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Overall Esports Stats For 2021

Total Prize Money: $27,975,013.75
Total Tournaments: 775
Total Active Players: 6156
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $36,096.79
Mean Earnings/Player: $4,544.35
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $1,015.35
Median Earnings/Player: $750.00

Events of 2021

DateNameTotal Prize
2021-04-18BLAST Premier 2021$447,500.00
2021-04-18Digital Warriors Bajnokság 2021$3,316.43
2021-04-18eggwp Weekly Series #7$59.92
2021-04-18Elisa Invitational Spring 2021$50,000.00
2021-04-18EscaLoading Cup$35.61
2021-04-18ESEA Season 36$156,000.00
2021-04-18Esportal Grand Finals 2021$3,580.04
2021-04-18Rafael Pais Series$1,797.49
2021-04-18Ubiteam Tech Tournament$178.03
2021-04-17Beyond the Spectrum$500.00
2021-04-17CUP Smash's Charity Tournament$1,500.00
2021-04-17DauT vs JorDan_23 Bo5 Showmatch$200.00
2021-04-17ESL Vietnam Open Cup 2021$4,327.13
2021-04-17MiintyTV $325 tournament$325.00
2021-04-17Moscow Cybersport 3$267.00
2021-04-17PROject_Belgium vs Sitaux Bo7 Showmatch$419.00
2021-04-16APAC League 2021 - North Division - Stage 1$41,000.00
2021-04-16GamerLegion vs WWP Bo5 Showmatch$1,500.00
2021-04-16Get Clipped #12$500.00
2021-04-15ACCM vs BacT Bo5 Showmatch$100.00
2021-04-15APAC League 2021 - South Division - Stage 1$41,000.00
2021-04-15Bigbuffalo Ultimate Tourney$250.00
2021-04-15DauT vs DracKeN Bo5 Arena Showmatch$100.00
2021-04-15Elite Series$7,180.39
2021-04-14Call of Duty Warzone Creator Cup$14,000.00
2021-04-14CLXGaming Duo Tournament - 04/14/2021$9,000.00
2021-04-14Juice Box$1,800.00
2021-04-14Moselle Gaming Online Easter$23.67
2021-04-13MESA Pro Series$1,052.15
2021-04-13RLCS Season X - Spring$382,500.00
2021-04-13Student Gaming League 2021$591.85
2021-04-13Titled Tuesday April 2021$3,000.00
2021-04-12Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 1$25,000.00
2021-04-12Hera vs TheViper Showmatch$5,350.00
2021-04-12K4SVA vs Nili Bo5 Showmatch$100.00
2021-04-12Legend Series WTA$5,956.15
2021-04-12SypherPK Trials Feat. Fortnite$10,000.02
2021-04-11Baltic Trackmania League: Spring 2021 - Playoffs$177.36
2021-04-11Call of Duty League‎ - 2021 Season$1,000,000.00
2021-04-11eggwp Weekly Series #6$59.50
2021-04-11ESEA Cash Cup - Spring 2021$76,000.00
2021-04-11ESL Pro League Season 13$750,000.00
2021-04-11Faze Clan Elite Cup$24,975.03
2021-04-11FunSpark ULTI 2021$55,000.00
2021-04-11Hera vs Yo Bo7 Showmatch$596.00
2021-04-11King of the Nest #2$150.00
2021-04-11Kuachicups April Duel$133.00
2021-04-11LCS 2021 Spring$200,000.00
2021-04-11LEC 2021 Spring$238,020.00
2021-04-11META Open Spring 2021$3,000.00
2021-04-11Monthly Tsun Attack 2$11.76
2021-04-11Sobek vs Whitecourt Bo5 Showmatch$50.00
2021-04-11The Warchief Club$120.00
2021-04-11WUFL Season 1 - Tekken 7$50,000.00
