PUBG Mobile Pro Series

Prize Money Awarded:
$544,542.84 From 13 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2021-04-22 to

Largest Prize Pools

 Tournament NamePrize Money
1.» PMPS - 2022 Spring - Korea Finals$79,760.00
2.» PMPS - 2022 Fall - Korea Finals$70,012.00
3.» PMPS - 2021 Korea S1$61,200.00
4.» PMPS - 2023 - S2$53,242.00
5.» PMPS - 2023 - S3$52,430.00
6.» PMPS - 2023 - S1$52,332.00
7.» PMPS - 2021 Korea S2$52,162.88
8.» PMPS - 2024 - S1$36,466.96
9.» PMPS - 2022 Spring - Korea S1$19,800.00
10.» PMPS - 2022 Spring - Korea S2$19,500.00
11.» PMPS - 2022 Fall - Korea S3$19,000.00
12.» PMPS - 2022 Fall - Korea S4$17,375.00
13.» PMPS - 2024 - S0$11,262.00

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (League)
1.Korea, Republic of FORESTKim, Ryang Uh$39,389.48
2.Korea, Republic of JUNIKim, Kyung Jun$37,078.12
3.Korea, Republic of FAVIANPark, Sang Cheol$35,042.08
4.Korea, Republic of SPORTAKim, Seong hyun$30,335.17
5.Korea, Republic of SayDenJeon, Min Jae$28,796.53
6.Korea, Republic of SsungLee, Sung Geun$25,572.20
7.Korea, Republic of QxLee, Kyung seok$24,801.55
8.Korea, Republic of OSALGo, Han Bin$21,368.96
9.Korea, Republic of TIZ1Kim, Dong hyun$20,895.59
10.Korea, Republic of WingSJeong, Ho Seong$17,598.30
11.Korea, Republic of XZYKim, Jun ha$16,090.61
12.Korea, Republic of CyxaeChoi, Young jae$15,585.72
13.Korea, Republic of HoxyKim, Sung Hwan$14,448.08
14.Korea, Republic of BINIKwon, Soon Bin$13,850.64
15.Korea, Republic of ZIPYANTae, Hyun Min$13,850.64
16.Korea, Republic of IGLAn, Tae-hee$13,306.73
17.Korea, Republic of ChickenJung, Yoo chan$11,168.51
18.Korea, Republic of Gray11Park, Jin Hyun$11,020.47
19.Korea, Republic of SAEWOOHan, Tae Woo$8,513.27
20.Korea, Republic of MissileKim, Joon-soo$8,115.20
21.Korea, Republic of ZZPHan, Jeong-wook$8,115.20
22.Korea, Republic of Y2NMONLee, Min Gyu$7,016.83
23.Korea, Republic of AMENKim, Min hyuk$6,593.01
24.Korea, Republic of KayLee, Seul Woo$6,422.27
25.Korea, Republic of SIxTaKim, Chan Young$6,345.47

Top Games

 Game NamePrize Money

Online/LAN Breakdown

LocationPrize Money% of Total
Online Only$113,362.8820.82%

Top Countries

 Country NamePrize Money
1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$526,745.93