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Overall Esports Stats For 2023

Total Prize Money: $25,260,096.94
Total Tournaments: 661
Total Active Players: 6401
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $38,214.97
Mean Earnings/Player: $3,946.27
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $1,754.28
Median Earnings/Player: $750.00

Events of 2023

DateNameTotal Prize
2023-04-01Turbo's Endurance Race Season 1 - Step 4$21.28
2023-03-31King of the Desert 5$250.00
2023-03-31PUBG WEEKLY SERIES: 2023$77,247.00
2023-03-31Saudi eLeague 2023$106,548.00
2023-03-30South Korea League 2023 - Stage 1$141,276.00
2023-03-30VCT 2023: Challengers - Split 1$519,182.50
2023-03-28Asia-OCE Faceoff 2023$334.20
2023-03-28FullSpeed Of The Week: Season 2 - Final$1,404.49
2023-03-26Charlotte Regionals 2023 (Pokemon Go)$4,650.00
2023-03-26ESL Pro League Season 17$850,000.00
2023-03-26Eswap Cup 2$1,600.84
2023-03-26Intel Grand Slam Season 4$1,000,000.00
2023-03-26Only Land French Cup 2$541.17
2023-03-26Rising Empires Weeklies$882.27
2023-03-26Tora Cup$426.89
2023-03-25Almost Pro$10,000.00
2023-03-25CCT Series #4$100,000.00
2023-03-25Icelandic Esports League$3,580.09
2023-03-25Rusaoc Cup 2023$2,065.65
2023-03-25The Eternal Haul - Draft Spring 2023$64.80
2023-03-25Trackmania All-American Spring 2023: Ice$250.00
2023-03-24Korean Starcraft League$1,200.00
2023-03-24Megarandom Overlord Cup 4$131.58
2023-03-24PRO Chess League 2023$5,000.00
2023-03-24Turbo's Endurance Race Season 1 - Step 3$21.28
2023-03-23CCT Series #2$100,000.00
2023-03-22Ranked Royale: Europe$2,000.00
2023-03-22Ranked Royale: North America$2,000.00
2023-03-21Dust2.dk Ligaer$11,541.76
2023-03-21Titled Tuesday March 2023$15,000.00
2023-03-20ESL Open Cup$14,400.00
2023-03-20ESportsBattle - Spring Cup 1$5,329.19
2023-03-19China-Vietnam 2023: Assyrian 2v2 Match$2,545.12
2023-03-19Fox Showmatch Series$421.27
2023-03-19Nili's Apartment Cup 4$89,503.66
2023-03-19PiG Sty Festival 3.0$10,600.00
2023-03-19PUBG Challenger Rumble 2023$5,000.00
2023-03-19Random Roulette Cup #1$300.00
2023-03-19Trackmania World Tour 2023$34,776.50
2023-03-18CCT Series #5$25,000.00
2023-03-18GIRLGAMER Esports Festival 2023$30,000.00
2023-03-18Icy Winter 2023$771.44
2023-03-18OlimoLeague Weekly$963.00
2023-03-18South East Circuit: March 2023$10.00
2023-03-18TMA - Hunting Campaign 2$638.74
2023-03-18Trackmania All-American Spring 2023: Dirt$250.00
2023-03-17AOM Meta Plays: Season 3$40.00
2023-03-17Grassengroom vs Shadowfaxx Bo7 Showmatch$60.45
2023-03-17MamaBenjyFishy Creator Cup$10,200.00
2023-03-17SDTV Invitational Series$8,000.00
2023-03-17Turbo's Endurance Race Season 1 - Step 2$21.27
2023-03-16LCO Split 1 2023$30,000.00
2023-03-16Reddysh Rumble$20,500.00
2023-03-16Strongest 1v1$106.07
2023-03-15European Pro League Dota 2$45,000.00
2023-03-15SEA Esports Championship 2023$13,000.00
2023-03-14AoE4 Meta Plays: Season 2$675.00
2023-03-12#PassionCraft Knockout$5,000.00
2023-03-12Apote Invitational$2,000.00
2023-03-12Call of Duty League - 2023 Season$1,000,000.00
2023-03-12eMLS Cup 2023$50,000.00
2023-03-12GG-LAN #13$159.00
