Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2016-12-09 to 2016-12-11

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$44,842.2688 Players
2.Sweden Sweden$5,658.474 Players
3.Norway Norway$1,760.501 Player
4.Slovenia Slovenia$1,760.501 Player
5.Denmark Denmark$1,508.524 Players
6.Lithuania Lithuania$1,006.001 Player
7.Portugal Portugal$892.555 Players
8.Germany Germany$653.901 Player
9.Croatia Croatia$653.901 Player
10.Netherlands Netherlands$523.791 Player
11.Ireland Ireland$352.051 Player
12.Bulgaria Bulgaria$62.861 Player
13.France France$62.861 Player


i59 (CoD:IW)£3,000.00$3,771.31Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 
i59 (CS:GO)£5,000.00$6,285.52Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
i59 (HS)£2,000.00$2,514.21Hearthstone 
i59 (LoL)£3,000.00$3,771.31League of Legends 
i59 (OW)£2,500.00$3,142.76Overwatch 
i59 (RL)£2,200.00$2,765.63Rocket League 
UK CS:GO Masters Season 2£14,400.00$18,108.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
UK Hearthstone Masters Season 2£5,260.00$6,614.46Hearthstone 
UK LoL Masters Season 2£14,400.00$18,108.00League of Legends