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Overall Esports Stats For 2002

Total Prize Money: $968,219.59
Total Tournaments: 80
Total Active Players: 562
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $12,102.74
Mean Earnings/Player: $1,722.81
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $2,202.03
Median Earnings/Player: $350.00

Events of 2002

DateNameTotal Prize
2002-12-30ESL Go4WC3$212.00
2002-12-22CPL Winter 2002$134,000.00
2002-12-21Intel Masters Gaming Championship$28,848.60
2002-12-15EPS Germany Season 1 Finals$72,696.90
2002-12-09MFO AOC Tourney$3,950.00
2002-12-08Swedish Gaming Open$1,111.00
2002-12-08World Clan War 2vs2$2,000.00
2002-11-24AGP 1$5,000.00
2002-11-19ActionOnline Cup Finals$1,000.00
2002-11-09The Best Legionary of Year$11,000.00
2002-11-03World Cyber Games 2002$300,000.00
2002-10-12SKY OSL 2002$23,832.22
2002-10-102002 GhemTV Starleague Season 2$4,001.00
2002-10-06CPL Oslo 2002$9,791.02
2002-10-05Pepsi Twist KPGA 3rd Tour$6,051.20
2002-09-283v3 Conti Tournament$100.00
2002-09-14Tournament of the FIFA World Cup 2002 Winner Quiz$1,000.00
2002-09-12NGI LAN 2002$5,856.64
2002-09-08AoC Euro Cup 2002 - 1v1 Arabia$3,116.00
2002-08-28Alliance Cup$3,000.00
2002-08-22Friendship Cup II$1,700.00
2002-08-18QuakeCon 2002$93,000.00
2002-08-17Wonder Race and Fast Imperial Tournament$1,000.00
2002-08-11Evo 2002$0.00
2002-08-10Tournament of Legion Clan on BF map$1,150.00
2002-08-07Legion Cup II$6,000.00
2002-07-31Arbalet Cup 2$10,000.00
2002-07-30Tower Counter-Strike 5v5$174.77
2002-07-28Good Rooks Tournament$450.00
2002-07-18CPL Summer 2002$100,000.00
2002-07-14AMD PG Challenge 2002$2,000.00
2002-07-07LAN Arena 7$21,465.68
2002-06-222002 Reebok KPGA 2nd Tour$4,538.40
2002-06-15NATE OSL 2002$24,269.88
2002-06-15Tournament Go 2$40.00
2002-05-292002 GhemTV Starleague Season 1$4,913.16
2002-05-19CPL Cologne 2002$28,077.72
2002-05-18Legion Cup I$1,000.00
2002-04-28Arbalet Cup I$4,500.00
2002-04-142002 KPGA 1st Tour$4,538.40
2002-04-07Compusa 20k Gamefixx$15,000.00
2002-04-06Tournament Go$0.00
2002-03-301st Arena Jogos Interstate Championship$1,035.00
2002-02-19WCG Russia Finals 2002$26,000.00