2023-03-12GGWP Dragon Series 1$20,000.00
2023-03-12La Console Qui Console - 9e édititon$1,012.82
2023-03-12Natal Regionals 2023 (Pokemon Go)$1,900.00
2023-03-12Overwatch League 2023$27,000.00
2023-03-12Rising Cup$264.54
2023-03-12Rising Empires 2v2 Showdown$45.00
2023-03-12Vancouver Regionals 2023 (Pokemon Go)$1,900.00
2023-03-11AoE2 Xbox Fight Club$250.00
2023-03-11Berry CruncH Sub Tournament$1,109.98
2023-03-11Bubble Trubble Open Cup 2023$3,444.79
2023-03-11Elisa Invitational$25,000.00
2023-03-11Moon Studio The Arena Anthem$10,150.00
2023-03-11NorCal StarFest I$1,783.68
2023-03-11The Game Expo - 2023$3,290.13
2023-03-11WardiTV Korean Royale: Season 1 Qualifiers$300.00
2023-03-10Squeaky WaferZ Cup 22$25.00
2023-03-10Turbo's Endurance Race Season 1 - Step 1$21.27
2023-03-09Trackmania All-American Spring 2023: FullSpeed$250.00
2023-03-08Women of the eRena (Fortnite)$75,000.00
2023-03-07CCT Series #3$125,000.00
2023-03-07European Pro League CS:GO$50,000.00
2023-03-06Fortnite Champion Series - Major 1 2023$2,001,200.00
2023-03-05Clash of Titans$300.00
2023-03-05European Invitational (OW2)$10,000.00
2023-03-05KeeN's Map Masters$150.00
2023-03-05LCK Academy Series 2023$4,662.00
2023-03-05Lima Major 2023$500,000.00
2023-03-05Overwatch World Cup 2023 - Open Trials$72,000.00
2023-03-05RLCS 2022-23 - Winter$990,000.00
2023-03-05WardiTV Monthly Open 2023$1,100.00
2023-03-04Afreeca World Invitational$400.00
2023-03-04Alpha X Pro Series$850.00
2023-03-04CoA eSports Open 2023$1,327.00
2023-03-04Hot Pursuit Week 9$15.00
2023-03-04Kimo vs matreiuss Bo7 Showmatch$60.00
2023-03-04Perth Regionals 2023 (Pokemon Go)$750.00
2023-03-04VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo$500,000.00
2023-03-03AoE2 FFA Controller Showmatch$200.00
2023-03-03IntoTheAlphaX Pro Circuit$500.00
2023-03-03Lord of the Expanses Cup$132.52
2023-03-03Trackmania ESpot Series$212.46
2023-03-02JorDan's Medieval Brawl Season 2$2,500.00
2023-03-01Aftermath vs WWP Bo7 Showmatch 2023-03-01$1,000.00
2023-03-01D7 Show Matches 2023$2,135.03
2023-03-01Rage Forest 4$1,500.00
2023-02-28Canada Campaign 2023$530.00
2023-02-28Elgiganten Invitational: Season 5$14,292.00
2023-02-28Rocket Benelux Master Series 2023$2,757.38
2023-02-28Titled Tuesday February 2023$22,500.00
2023-02-27European Development Championship$45,000.00
2023-02-27Maji Mondays Final$15,302.00
2023-02-26A1 Gaming League 2022$29,852.90
2023-02-26Bochum Regionals 2023 (Pokemon Go)$1,900.00
2023-02-26BOSS Training Camp 2023$12,945.60
2023-02-26Cake Cup$287.39
2023-02-26Celest Esport The Winner Takes It All$1,060.75
2023-02-26Copa Pilsen 2v2$84.78
2023-02-26French Game World Tour 2023$536.96
2023-02-26HCS Kickoff Major Charlotte 2023$250,000.00
2023-02-26Herculyse’s New Era Series: Galentine's Day Tourney$5,000.00
2023-02-26IeSF World Championship 2023 - Qualifiers$5,000.00
2023-02-26Knoxville Regionals 2023 (Pokemon Go)$1,900.00
2023-02-26LEC Winter 2023$84,860.00
2023-02-26PMPL - Spring Split 2023$39,700.00
2023-02-26Polish Pro League$2,234.49
2023-02-26WardiTV Winter Invitational$1,500.00
2023-02-25Atlantean Only Tournament$100.00
2023-02-25Battlegrounds Smash Cup Season 8$15,220.00