2021-04-10BacT vs slam Bo5 Showmatch$100.00
2021-04-10BruH vs GoKu Bo7 Showmatch$62.00
2021-04-10Improvement Cup V$650.00
2021-04-10Improvement Cup VI$600.00
2021-04-10LCK Spring 2021$333,750.00
2021-04-10LCO 2021 Split 1$30,000.00
2021-04-10Liga Latinoamérica 2021 Opening$53,500.00
2021-04-10Organ Grinder #2: bps vs LocKtar$146.48
2021-04-10Organ Grinder #2: Cobalt vs Mogo$146.48
2021-04-10Organ Grinder #2: David vs maq$146.48
2021-04-10Organ Grinder #2: deekay vs ilesku$146.48
2021-04-10Organ Grinder #2: DEZ vs phi$146.48
2021-04-10Organ Grinder #2: KlouN vs sTPHN$146.48
2021-04-10Organ Grinder #2: StelaZ vs WiseGenie$146.48
2021-04-10Return to Subspace: ONLINE (SSBU Singles)$500.00
2021-04-10Rusaoc Cup 2021$1,366.00
2021-04-10SOLARY GRAND PRIX 2021 #2 by Predator$2,378.41
2021-04-10The Dragon Lair #1$100.00
2021-04-10Waluigi's Smash Down #1$300.00
2021-04-10WWP vs Suomi Bo5 Showmatch$1,500.00
2021-04-09Galaxy Gambit x Collision #15$100.00
2021-04-09On The Grind X Smash Oasis$142.99
2021-04-09Teamfight Tactics Fates Championship$250,000.00
2021-04-082021 Bullet Chess Championship$32,000.00
2021-04-08Dash Bracket #11: Diabotical$69.27
2021-04-08Mythic Cup$5,000.00
2021-04-08Smash Projects #1$100.00
2021-04-07Monthly Tsun Attack 1$11.76
2021-04-07Snow Sweet Snow #3$100,000.00
2021-04-06Penroz Cup$470.26
2021-04-06World Desert Championship$300.00
2021-04-05ECLIPSE: Xenoblade Edition$140.00
2021-04-04eggwp Weekly Series #5$58.80
2021-04-04Gamers Assembly 2021$8,221.61
2021-04-04Garena Invitational 2021$40,000.00
2021-04-04Grathwrang Showmatches$1,370.00
2021-04-04ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021$500,000.00
2021-04-04Pinnacle Cup 2021$100,000.00
2021-04-04RoV Pro League 2021 Summer$333,361.11
2021-04-04Shadow Gauntlet: Nili vs Zuppi$180.00
2021-04-04Spring 2021 speedrun - 72h race$235.13
2021-04-04Tarreo Community League$131.00
2021-04-03Atlantic Esportal Invitational$11,000.00
2021-04-03Baltic Trackmania League: Spring 2021 - Regular Season$76.42
2021-04-03dogao vs MbL Bo5 Showmatch$750.00
2021-04-03Evo SpeedFun Cup 2$93.82
2021-04-03Flow State$500.00
2021-04-03HerøyLAN 2021$4,688.80
2021-04-03Never Lucky Seasonal: Spring$100.00
2021-04-03Open Season$195.00
2021-04-03Super Galaxy Gambit x Collision$500.00
2021-04-03The Field Finale$5,000.00
2021-04-03Titled Arena April '21$1,000.00
2021-04-03Zain Esports Final Clash 2021$10,000.00
2021-04-02Dreekly #1$235.54
2021-04-02Indefinable Bound 5 Year Anniversary$238.64
2021-04-02Snow Fort Masters$80.00
2021-04-02WPL TE:C Open$117.52
2021-04-02WWP vs Heresy Bo5 Showmatch$1,500.00
2021-04-01GCS Cup$1,177.68
2021-04-01Spring 2021 speedrun - Author medal sprint$178.75
2021-03-31Hera vs Liereyy Bo20 Showmatch$2,350.00
2021-03-31Los Angeles Guerrillas Gulag Trios Tournament$24,999.99
