4PL All or Nothing

Prize Money Awarded:
$11,022.20 From 9 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2012-03-31 to

The All or Nothing tournaments are a series of League of Legends tournaments held and organized by the "4Players Liga".

Largest Prize Pools

 Tournament NamePrize Money
1.» All or Nothing #9$1,322.82
2.» All or Nothing #2$1,320.85
3.» All or Nothing #8$1,297.61
4.» All or Nothing #7$1,296.91
5.» All or Nothing #5$1,294.72
6.» All or Nothing #6$1,285.21
7.» All or Nothing #3$1,278.28
8.» All or Nothing #4$1,258.60
9.» All or Nothing #1$667.20

Top Games

 Game NamePrize Money
1.» League of Legends$11,022.20

Online/LAN Breakdown

LocationPrize Money% of Total
Online Only$11,022.20100.00%

Top Countries

 Country NamePrize Money
1.Lithuania Lithuania$2,081.04
2.Sweden Sweden$1,300.37
3.France France$1,287.32
4.Denmark Denmark$1,045.65
5.Netherlands Netherlands$1,043.91
6.Russian Federation Russian Federation$1,037.52
7.Germany Germany$893.92
8.Belgium Belgium$657.52
9.Spain Spain$508.76
10.Finland Finland$508.76