2023-02-25Chapter 4 Season 1: Elite Cup Finals$576,700.00
2023-02-25EPIC.LAN 38$907.50
2023-02-25Gammax Trackmania Cup #2$887.05
2023-02-25Lock and Load 14$643.00
2023-02-25Lock and Load Lan #14 (Trackmania)$318.44
2023-02-25RL Ireland: Cork LAN 2023$761.36
2023-02-25The Game X AGEM 2023$429.57
2023-02-24Squeaky WaferZ Cup 21$25.00
2023-02-24Vertigo Tech Campaign$604.62
2023-02-23CCT Series #1$50,000.00
2023-02-22DPC 2023: Season 1$560,000.00
2023-02-22DPC EEU 2023 Tour 1$280,000.00
2023-02-22DPC SA 2023 Tour 1$280,000.00
2023-02-22Hot Pursuit Week 8$15.00
2023-02-21Aftermath vs White Wolf Palace Bo5 Showmatch$500.00
2023-02-21DPC CN 2023 Tour 1$280,000.00
2023-02-21DPC SEA 2023: Season 1$280,000.00
2023-02-21Kuwait Clash$3,000.00
2023-02-20Logitech G Cup - Winter 2023$6,360.00
2023-02-19CCT Finals #1$100,000.00
2023-02-19CDC Asia Pacific 2023 Cups$6,000.00
2023-02-19Dave Testa's Open$400.00
2023-02-19Oceania Internationals 2023 (Pokemon Go)$5,650.00
2023-02-19Six Invitational 2023$3,000,000.00
2023-02-19SSOT: Global Edition$385.79
2023-02-19SUPA Triple Rumble$516.50
2023-02-19TimConLAN 9: Diabotical$2,673.97
2023-02-19TimConLAN 9: Quake III CPMA$587.63
2023-02-19VTC Spring Cup 2023$4,013.02
2023-02-19World Team League 2022 Winter$96,539.84
2023-02-18BTS Pro Series Season 14$79,500.00
2023-02-18Hot Pursuit Week 7$15.00
2023-02-18Insomnia Gaming Festival 2023$8,000.00
2023-02-18osu!mania 7K World Cup 2023$1,320.00
2023-02-18Purge's Draft Haüs 2023 (Dota 2 Ability Draft)$2,400.00
2023-02-18Titled Arena February '23$1,675.00
2023-02-18Wrang of Fire 4$2,660.00
2023-02-17B2W Weekly Cup$638.51
2023-02-17Squeaky WaferZ Cup 20$25.00
2023-02-16WardiTV Ellie Invitational$910.00
2023-02-15Individual Golden League 2023$4,974.48
2023-02-14BetBoom Universe$100,000.00
2023-02-14Tfue Tuesday$150,440.00
2023-02-13Aster Summer Frag Fest$300.00
2023-02-13The Delicious Showmatches$690.00
2023-02-13The Women's Candy Classic$1,000.00
2023-02-12Champi'on Cup: Season 2$118.79
2023-02-12eggwp NA Weekly Series$70.00
2023-02-12eggwp Weekly Series$140.00
2023-02-12ESL Impact Katowice 2023$100,000.00
2023-02-12IEM 2023 - Katowice$1,500,000.00
2023-02-12InsaLan XVII$1,511.77
2023-02-12League Epitech Lyon #5$5,344.60
2023-02-12Modri vs SavvyEmpire & Villiams$120.00
2023-02-12Remastr TV Invitational StarCraft Series Season 1$2,100.00
2023-02-12Rocket League Quebec: St-Valentin 2023$374.57
2023-02-12Serotonin Weekly Skirmish #2$20.00
2023-02-12T90 Titans League 2$22,500.00
2023-02-12Team EGO vs VEC Showmatch$212.28
2023-02-12Tournoi TOP FR 2$322.20
2023-02-12VRLI - Global Blast 2023$254.50
2023-02-11Hot Pursuit Week 6$15.00
2023-02-11OMEN WGR Challenge 2023$16,087.80
2023-02-10Airthings Masters 2023$235,000.00
2023-02-10Desert Master Cup 4$137.00
2023-02-10Sitaux vs Vinchester Bo9 Showmatch$270.00
2023-02-09Slow But Sure vs Team EGO Showmatch$297.19
2023-02-08D7 Show Match: Mawkzy vs Vatira$536.73
2023-02-07Games of Future 2023$13,707.50
2023-02-07Go4Dota2 EU$34,200.00
2023-02-06Peachy's Female Warzone Switch$700.00
2023-02-06Spartan AOE Online Events$810.00
