League of Legends Challenger Series

Prize Money Awarded:
$1,347,205.68 From 36 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2014-01-16 to

The League of Legends Challenger Series (or CS for short) is a lower-tier league owned and operated by Riot Games. This league in LoL esports allows up-and-coming players and teams the opportunity work their way into the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). Between splits, the bottom three teams of the LCS will play the top three teams of the CS, with the LCS teams choosing their CS opponents. The winners of these matches are seeded into the LCS, while the losers move down into the CS.

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (League)
1.Netherlands CozQSofyan Rechchad$14,301.26
2.United States ZeyzalTristan Stidam$13,800.00
3.Germany SmittyLennart Warkus$13,434.82
4.United States SoloColin Earnest$12,311.91
5.Mexico CrisCristian Rosales$11,977.78
6.Norway k0uTri, Tin Lam$11,908.15
7.Denmark SantorinLucas Larsen$11,723.61
8.Poland WoolitePaweł Pruski$11,329.10
9.Denmark KoldJonas Andersen$11,166.67
10.United States KezKevin Jeon$11,100.00
11.United States FakeGodAaron Lee$11,000.00
12.Canada TomioTomio Chan$11,000.00
13.Germany GiliusBerk Demir$10,840.95
14.Canada SheepJamie Gallagher$10,433.34
15.Poland KikisMateusz Szkudlarek$9,988.07
16.United States goldenglueGreyson Gilmer$9,966.67
17.Canada SmoothieAndy Ta$9,950.00
18.Finland zytanNiklas Lakaniemi$9,870.66
19.Netherlands FebivenFabian Diepstraten$9,450.00
20.Sweden HjärnanPetter Freyschuss$9,450.00
21.Romania OdoamneAndrei Pascu$9,450.00
22.Canada MashBrandon Phan$9,428.57
23.Canada LODBenjamin deMunck$9,283.34
24.Netherlands MorsuBram Knol$9,281.34
25.Spain MithyAlfonso Aguirre Rodriguez$8,873.35

Top Games

 Game NamePrize Money
1.» League of Legends$1,347,205.68

Online/LAN Breakdown

LocationPrize Money% of Total
Online Only$957,627.7671.08%

Top Countries

 Country NamePrize Money
1.United States United States$376,853.08
2.Germany Germany$194,651.00
3.Canada Canada$186,229.39
4.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$175,817.95
5.Sweden Sweden$142,202.19
6.Denmark Denmark$102,656.40
7.Poland Poland$75,401.26
8.Netherlands Netherlands$68,705.49
9.France France$42,826.79
10.China China$34,905.68