2021-03-31Lunch Box$3,000.00
2021-03-31The King's Joust$175.00
2021-03-31WPL Classic Tetris Open 2021$579.64
2021-03-30Gameinside.ua ROG Spring Cup 2021$2,508.55
2021-03-30RLO Masters - March$3,290.00
2021-03-30Titled Tuesday March 2021$7,500.00
2021-03-29LG UltraGear Invitational$5,508.76
2021-03-29Red Bull M.E.O. Season 3$35,345.00
2021-03-29Slam vs Hearttt Bo5 Showmatch$500.00
2021-03-28Baka Bro-Down $3,500$3,500.00
2021-03-28Battle of the MVPs 6$200.00
2021-03-28Copa Nacional 2021 Vol. 1$300.00
2021-03-28eggwp Weekly Series #4$59.02
2021-03-28Elisa Nordic Championship 2021$50,000.00
2021-03-28European Rumble$4,123.00
2021-03-28Masters of Arabia DM$350.00
2021-03-28PGI.S 2021$7,128,071.00
2021-03-28Smashcade Online #19$250.00
2021-03-28SteelSeries For Glory$4,706.49
2021-03-28Tarmac Online Sessions - Trackmania$536.71
2021-03-28UESF Ukrainian Cup 2021$7,643.66
2021-03-28WWP vs Vietnam Legends Bo5 Showmatch$1,500.00
2021-03-27EOSQ #1$1,000.00
2021-03-27Esports Balkan League - Season 8$23,602.00
2021-03-27Get Clipped #11$500.00
2021-03-27GetCracked! 4v4 Aim Arena Classic #1$150.00
2021-03-27Log's Nightmare #4$100.00
2021-03-27March Madness$350.00
2021-03-27Masters of Arena 6$50.00
2021-03-27Nili vs AOE Italia Showmatch$236.49
2021-03-27OnLAN 2021$5,804.50
2021-03-27The First Bite$525.00
2021-03-27The Seven Deadly Sins Showmatches$295.00
2021-03-27Zaid vs AngelinaJolie Bo5 Showmatch$100.00
2021-03-26Edelweiss Monthly Cup - March 2021$119.43
2021-03-26Galaxy Gambit x Collision #14$150.00
2021-03-26Nerd Street Power Play 2021 Spring$20,000.00
2021-03-25Code Red: VALORANT - 03/25/2021$10,000.00
2021-03-25eFuse | Veterans in Verdansk $2,500 Tournament$2,500.00
2021-03-25T(aM)po vs BF Legends Showmatch$500.00
2021-03-24Kookus and the Milkshake Machine 41$100.00
2021-03-24Ultraliga Season 5$25,626.60
2021-03-23Dutch League Spring 2021$8,950.20
2021-03-23Greek Legends League Spring 2021$7,161.51
2021-03-222021 Winter AOElympics$219.00
2021-03-22Belgian League Spring 2021$8,914.43
2021-03-21Artifact Foundry International #1$100.00
2021-03-21BTS Pro Series Season 5$40,000.00
2021-03-21Champions Chess Tour 2021$520,000.00
2021-03-21DreamHack Community Clash: 2v2 TDM$1,250.00
2021-03-21EPIC League Season 3$100,000.00
2021-03-21Fly High: Rocket Arena 1v1$60.00
2021-03-21GG Gaming League Warzone Tournaments$9,400.00
2021-03-21Hidden Cup 4$91,040.00
2021-03-21Hitpoint Masters Spring 2021$4,567.40
2021-03-21Lan ETS 2021$799.44
2021-03-21VALORANT Champions Tour 2021$945,494.32
2021-03-21Zinc Tank #4$804.00
2021-03-20DBT France: League Finals$332.78
2021-03-20eggwp Weekly Series #3$59.60
2021-03-20Evo Ice Cup$65.78
2021-03-20Fatal Cup 2$239.22
2021-03-20FCW x GlobalClan : Special Edition #2$179.05
2021-03-20Malta National League Season 3$1,789.86
2021-03-20Spooki Smash Bday Bash$400.00