2023-02-06Thunderpick Bitcoin Series #2$80,000.00
2023-02-05ALGS 2022-23 Split 1$1,000,000.00
2023-02-05Belgian Pro League: Season 1$108.64
2023-02-05ESL Impact Cash Cup Winter 2023$7,500.00
2023-02-05ESL Snapdragon Mobile Challange$300,000.00
2023-02-05Gringo Cup$1,640.00
2023-02-05HBG vs GNG RSG Invitational$2,100.00
2023-02-05OCRS 2023 Winter Cup$1,118.08
2023-02-05Orlando Regionals 2023 (Pokemon Go)$4,650.00
2023-02-05Serotonin Weekly Skirmish #1$60.00
2023-02-05Tekken World Tour Finals 2022$100,000.00
2023-02-05W3Champions Finals - Season 13$5,641.04
2023-02-05Wandercon 2023$6,478.79
2023-02-05WIRE CUP$1,294.82
2023-02-04Alpha K-Cup 2$1,076.00
2023-02-03coRe vs GiveUAnxiety Bo5 Showmatch$150.00
2023-02-03Squeaky WaferZ Cup 19$25.00
2023-01-31Golden Age$18,000.00
2023-01-31MKIA $1k Female Draft$2,100.00
2023-01-31Titled Tuesday January 2023$25,000.00
2023-01-30Dom2Cracked Arena Tournament$1,000.00
2023-01-30Hot Pursuit Week 5$15.00
2023-01-29AoE2 Admirals Cup$500.00
2023-01-29Australian Open: Summer Smash 2023$36,500.00
2023-01-29BLAST Premier 2023$177,498.00
2023-01-29EPL World Series: America Dota 2$20,000.00
2023-01-29Major League - Pro League Qualifier Preview$298.28
2023-01-29North America VS The World Charity Event$611.00
2023-01-283antozz vs Count Von Count Bo7 Showmatch$61.15
2023-01-28Gabi vs MrPlannerAoE Bo5 Showmatch$70.00
2023-01-28Hot Pursuit Week 4$15.00
2023-01-28RotG Aztec Tournament #2$180.00
2023-01-27Unite Rivals 2023 - Europe$500.00
2023-01-27Winter Bash II$500.00
2023-01-26$1.5k MKIA Female Draft$1,500.00
2023-01-26LA3EB Rocket League Competition #5 - Playoffs$1,333.33
2023-01-26Warcraft Survival Battle 2022$4,025.00
2023-01-25Esports Arena: Series E Season 6 (Apex Legends)$6,500.00
2023-01-25G1 Invitational$10,000.00
2023-01-25Spring Festival Invitational of Nostalgic Games$2,067.45
2023-01-24Feer 1v1 Show Matches 2023$10.00
2023-01-24KGG Level-Up 2023$11.18
2023-01-23Armageddon Online Cup - Finals$31,968.00
2023-01-23GENESIS 9$36,960.06
2023-01-23Lunar New Year 2023$19,750.00
2023-01-22AWC Dragonflight Season 1 Cups$20,000.00
2023-01-22Bliss Summer Cup$694.94
2023-01-22ESpot - Crucial Ascent$2,713.86
2023-01-22Liverpool Regionals 2023 (Pokemon Go)$4,650.00
2023-01-22NXTLVL Bubble Classic Presented by Oakley$2,500.00
2023-01-22OSC SC2 Championship$5,050.00
2023-01-22Schlacht der Heiligen 3 Könige: Der Heilige Gral$325.13
2023-01-22The Arabian Open Masters$990.00
2023-01-21$5K MKIA 2V2 Female Draft$5,000.00
2023-01-21Alpha X Brawler's Club$300.00
2023-01-21Community Gaming January Tournament$1,000.00
2023-01-21Crazy Raccoon Cup (Apex)$11,580.21
2023-01-21GBVS Community League 2022$15,000.00
2023-01-21Hot Pursuit Week 3$15.00
2023-01-21Titled Arena January '23$1,925.00
2023-01-21Valley Lord Cup$144.22
2023-01-21ZOTAC Cup Apex Legends$250.00
2023-01-20AfreecaTV Challengers Starleague 2023 Season 1$4,060.00
2023-01-20Apac South Hub$517.77
2023-01-20Fan Friday Fiesta #1 - Hunt$15.88
2023-01-20Fan Friday Fiesta #1 - Tournament$15.88
2023-01-20Oversight Circuit$30,000.00
2023-01-20Squeaky WaferZ Cup 18$25.00
2023-01-19KCM Race Survival$8,614.00
2023-01-19Uniliga F1 22 Winter 2022/23$324.00
