ESL Intel Extreme Masters

ESL Intel Extreme Masters

Prize Money Awarded:
$16,140,444.35 From 174 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2007-03-15 to

The Intel Extreme Masters (or IEM for short) are a series of gaming tournaments held in various European locations. These ESL sanctioned events include events in Starcraft II, Counter-Strike 1.6, Quake Live, and League of Legends. The Intel Extreme Masters are a product of the ESL.

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (League)
1.Korea, Republic of RogueLee, Byung Ryul$324,900.00
2.Denmark dupreehPeter Rasmussen$275,033.33
3.Denmark Xyp9xAndreas Højsleth$275,033.33
4.Denmark dev1ceNicolai Reedtz$266,133.33
5.Denmark gla1veLukas Rossander$260,533.33
6.Denmark MagiskEmil Reif$236,683.33
7.Korea, Republic of ZestJoo, Sung Wook$191,357.00
8.Ukraine s1mpleAlexander Kostylev$166,700.00
9.Russian Federation electroNicDenis Sharipov$163,000.00
10.Korea, Republic of soOEu, Yoon Su$160,500.00
11.Korea, Republic of sOsKim, Yoo Jin$157,550.00
12.Russian Federation Boombl4Kirill Mikhailov$149,200.00
13.Bosnia and Herzegovina NiKoNikola Kovač$148,200.00
14.Russian Federation PerfectoIlya Zalutskiy$148,200.00
15.Korea, Republic of TYJun, Tae Yang$134,900.00
16.Korea, Republic of StatsKim, Dae Yeob$130,950.00
17.Norway rainHåvard Nygaard$129,683.33
18.Kazakhstan HObbitAbay Khasenov$122,050.00
19.Canada NAFKeith Markovic$120,800.00
20.United States ELiGEJonathan Jablonowski$119,450.00
21.Denmark karriganFinn Andersen$117,520.00
22.Canada TwistzzRussel Van Dulken$114,200.00
23.Russian Federation Ax1LeSergey Rykhtorov$112,100.00
24.Russian Federation interzTimofey Yakushin$112,100.00
25.Russian Federation nafanyVladislav Gorshkov$112,100.00

Top Games

 Game NamePrize Money
1.» Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$8,650,500.00
2.» StarCraft II$3,081,907.00
3.» League of Legends$1,807,414.00
4.» Counter-Strike$1,451,323.92
5.» World of WarCraft$438,000.00

Online/LAN Breakdown

LocationPrize Money% of Total
Online Only$3,185,000.0019.73%

Top Countries

 Country NamePrize Money
1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$3,119,679.75
2.Denmark Denmark$2,504,562.93
3.Sweden Sweden$1,519,980.46
4.Russian Federation Russian Federation$1,463,737.36
5.United States United States$1,355,199.47
6.Brazil Brazil$900,262.50
7.France France$726,555.46
8.Finland Finland$661,881.40
9.Ukraine Ukraine$600,425.56
10.Canada Canada$548,864.47