2021-03-20Titled Arena March '21$2,100.00
2021-03-19Best of the Worst$500.00
2021-03-19Galaxy Gambit x Collision #13$100.00
2021-03-19Gaming Mainland 2v2 Tournament - 03/20/2021$2,000.00
2021-03-18AngelWalks 2v2 Warzone Kill Race Tournament$1,000.00
2021-03-18Code Red: Among Us - 03/18/2021$10,000.00
2021-03-18Huya DarkHorse League$9,236.85
2021-03-17Co-Ed Warzone Code Red Tournament$25,000.00
2021-03-17Giant Slayer Gauntlet 2021 Spring$20,000.00
2021-03-17Shlayy x Venture Greens Nutrition $1000 2v2 Tournament$1,000.00
2021-03-16Jack Link's Warzone Invitational (Week 2)$30,000.00
2021-03-15Aorus League 2021$7,000.00
2021-03-15Clown Camp - Arena Teamgames$171.91
2021-03-14Brawlhalla Winter Championship 2021$75,000.00
2021-03-14Coronado Cancer Crushers$200.00
2021-03-14Doritos CS:GO Open$4,107.68
2021-03-14DreamHack Community Clash: Duel$750.00
2021-03-14DreamHack Open March 2021$100,000.00
2021-03-14EnvySnakes Crew Collab Edition$717.21
2021-03-14ESL India Premiership: Winter 2020$17,024.91
2021-03-14Fortnite Champion Series - Chapter 2 - Season 5$2,443,800.00
2021-03-14Gjirafa50 Masters League$29,975.69
2021-03-14Masters Tour 2021 Ironforge$177,000.00
2021-03-14Mina Mendes Warzone Invitational$11,948.14
2021-03-14Queen's Clash$5,000.00
2021-03-14StayAtHomestory Cup #3$5,000.00
2021-03-14The Sultans Cup$413.00
2021-03-14Trackmania Grand League Winter 2021$22,879.22
2021-03-13BMW 120 2021 - Suzuka$4,200.00
2021-03-13BruH vs Dragonstar Showmatch$50.00
2021-03-13ComboBros #6$300.00
2021-03-13eggwp Weekly Series #2$59.77
2021-03-13Nili_AoE Showmatches$500.00
2021-03-13Soku Saturday 200$2,621.91
2021-03-13Starlight’s Smash Bash!$500.00
2021-03-12DPC 2021: Season 1$280,000.00
2021-03-12EpikWhale Cup$10,000.00
2021-03-12Galaxy Gambit x Collision #12$100.00
2021-03-11Snow Sweet Snow #2$150,000.00
2021-03-11Twitch Rivals - Apex Legends (2019-2021)$49,800.00
2021-03-11Twitch Rivals 2020/2021 - Call of Duty$372,625.00
2021-03-11WESG 2021 Latin America$11,877.33
2021-03-10Good Old Times Cup$100.00
2021-03-10I'M Not A GM Speed Chess Championship 2021$10,000.00
2021-03-10LVP Unity Cup 2021$4,770.68
2021-03-09Baltic Masters Season 6$4,746.40
2021-03-09Split-Decisions Campaign$175.00
2021-03-09Twitch Rivals 2020/2021 - Rocket League$50,000.00
2021-03-08BMW Sim Cup 2021 R1$1,011.50
2021-03-08NickEh30's Creator Cup$10,000.00
2021-03-07BugZ Cup 2$120.48
2021-03-07eggwp Weekly Series #1$59.57
2021-03-07Esport Tour Pro Spring 2021$5,194.20
2021-03-07Four Loko Fight Night$5,000.00
2021-03-07Kuachicups MacGuffin League$1,490.93
2021-03-07Lockdown #100$138.37
2021-03-07Main Factor Sessions #4$150.00
2021-03-07Saftslurper Time Attack Cup 3$12.09
2021-03-07UPEA Ukrainian Championship 2020$29,495.40
2021-03-07VSS Week 46$1,000.00
2021-03-07WANTED Online - Chapitre #9$119.14
