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Overall Esports Stats For 2002

Total Prize Money: $921,268.59
Total Tournaments: 53
Total Active Players: 527
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $17,382.43
Mean Earnings/Player: $1,748.14
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $6,051.20
Median Earnings/Player: $400.00

Top Countries for 2002

1.United States United States$169,229.30181 Players
2.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$143,144.2626 Players
3.Germany Germany$118,006.9865 Players
4.Russian Federation Russian Federation$110,158.9038 Players
5.Sweden Sweden$102,648.9257 Players
6.Canada Canada$56,366.6830 Players
7.Norway Norway$28,235.0010 Players
8.United Kingdom United Kingdom$20,570.709 Players
9.Japan Japan$20,300.005 Players
10.France France$18,217.6614 Players
11.Netherlands Netherlands$12,833.336 Players
12.Spain Spain$10,000.001 Player
13.China China$8,500.004 Players
14.Denmark Denmark$6,193.4614 Players
15.Austria Austria$5,093.894 Players
16.Poland Poland$5,033.332 Players
17.New Zealand New Zealand$5,000.001 Player
18.Finland Finland$4,394.807 Players
19.Australia Australia$3,250.006 Players
20.Czech Republic Czech Republic$3,000.005 Players
21.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$2,000.005 Players
22.Brazil Brazil$1,750.0010 Players
23.Hong Kong Hong Kong$1,750.001 Player
24.Ukraine Ukraine$1,750.001 Player
25.Viet Nam Viet Nam$1,589.831 Player
26.Chile Chile$1,500.008 Players
27.Singapore Singapore$1,250.005 Players
28.Portugal Portugal$1,000.001 Player
29.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$1,000.001 Player
30.South Africa South Africa$1,000.001 Player
31.Argentina Argentina$750.001 Player
32.Israel Israel$300.001 Player
33.Jamaica Jamaica$83.331 Player