Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2008-03-21 to 2008-03-24

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$33,242.6343 Players
2.Sweden Sweden$4,366.179 Players
3.Netherlands Netherlands$2,877.722 Players
4.Norway Norway$2,580.022 Players
5.Finland Finland$2,480.8311 Players
6.Portugal Portugal$1,984.631 Player
7.France France$1,885.403 Players
8.United States United States$1,786.173 Players
9.Canada Canada$1,190.782 Players
10.Denmark Denmark$893.077 Players
11.Germany Germany$476.324 Players
12.Austria Austria$119.081 Player
13.Belgium Belgium$99.231 Player
14.Turkey Turkey$99.231 Player


i33 (BF2)£1,500.00$2,976.95Battlefield 2 
i33 (CoD4)£12,000.00$23,815.60Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 
i33 (C&C3)£1,500.00$2,976.95Command & Conquer 3 
i33 (CS:Source)£10,000.00$19,846.33Counter-Strike: Source 
i33 (Crysis)£1,500.00$2,976.95Crysis 
i33 (FIFA 08)£2,000.00$3,969.27FIFA 08 
i33 (Halo 3)£700.00$1,389.25Halo 3 
i33 (SupCom:FA)£650.00$1,290.01Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance 
i33 (TF2)£2,500.00$4,961.58Team Fortress 2 
i33 (UT3)£1,750.00$3,473.11Unreal Tournament 3 
i33 (WiC)£300.00$595.38World in Conflict