2021-03-06Eggsistential Crisis$300.00
2021-03-06Get Clipped #10$500.00
2021-03-06Insurgent: Gilded$150.00
2021-03-06Organ Grinder #1: Baccobax vs Genia$214.28
2021-03-06Organ Grinder #1: DevastatioN vs HateDaddy$214.28
2021-03-06Organ Grinder #1: GMT vs Y2Jake$214.28
2021-03-06Organ Grinder #1: Hendy vs Blindlight$214.28
2021-03-06Organ Grinder #1: Nessy vs bLoc30$214.28
2021-03-06Organ Grinder #1: OAKu vs DeadBeat$214.28
2021-03-06Organ Grinder #1: StelaZ vs KlouN$214.28
2021-03-06WESG 2021 Female Latin America$8,953.33
2021-03-05Galaxy Gambit x Collision #11$100.00
2021-03-05TurkEycof FFA Showmatch$300.00
2021-03-03Free TON League$5,000.00
2021-03-03Hera vs Liereyy Bo7 Showmatch$100.00
2021-03-03Unified Grand Prix Spring 2021$20,000.00
2021-03-02Bounties - Toronto Ultra $100K Payout (Season 2)$9,740.00
2021-03-02DracKeN Battle Royale Events$250.00
2021-03-02RLO Masters - February$3,290.00
2021-03-02Toronto Ultra $100K Payout (Season 2)$100,200.00
2021-03-02Twitch Rivals 2021 - Chess$35,000.00
2021-03-01Age of Queens 2$181.00
2021-03-01Baby Cup 2021: Paladins$170.00
2021-03-01Moselle Gaming Online Winter 2$24.18
2021-02-28Cure Rare Disease Charity Invitational$1,000.00
2021-02-28DPC 2021: Season 1$280,000.00
2021-02-28Ellie's Charity Invitational$1,000.00
2021-02-28epic.WAN 32$4,178.73
2021-02-28ESEA Cash Cup - Winter 2020$91,000.00
2021-02-28Esportal Nordic Invitational 2021$3,614.88
2021-02-28Gabi vs Lavie_Head Bo7 Showmatch$150.00
2021-02-28Get Off Your Friendlies$200.00
2021-02-28IEM XV - World Championship$1,250,000.00
2021-02-28Liga Profissional$2,070.91
2021-02-28Master of Socotra$1,000.00
2021-02-28Nerd St. Gamers Diabotical Duels #2$500.00
2021-02-28RLCS Season X - Winter$572,900.00
2021-02-28Saftslurper Time Attack Cup 2$12.09
2021-02-28Smashcade Online #18$250.00
2021-02-28Topanga EVO Hillclimb$172.55
2021-02-28VSS Week 45$1,000.00
2021-02-28ZenSports February 2v2 TDM$1,020.00
2021-02-27BacT vs Zuppi Bo5 Showmatch$100.00
2021-02-27Byte or Flight 3$300.00
2021-02-27DauT vs ACCM Bo7 Showmatch$484.00
2021-02-27Drunken Forest$3,500.00
2021-02-27Ghetto eGames Season 1$1,207.25
2021-02-27The Host Up Invitational 2$350.00
2021-02-26Captain's Quarters 6$500.00
2021-02-26Domination League$20,000.00
2021-02-26Edelweiss Monthly Cup - February 2021$120.98
2021-02-26ESL One CIS Online Season 1$280,000.00
2021-02-26OGA DPC SA Regional League S1$280,000.00
2021-02-25Code Red: VALORANT - 02/25/2021$10,000.00
2021-02-25DPC 2021: Season 1 - SEA$280,000.00
2021-02-25European Development Championship$30,000.00
2021-02-24DreamLeague Season 14$280,000.00
2021-02-24Grrrls League 2021$14,459.20
2021-02-24Moselle Gaming Online Winter$36.27
2021-02-23CBAoE 2021.1$187.20
2021-02-23Gaming Mainland Warzone Tournaments$4,500.00
2021-02-23Titled Tuesday February 2021$6,000.00
