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Overall Esports Stats For 2001

Total Prize Money: $884,323.17
Total Tournaments: 53
Total Active Players: 391
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $16,685.34
Mean Earnings/Player: $2,261.70
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $8,053.68
Median Earnings/Player: $500.00

Events of 2001

DateNameTotal Prize
2001-12-28SKY OSL 2001$7,538.08
2001-12-09CPL World Championship 2001$190,000.00
2001-12-09World Cyber Games 2001$300,000.00
2001-11-07Age of Empires II International Tournament$91,000.00
2001-11-04Tilt Total CPL Latin America$7,859.27
2001-10-142001 Jeju International Game Festival$13,057.60
2001-10-13WCG Russia Finals 2001$22,000.00
2001-09-08Coca-Cola OSL 2001$7,806.40
2001-09-02CPL Berlin 2001$22,792.51
2001-08-12QuakeCon 2001$45,000.00
2001-08-06CPL London 2001$26,394.72
2001-08-05B5 Championships$0.00
2001-07-31Arbalet Cup II$10,000.00
2001-07-01CPL 4-Year Anniversary Event$16,200.00
2001-05-31FOPT - Birthday Event$500.00
2001-05-27LAN Arena 6$7,788.00
2001-05-13CPL Holland 2001$21,184.68
2001-05-093rd Game-Q Starleague 2001$4,494.37
2001-05-05Hanbitsoft OSL 2001$7,740.54
2001-04-30Virtua CPL Latin America$13,711.29
2001-04-29CPL Holland UK Qualifier$816.33
2001-04-15SPEAKEASY.net CPL Tournament$30,000.00
2001-04-01CPL Pacific Atomic Event$1,455.90
2001-02-15The Awakening$3,000.00
2001-02-04Lansanity (Quake III Arena 2v2)$3,750.00
2001-01-07Lan Arena 5$18,133.48
2001-01-052000-2001 1st Game-Q World Championship$2,800.00
2001-01-012vs2 Islands Tournament$200.00
2001-01-01FOPT - ReFF's Rumble Cup$1,000.00