Evolution Championship Series

Evolution Championship Series

Prize Money Awarded:
$1,508,131.24 From 159 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
1996-07-20 to

The Evolution Championship Series is an annual tournament that focuses exclusively on fighting games. In fighting game communities it is commonly referred to as "Evo", and is currently the premier video game tournament for fighting games in the United States.

Largest Prize Pools

 Tournament NamePrize Money
1.» Evo 2015 (USFIV)$72,270.00
2.» Evo 2015 (MKX)$61,620.00
3.» Evo 2017 (Injustice 2)$58,800.00
4.» Evo 2016 (MKXL)$57,130.00
5.» Evo 2015 (Killer Instinct)$53,970.00
6.» Evo 2014 (BlazBlue)$35,080.00
7.» Evo 2015 (Tekken 7)$34,580.00
8.» Evo 2014 (USFIV)$29,790.00
9.» Evo 2017 (Tekken 7)$27,860.00
10.» Evo Japan 2019$27,150.60
11.» Evo Japan 2019 (Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition)$27,150.60
12.» Evo 2016 (SSB4)$26,620.00
13.» Evo 2018 (DBFZ)$25,790.00
14.» Evo 2016 (SSBM)$23,720.00
15.» Evo 2016 (Pokken)$21,800.00
16.» Evo 2016 (Killer Instinct)$20,460.00
17.» Evo 2015 (GGXrd)$19,680.00
18.» Evo 2015 (SSB4)$19,260.00
19.» Evo 2016 (GGXrd)$19,100.00
20.» Evo 2015 (SSBM)$18,690.00
21.» Evo 2017 (GGXrd REV 2)$18,170.00
22.» Evo 2017 (KoFXIV)$17,740.00
23.» Evo 2013 (SSFIV:AE)$16,370.00
24.» Evo 2018 (Tekken 7)$15,470.00
25.» Evo 2017 (SSB4)$15,080.00

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (League)
1.United States SonicFoxDominique Mclean$91,127.00
2.Japan TokidoHajime, Taniguchi$70,683.73
3.Korea, Republic of InfiltrationLee, Seon Woo$69,088.80
4.Japan FuudoAi, Keita$49,194.12
5.Japan MomochiMomochi, Yusuke$47,223.20
6.United Kingdom Problem XBenjamin Simon$40,994.00
7.United States DragonRyan Walker$35,851.30
8.United States Rico SuaveJonathan Deleon$35,058.00
9.Sweden ArmadaAdam Lindgren$28,758.80
10.United States Justin WongJustin Wong$23,482.20
11.Korea, Republic of JDCRKim, Hyun Jin$23,260.00
12.Japan GarireoOkamoto, Keiji$23,048.00
13.United States HungryboxJuan Debiedma$22,575.20
14.Japan NOBIDaichi, Nakayama$20,857.80
15.France LuffyOlivier Hay$20,353.80
16.Japan OmitoHashimoto, Omito$18,460.00
17.Canada HoneyBeeTim Commandeur$17,922.00
18.United States SleepDarnell Waller$17,673.00
19.Canada AllyElliot Carroza-Oyarce$17,234.70
20.Chile ZeRoGonzalo Barrios$17,234.00
21.United States PunkVictor Woodley$16,879.04
22.Taiwan, Republic of China GamerBeeBruce Hsiang$15,472.50
23.Japan FujimuraFujimura, Atsushi$15,306.80
24.United States MangoJoseph Marquez$13,774.80
25.Pakistan Arslan AshArslan Siddique$13,575.30

Top Games

 Game NamePrize Money
1.» Street Fighter V$177,320.00
2.» Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition$121,340.60
3.» Tekken 7$110,550.60
4.» Ultra Street Fighter IV$102,060.00
5.» Super Smash Bros. Melee$100,480.00

Online/LAN Breakdown

LocationPrize Money% of Total
Online Only$0.000.00%

Top Countries

 Country NamePrize Money
1.United States United States$559,868.92
2.Japan Japan$537,441.11
3.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$131,808.31
4.United Kingdom United Kingdom$55,068.40
5.Canada Canada$38,426.80
6.Sweden Sweden$37,250.60
7.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$29,769.66
8.France France$25,092.40
9.Chile Chile$23,725.90
10.Pakistan Pakistan$13,930.10