EMEA Masters Spring 2023

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2023-04-04 to 2023-04-29

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$33,257.2111 Players
2.Turkey Turkey$31,563.039 Players
3.Germany Germany$20,882.416 Players
4.France France$16,205.0212 Players
5.Poland Poland$13,590.148 Players
6.Spain Spain$8,286.664 Players
7.Sweden Sweden$7,955.195 Players
8.Russian Federation Russian Federation$5,524.451 Player
9.Denmark Denmark$3,204.183 Players
10.Hungary Hungary$2,983.201 Player
11.Netherlands Netherlands$2,983.201 Player
12.Bulgaria Bulgaria$2,320.272 Players
13.Czech Republic Czech Republic$1,988.813 Players
14.Estonia Estonia$1,767.821 Player
15.Italy Italy$1,767.821 Player
16.Lithuania Lithuania$1,767.821 Player
17.Slovakia Slovakia$1,767.821 Player
18.Norway Norway$1,436.362 Players
19.Australia Australia$883.911 Player
20.Algeria Algeria$883.911 Player
21.Jordan Jordan$883.911 Player
22.Lebanon Lebanon$883.911 Player
23.Latvia Latvia$736.591 Player
24.Albania Albania$552.451 Player
25.United Kingdom United Kingdom$552.451 Player
26.North Macedonia North Macedonia$552.451 Player
27.Serbia Serbia$552.451 Player


EMEA Masters Spring 2023€150,000.00$165,733.53League of Legends