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Overall Esports Stats For 2007

Total Prize Money: $7,309,177.01
Total Tournaments: 490
Total Active Players: 2356
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $14,916.69
Mean Earnings/Player: $3,102.37
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $5,000.00
Median Earnings/Player: $500.00

Top Countries for 2007

1.United States United States$2,036,636.01614 Players
2.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$1,517,120.93141 Players
3.Sweden Sweden$463,555.73141 Players
4.Germany Germany$321,561.56142 Players
5.Canada Canada$320,430.88109 Players
6.Russian Federation Russian Federation$266,957.85177 Players
7.China China$199,109.1687 Players
8.Poland Poland$197,973.5645 Players
9.France France$193,036.7998 Players
10.Denmark Denmark$191,517.3887 Players
11.United Kingdom United Kingdom$187,310.46115 Players
12.Finland Finland$126,085.1459 Players
13.Netherlands Netherlands$125,617.3140 Players
14.Ukraine Ukraine$110,394.5782 Players
15.Brazil Brazil$98,419.8119 Players
16.Norway Norway$79,764.8432 Players
17.Singapore Singapore$36,095.5515 Players
18.Mexico Mexico$34,500.0014 Players
19.Japan Japan$30,199.9913 Players
20.Italy Italy$23,333.4317 Players
21.Australia Australia$19,435.9718 Players
22.Spain Spain$16,819.5421 Players
23.Austria Austria$15,713.1915 Players
24.Serbia Serbia$13,110.001 Player
25.Bulgaria Bulgaria$11,481.747 Players
26.Belarus Belarus$10,296.824 Players
27.Belgium Belgium$9,034.696 Players
28.Estonia Estonia$6,464.674 Players
29.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$5,471.008 Players
30.Slovenia Slovenia$5,342.392 Players
31.Switzerland Switzerland$3,595.0115 Players
32.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$3,406.972 Players
33.Ireland Ireland$3,363.233 Players
34.Peru Peru$3,116.403 Players
35.Croatia Croatia$2,971.633 Players
36.Latvia Latvia$2,968.552 Players
37.Romania Romania$2,700.0015 Players
38.Hungary Hungary$2,402.7011 Players
39.Czech Republic Czech Republic$2,236.446 Players
40.Hong Kong Hong Kong$2,200.002 Players
41.Turkey Turkey$2,003.303 Players
42.Portugal Portugal$1,261.362 Players
43.Viet Nam Viet Nam$866.672 Players
44.Slovakia Slovakia$795.482 Players
45.Iceland Iceland$395.781 Player
46.Chile Chile$87.302 Players