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Overall Esports Stats For 2021

Total Prize Money: $1,794,031.53
Total Tournaments: 94
Total Active Players: 986
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $19,085.44
Mean Earnings/Player: $1,819.50
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $584.00
Median Earnings/Player: $449.87

Top Countries for 2021

1.United States United States$510,000.46192 Players
2.Canada Canada$204,249.8427 Players
3.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$109,196.6069 Players
4.United Kingdom United Kingdom$93,933.5247 Players
5.Denmark Denmark$89,463.346 Players
6.France France$84,749.9166 Players
7.Germany Germany$84,717.2999 Players
8.Russian Federation Russian Federation$76,332.8752 Players
9.China China$71,324.3542 Players
10.Azerbaijan Azerbaijan$60,750.002 Players
11.Spain Spain$43,486.6818 Players
12.Armenia Armenia$40,000.001 Player
13.Netherlands Netherlands$37,594.7124 Players
14.Australia Australia$26,004.9444 Players
15.Ukraine Ukraine$24,142.9824 Players
16.Mongolia Mongolia$15,444.0015 Players
17.Poland Poland$12,723.4515 Players
18.Czech Republic Czech Republic$11,854.6410 Players
19.Sweden Sweden$11,011.4711 Players
20.Norway Norway$10,600.005 Players
21.Philippines Philippines$6,400.005 Players
22.Morocco Morocco$5,666.671 Player
23.India India$5,500.0010 Players
24.Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of$4,840.001 Player
25.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$4,750.003 Players
26.Belgium Belgium$4,478.2713 Players
27.Austria Austria$4,348.169 Players
28.Peru Peru$4,280.003 Players
29.Brazil Brazil$4,224.9716 Players
30.Latvia Latvia$4,211.205 Players
31.Finland Finland$3,766.676 Players
32.Turkey Turkey$3,632.519 Players
33.United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates$3,400.005 Players
34.Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of$3,331.3010 Players
35.Switzerland Switzerland$3,326.7913 Players
36.Estonia Estonia$3,220.003 Players
37.Ireland Ireland$2,991.673 Players
38.Argentina Argentina$2,630.003 Players
39.Italy Italy$2,466.669 Players
40.Belarus Belarus$2,063.004 Players
41.Colombia Colombia$2,000.001 Player
42.Georgia Georgia$2,000.001 Player
43.Guatemala Guatemala$2,000.001 Player
44.Kuwait Kuwait$2,000.001 Player
45.Uruguay Uruguay$2,000.001 Player
46.Croatia Croatia$1,845.412 Players
47.Mexico Mexico$1,682.507 Players
48.Chile Chile$1,551.225 Players
49.Algeria Algeria$1,061.132 Players
50.Iraq Iraq$1,000.001 Player
51.Qatar Qatar$1,000.001 Player
52.Syrian Arab Republic Syrian Arab Republic$1,000.001 Player
53.Serbia Serbia$999.004 Players
54.Lithuania Lithuania$858.382 Players
55.Slovenia Slovenia$697.502 Players
56.Hungary Hungary$611.083 Players
57.Bahrain Bahrain$600.001 Player
58.Thailand Thailand$500.005 Players
59.Luxembourg Luxembourg$483.041 Player
60.Indonesia Indonesia$458.334 Players
61.Singapore Singapore$458.334 Players
62.New Zealand New Zealand$397.145 Players
63.Malaysia Malaysia$225.002 Players
64.Israel Israel$175.002 Players
65.Viet Nam Viet Nam$150.001 Player
66.Gibraltar Gibraltar$125.001 Player
67.Pakistan Pakistan$100.001 Player
68.Ecuador Ecuador$91.061 Player
69.South Africa South Africa$61.131 Player
70.Puerto Rico Puerto Rico$25.001 Player
71.Japan Japan$24.993 Players
72.Albania Albania$21.001 Player