2021-02-22Florida Mutineers: The Co-Ed Cup$10,000.00
2021-02-22KWK Cup$182.29
2021-02-21ALGS Winter Circuit #2$61,750.00
2021-02-21Ambush Esportal National Invitational$1,216.03
2021-02-21Factory Diabotical Duel Masters$10,000.00
2021-02-21Gearup Trackmania Cup$603.97
2021-02-21JorDan vs AOE Italia Showmatch$242.47
2021-02-21Mazer Gaming Gives Back 2$1,000.00
2021-02-21Quarantined Rapport 3$2,845.00
2021-02-21Saftslurper Time Attack Cup 1$12.09
2021-02-21VSS Week 44$1,000.00
2021-02-21Waypoint Mini Hunt$96.64
2021-02-20Darj trackmania cup$24.16
2021-02-20FFA King of the Hill Showmatch$1,214.00
2021-02-20Mashfest #3$1,000.00
2021-02-20Rafi's Rumble$1,000.00
2021-02-20The Moshpit 3$786.50
2021-02-20Titled Arena February 2021$2,100.00
2021-02-19The Delicious Showmatch - GL vs AM/Tempo$560.00
2021-02-18SypherPK Cup$9,966.68
2021-02-17Carnomaly 500$15,023.00
2021-02-16The FuzWuz Invitational$10,000.00
2021-02-14eXTREMESLAND Festival 2020$4,500.00
2021-02-14La Coupe$1,818.42
2021-02-14Lords of the Arena$500.00
2021-02-14MTP Cup$241.47
2021-02-14Umzansi Esports League Summer 2020$11,689.73
2021-02-14VALORANT TechnoBlood Climber Summit$9,523.00
2021-02-14ZenSports February Duel Cup (EU)$1,020.00
2021-02-13Don Cup$187.15
2021-02-13FCW x GlobalClan : Special Edition #1$181.79
2021-02-13PROject_Belgium vs Sitaux Bo7 Showmatch$303.00
2021-02-13The Airlock$5,000.00
2021-02-12Snow Sweet Snow #1$150,000.00
2021-02-11GLL Community Cups$4,080.00
2021-02-10Windows 98$150.60
2021-02-09DauT vs vivi Bo10 Showmatch$1,000.00
2021-02-08Dallas Empire Challenge$23,250.00
2021-02-08DauT vs Hera Bo7 Showmatch$200.00
2021-02-07ALTEL Cyber Games CIS Season 3 PRO Division$7,137.00
2021-02-07Farming Simulator League Season 3$36,442.33
2021-02-07German Championship 2021$3,595.00
2021-02-07Main Factor Sessions$150.00
2021-02-07Mobil 1 CUP by etepalai$605.00
2021-02-07Podium Daytona 500 - 2021$2,730.00
2021-02-07Shadow League Season 1$30,000.00
2021-02-07The Clash of Anatolia$353.00
2021-02-07WardiTV 2021$8,300.00
2021-02-06ComboBros #5$200.00
2021-02-06Female Diabotical Invitational #3$1,000.00
2021-02-06Meteor #1$283.12
2021-02-06Open Fusion Lobby #1$55.86
2021-02-06Smashing Saturday$150.00
2021-02-06Test Tournament Series: January (EU)$20,000.00
2021-02-06vivi vs Vinchester Bo7 Showmatch$300.00
2021-02-05GetCracked! 2v2 Arena #2$150.00
2021-02-05Lulu's Throwdown$100,000.00
2021-02-05Terra Nova$1,140.00
2021-02-04Dash Bracket #8$20.00
2021-02-04Swiss Esports League - Trackmania Winter Cup$390.92
2021-02-04The Guys vs Infinity Legends - 3v3 Pro Showmatch$450.00
2021-02-02RLO Masters - January$3,530.00
2021-02-02SteelSeries Invitational$10,000.00
2021-02-01Liga Argentina 2: 1ra Division$100.00
2021-01-31$11,000 Outbreak Nutrition Invitational$11,000.00
2021-01-31ALGS Winter Circuit #1$61,750.00