2023-01-18Afreeca Mastiff League$2,186.19
2023-01-18Aftermath vs WWP Bo7 Showmatch$1,000.00
2023-01-18CasterMuse Narak StarLeague$2,436.00
2023-01-18EA Sports Cup 2023$250,000.00
2023-01-17China Seasons League 2022$19,223.33
2023-01-16Moon Studio Campfire$20,000.00
2023-01-15AOPEN x Fire Legend Championships$857.32
2023-01-15AUS League - January 2023$260.00
2023-01-15Clown Legion League 2$400.00
2023-01-15Copa Pilsen #Navidad22$86.70
2023-01-15Double Vision$2,222.00
2023-01-15European League Finals 2022 (RL)$5,417.95
2023-01-15Forward Cup$50,000.00
2023-01-15GT - Grão Mestre$130.28
2023-01-15LM 24H Virtual 2023 - LMP Class$62,500.00
2023-01-15LMVS 2022/23 - GTE Series$62,500.00
2023-01-15LMVS 2022/23 - LMP Series$62,500.00
2023-01-15Ludwig x Tarik Invitational$50,000.00
2023-01-15M4 World Championship$805,000.00
2023-01-15Multistyle Cup #2$211.69
2023-01-15National Assembly Tekken 7 South Korea vs. Japan$12,600.00
2023-01-15Red Cross Cup$1,000.00
2023-01-15TP Series$21,402.00
2023-01-15WRL 2022 Season 2$444,750.00
2023-01-15Zimní liga powered by Hyundai - Playoff$451.11
2023-01-14Apex Festival$8,212.68
2023-01-14Association Ranking Battle$1,329.05
2023-01-14c.salette vs Cl3m3nT Bo7 Showmatch$270.92
2023-01-14D3rp vs Rmcoo: Clownmatch$126.00
2023-01-14Hera & TheViper vs Vivi & Yo$500.00
2023-01-14Hot Pursuit Week 2$15.00
2023-01-14National Assembly Tekken 7 Cup$4,200.00
2023-01-14Neujahresturnier 2023 (RL)$216.79
2023-01-14Serotonin Monthly Cup: January 2023$150.00
2023-01-14Sim Formula Europe Finals 2023$10,800.00
2023-01-14Spartan Snowdown 2023$25,000.00
2023-01-14Urban Series 2023$1,083.93
2023-01-13Adapt Classic$69.50
2023-01-13Alpha Pro Series: Ultimate Showdown$500.00
2023-01-13F1Re vs Margougou Bo7 Showmatch$271.41
2023-01-13LifeIsCool Show Matches 2023$1,081.28
2023-01-11Reidthesloth x RLStats Show Matches 2023$150.00
2023-01-09Solacer Open Cup$2,430.00
2023-01-08AShu Phoenix Cup$3,171.00
2023-01-08BOSS Training Camp$14,134.63
2023-01-08Combro Cup$1,225.00
2023-01-08Let's Make Big Moves 2023$14,250.00
2023-01-08M. Invitational 2023$50,000.00
2023-01-08PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022$3,893,500.00
2023-01-08San Diego Regionals 2023 (Pokemon Go)$4,650.00
2023-01-08Synth's NA Clash 2023 (RL)$300.00
2023-01-08The Nomadic Clash$1,000.00
2023-01-07Hot Pursuit Week 1$15.00
2023-01-07Iam_Momo vs ulyssesaot Bo7 Showmatch$60.00
2023-01-07Korea Diabotical: 4v4 Wipeout (Season 1)$43.15
2023-01-07SSA 6Mans Skirmish: Astronic x Team Espionage$160.59
2023-01-06Esportz Premier Series 2022$6,071.76
2023-01-06Galaxy Cup Brawlhalla$300.00
2023-01-06Rocket Benelux Monthly/Masters$541.67
2023-01-06Squeaky WaferZ Cup 17$25.00
2023-01-03Community Gaming - Rocket League$150.00
2023-01-03Reidthesloth Show Match: aZapatos vs Cosmic$100.00
2023-01-02Art of Wall$213.25
2023-01-02BiliBili Stellar Cup$14,493.60
2023-01-02Winter Campaign Tournament$1,000.00
2023-01-02Winter Campaign Tournament - Open Bracket$1,000.00
2023-01-01Douyu Apex Legends$1,150.49
2023-01-01Tianming Cup Season 10$86,286.58
2023-01-01Torn Esports: New Years Bash 2023$68.14