QuakeCon 2002

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2002-08-15 to 2002-08-18

Awarded Players

United States czmPaul Nelson$1,250.00
United States Leethal- -$1,250.00
United States ShaftianClay van Schalkwijk$1,250.00
United States Shogun- -$1,250.00
United States ValdezShaun Kennedy$1,250.00
Germany Bully- -$833.33
Germany eFFe- -$833.33
Germany h8red- -$833.33
Germany HawoK- -$833.33
Germany ReptileDeniz Kalkmann$833.33
Germany tele- -$833.33
United States Brian- -$500.00
United States exodusDerek Heidinger$500.00
United States Lagwagon- -$500.00
United States Lordbugzor- -$500.00
United States Rem- -$500.00
United States Simple- -$500.00

Prize Money By Country

1.United States United States$35,833.3417 Players
2.Russian Federation Russian Federation$20,000.001 Player
3.Canada Canada$19,666.685 Players
4.Sweden Sweden$12,499.986 Players
5.Germany Germany$4,999.986 Players


QuakeCon 2002 (Quake III Arena Duel)-$40,000.00Quake III Arena 
QuakeCon 2002 (RTCW)-$53,000.00Return to Castle Wolfenstein