2021-01-31cs_summit 7$200,000.00
2021-01-31DauT vs TaToH Bo5 Showmatch$200.00
2021-01-31DreamHack Open January 2021$100,000.00
2021-01-31Gamedock Predator Summer Slam 2021$1,316.17
2021-01-31Kings of the North$764.00
2021-01-31LCS 2021 Lock In$150,000.00
2021-01-31Modri vs TheViper Bo7 Arena Showmatch$375.00
2021-01-31OMEN WGR European Challenge$18,196.50
2021-01-31Smash Bowl MMXXI$22,000.00
2021-01-31SZmash Sip N'Smash Finale$232.15
2021-01-31The Field Season 6$14,000.00
2021-01-31TimCon Monthly #4$205.59
2021-01-31WCS 2021$400.00
2021-01-31ZenSports January 2v2 TDM$1,083.00
2021-01-30GSL 2021 Super Tournament 1$25,600.00
2021-01-30PROject_Belgium vs Sitaux Bo7 Showmatch$303.00
2021-01-30The Host Up Invitational$500.00
2021-01-29Edelweiss Monthly Cup - January 2021$121.72
2021-01-29NAMELESS Boomer Bash$5,000.00
2021-01-29Suomi vs GamerLegion Bo7 Showmatch$1,505.00
2021-01-28Battle Royale Event by Red Bull Swiss$1,126.00
2021-01-28BoomTV Code Red$25,000.00
2021-01-28GetCracked! MacGuffin #4$150.00
2021-01-27Battleriff Invitational 3$1,000.00
2021-01-26PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0$1,200,000.00
2021-01-26Titled Tuesday January 2021$4,500.00
2021-01-26WSOE Online V: Valorant$11,000.00
2021-01-26WWP vs Heresy Bo5 Showmatch$1,000.00
2021-01-25WoO NOS SC CS 2020/21$25,000.00
2021-01-242v2 World Cup 2020$3,200.00
2021-01-24BLAST Premier 2020$1,000,000.00
2021-01-24DreamHack Open$82,600.00
2021-01-24Duelhalla Cup #3$100.00
2021-01-24ESL Meisterschaft 2020 Season 2$42,188.26
2021-01-24M2 World Championship$297,000.00
2021-01-24Red Bull Wololo 3$30,000.00
2021-01-23FGS 21 Europe Regional Qualifier 2 - XB1$48,000.00
2021-01-23Get Clipped #8$500.00
2021-01-23Honor of Kings Champion Cup Winter 2020$530,400.00
2021-01-23Masters of Arabia Chile$412.00
2021-01-23slam vs Hoang Bo5 Showmatch$200.00
2021-01-23Smash the Router 4$1,000.00
2021-01-23WSS CHRISTMAS HILLCLIMB 2020$176.90
2021-01-23Xeccution's 2v2 Tournament - 01/23/2021$1,000.00
2021-01-22ФФ&М FFA Tourney$75.26
2021-01-21Daniel vs miguel Bo7 Showmatch$200.00
2021-01-21Dash Bracket #7: North America$10.00
2021-01-21FIFAe Club World Cup 2021 Online Qualifiers Zone 4 Conference 1$5,000.00
2021-01-21FIFAe Club World Cup 2021 Online Qualifiers Zone 4 Conference 2$5,000.00
2021-01-21MarineLorD vs TheSniper_AoE Bo7 Showmatch$242.00
2021-01-20Dash Bracket #7: Europe$50.00
2021-01-20Hera vs TheYo Bo9 Empire Wars Showmatch$777.00
2021-01-20KCM Race Survival 2020 Season 4$10,266.00
2021-01-19Aftermath & Tempo Storm vs WWP 1-19 Bo5 Showmatch$1,000.00
2021-01-18Nili_AoE vs SongSong Bo5 Showmatch$200.00
2021-01-18Suomi vs WWP 1-18 Bo5 Showmatch$1,000.00
2021-01-17BMW 120 2021 - Daytona$4,200.00
2021-01-17Dreamhack SC2 Masters 2020: Last Chance 2021$57,000.00
