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Overall Esports Stats For 2000

Total Prize Money: $745,307.49
Total Tournaments: 66
Total Active Players: 258
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $11,292.54
Mean Earnings/Player: $2,888.79
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $4,072.47
Median Earnings/Player: $400.00

Events of 2000

DateNameTotal Prize
2000-12-17Babbage's CPL Tournament$121,000.00
2000-12-11CPL Cologne 2000$27,823.54
2000-12-05Arctic Age II Blast Holiday Tournament$100.00
2000-12-04South African Clash of the Titans$65.53
2000-11-01Freechal OSL 2000$17,600.00
2000-10-15World Cyber Games Challenge 2000$200,000.00
2000-10-01CPL FRAG 4$25,000.00
2000-09-20Canadian Cyber Championship$7,500.00
2000-09-16Battletop NYC 2000$23,300.00
2000-09-16WCG Challenge 2000 USA (East) Preliminary$8,100.00
2000-09-09Battletop London UC Qualifier$21,259.98
2000-09-09WCG Challenge 2000 UK Preliminary$4,278.11
2000-09-052nd Game-Q Starleague 2000$6,292.12
2000-08-31Battletop Arizona 2K Qualifier$5,750.00
2000-08-27KBK Masters Season 2$12,853.90
2000-08-27MFO - The Clash of the Titans$500.00
2000-08-20WCG Challenge 2000 Hong Kong Preliminary$7,692.00
2000-08-09MFO - B4S (2vs2 DM)$1,000.00
2000-07-22BattleTop Universal Challenge$21,500.00
2000-07-16B4 Championships$0.00
2000-07-15Quest Arena$1,670.00
2000-06-24Battletop Man 2 Man$1,220.00
2000-06-17Rage of Empires$606.80
2000-06-11CPL Asia - Atomic Arena$5,750.00
2000-06-09MFO - SMACKDOWN 13 (AoK)$400.00
2000-06-011st Game-Q Starleague 2000$4,494.37
2000-05-29PACC 5$1,500.00
2000-05-28Planet of Champions$150.00
2000-05-16Hanaro OSL 2000$17,977.49
2000-05-07Nordic Championship$10,800.00
2000-04-21i2e2 Los Angeles$1,450.00
2000-04-19i2e2 San Diego$1,450.00
2000-04-16i2e2 UCSD$1,350.00
2000-04-16Razer CPL Tournament$100,000.00
2000-04-15HEAT.NET - Spring Fever$2,000.00
2000-04-12i2e2 Washington DC$1,350.00
2000-04-09Lan Arena 4 (Quake III)$2,427.63
2000-04-08i2e2 Philadelphia$1,450.00
2000-04-06i2e2 New York$1,450.00
2000-04-01MFO ROR World Championships$9,500.00
2000-02-17MFO - EWOT$450.00
2000-02-01Cyber-Arena Gamer's League$4,000.00
2000-01-28KBK Masters 2000 Season 1$23,820.16
2000-01-19Korean Nationals III$35,335.86