The International: Dota 2 Championships

The International: Dota 2 Championships

Prize Money Awarded:
$140,855,722.05 From 10 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2011-08-17 to

The International (abbreviated as "TI") is the largest tournament in Dota 2 esports. It is an annual tournament hosted by the game's developer, Valve Corporation. The first tournament took place 2011 at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, shortly after the public reveal of Dota 2 with a total prize pool of $1.6 million. It is notable for its multi-million dollar prize pool, funded with an initial $1.6 million from Value and and additional 25% through crowd-funding via the Compendium sales. These tournaments have the largest prize pools in the history of esports, with the total prize pool increasing year-after-year.

Eighteen teams compete in The International; eight teams seeded based on points acquired through the Dota Major Championships, Minor Championships and other qualifying events throughout the year, and another ten teams from regional qualifiers.

Largest Prize Pools

 Tournament NamePrize Money
1.» The International 2019$34,330,069.00
2.» The International 2018$25,532,177.00
3.» The International 2017$24,687,919.00
4.» The International 2016$20,770,460.00
5.» The International 2015$18,429,613.05
6.» The International 2014$10,931,103.00
7.» The International 2013$2,874,381.00
8.» The International 2011$1,600,000.00
9.» The International 2012$1,600,000.00
10.» The International 2017 All-Star Match$100,000.00

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (League)
1.Denmark N0tailJohan Sundstein$5,613,845.47
2.Finland JerAxJesse Vainikka$5,609,217.57
3.Australia anaAnathan Pham$5,494,307.40
4.France CebSébastien Debs$5,370,867.80
5.Finland TopsonTopias Taavitsainen$5,370,867.80
6.Germany KuroKyKuro Takhasomi$3,942,605.72
7.Bulgaria MinD_ContRoLIvan Ivanov$3,526,421.00
8.Jordan Miracle-Amer Al-Barkawi$3,484,880.00
9.Lebanon GHMaroun Merhej$3,422,568.60
10.Finland MatumbamanLasse Urpalainen$2,651,004.40
11.Pakistan SumaiLSumail Hassan$2,633,661.74
12.China Somnus丶MLu Yao$2,285,223.71
13.United States ppdPeter Dager$2,115,628.54
14.United States UNiVeRsESaahil Arora$2,074,565.41
15.China fyXu, Linsen$2,064,184.42
16.China bLinkZhou Yang$1,827,800.40
17.China Faith_bianZhang Ruida$1,827,800.40
18.China iceiceLi, Peng$1,827,800.40
19.China ShadowChu Zeyu$1,827,800.40
20.China y`Zhang Yiping$1,827,800.40
21.China AmeWang, Chunyu$1,780,601.60
22.United States FearClinton Loomis$1,767,278.41
23.Romania w33Aliwi Omar$1,590,772.80
24.China xiao8Zhang, Ning$1,547,283.71
25.Canada Aui_2000Kurtis Ling$1,482,793.34

Top Games

 Game NamePrize Money
1.» Dota 2$140,855,722.05

Online/LAN Breakdown

LocationPrize Money% of Total
Online Only$0.000.00%

Top Countries

 Country NamePrize Money
1.China China$44,537,348.64
2.Finland Finland$13,644,085.37
3.United States United States$8,450,831.10
4.Denmark Denmark$7,612,904.94
5.Australia Australia$6,675,351.32
6.France France$5,370,867.80
7.Malaysia Malaysia$5,350,660.12
8.Sweden Sweden$5,124,920.91
9.Germany Germany$4,636,228.79
10.Ukraine Ukraine$4,476,548.03