2021-01-17ESL Meisterschaft: Autumn 2020$48,312.82
2021-01-17French Championship 2021$183.11
2021-01-17Gameinside.ua ROG Winter Cup$2,480.14
2021-01-17Kuachicups Summer: 2v2 TDM$115.97
2021-01-17La Glaçonnade$48.87
2021-01-17Malta National League Season 2$1,824.39
2021-01-17Moon Studio Kagura Championship$15,000.00
2021-01-17Mythic Winter Cup 2021$5,000.00
2021-01-17Naiman’s Artifact World Championship 2020$10.00
2021-01-17Sim Formula Europe 2021$12,100.00
2021-01-17Test Tournament Series: January (NA)$20,000.00
2021-01-17VALORANT Japan All Stars Festival$4,821.00
2021-01-17VSS Week 39$1,000.00
2021-01-16CasterMuse StarLeague Season 4$5,400.00
2021-01-16Diabotical SA: 2v2 Random TDM$27.22
2021-01-16OneBlade GCC Cup$10,000.00
2021-01-16SalzZ Showmatches$41.00
2021-01-16Smashcade Online #17$250.00
2021-01-16The Nicecactus Clash$200.00
2021-01-16Titled Arena January '21$2,100.00
2021-01-16UNITED Pro Series Winter 2020$42,266.37
2021-01-16Victorious Storm #1$500.00
2021-01-16Vulkan Fight Series$45,000.00
2021-01-16WaDi's Shadow Brawl$200.00
2021-01-16Zaid vs Fur Bo5 Showmatch$76.96
2021-01-15Daut vs AOE Italia Showmatch$241.53
2021-01-15ESC New Year Cup #1$17.77
2021-01-15London Royal Ravens Warzone Ravenstorm$24,525.00
2021-01-15Trackmania Climate Fundraiser$805.49
2021-01-14Funspark Rivals Pre-Season$30,888.00
2021-01-14GetCracked! CTF #1$100.00
2021-01-13Suomi vs WWP Bo5 Showmatch$500.00
2021-01-10AVGL Fall 2020$10,000.00
2021-01-10BlackSails vs Lan Clan Bo5 Showmatch$100.00
2021-01-10Kécup 2$146.88
2021-01-10Kuachicups Summer: 1v1 Arena$116.34
2021-01-10SMITE World Championship 2021$600,000.00
2021-01-10Swiss Esports League CS:GO Fall 2020$4,498.72
2021-01-10VSS Week 38$1,000.00
2021-01-10Warcraft Gold League 2020 - Grand Final$19,890.00
2021-01-09Get Clipped #7$500.00
2021-01-08Blackrocks Esports 2020$4,045.19
2021-01-08Hera vs Yo Bo7 Showmatch$611.00
2021-01-08MembTV Showmatches$225.00
2021-01-07Dash Bracket #6$35.00
2021-01-07Hera vs Modri Bo5 Showmatch$557.00
2021-01-06Aftermath & Tempo Storm vs WWP Bo5 Showmatch$500.00
2021-01-04GamerLegion vs WWP 1-4 Showmatches$2,000.00
2021-01-03Duelhalla Cup #2$205.00
2021-01-03FelixAldi vs Spring Bo5 Showmatch$90.00
2021-01-03Hot Pot Masters Championship$26,249.33
2021-01-03Team Serenity Invitational$1,000.00
2021-01-03The Sephiroth Gimvitational$1,000.00
2021-01-03WCAA Winter Challenge Cup 2020$22,944.00
2021-01-03Winter 2021 speedrun - 48h race$91.24
2021-01-03Winter's War$351.00
2021-01-02Dash Bracket Special #1 2v2 TDM$65.00
2021-01-02Evo SpeedFun Cup$139.88
2021-01-02Flame Xmas Hunt$270.06
2021-01-02LoL KeSPA Cup 2020$103,158.04
2021-01-02Smash for RAINN$500.00
2021-01-02T90Official Showmatches$200.00
2021-01-02Warzone Kill Race$20.00
2021-01-01Tak3r's New Year's Cup$744.00
2021-01-01Winter 2021 speedrun - Author medal sprint$30.41