.00$4,265.80Rocket League