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Overall Esports Stats For 2015

Total Prize Money: $67,063,311.99
Total Tournaments: 5229
Total Active Players: 14171
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $12,825.27
Mean Earnings/Player: $4,732.43
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $400.00
Median Earnings/Player: $216.82

Events of 2015

DateNameTotal Prize
2015-12-31ESL Go4CS:GO Nordic$2,314.79
2015-12-31FACEIT Pro League CS:GO$120,000.00
2015-12-30ECL 2015 Autumn$30,824.00
2015-12-30Goodgame.ru - C Новым Годом$770.22
2015-12-30Next Level Battle Circuit$7,110.00
2015-12-30Smash @ Xanadu$31,965.00
2015-12-30StarLadder ProSeries - Season 13$4,548.00
2015-12-29Battle of Nations 1$216.31
2015-12-29eGamers Archon Open$3,572.40
2015-12-29Gfinity CS:GO Premium Cup$10,296.67
2015-12-29Shanghai Dota 2 Open$15,416.00
2015-12-29The BTS Series$49,250.00
2015-12-28D!ngIT Asia$3,900.00
2015-12-28ESL Premium Only 250€ CS:GO 5on5 Cup$538.68
2015-12-28Gfinity CS:GO Free to Play Cup$10,493.13
2015-12-28Mega Smash Mondays$5,680.00
2015-12-28OlimoLeague Winter 2015$1,200.00
2015-12-28Rendezvous Resurrection #3$1,183.17
2015-12-27CrazyHand Winter 2015$432.42
2015-12-27Danger Zone 4$275.00
2015-12-27Dota 2 Radiant and Dire Cup 2015$154,358.00
2015-12-27ESL Go4CrossFire Europe$25,811.28
2015-12-27ESL Go4CS:GO$12,472.32
2015-12-27ESL Go4RocketLeague EU$3,481.44
2015-12-27ESL Go4RocketLeague NA$3,150.00
2015-12-27ESL SC2 Americas Open$2,400.00
2015-12-27Gera Cup$3,328.18
2015-12-27Go4BF4 Europe$12,361.98
2015-12-27Go4Dota2 EU$19,159.50
2015-12-27Go4Heroes EU$11,329.26
2015-12-27Go4Heroes NA$8,100.00
2015-12-27Go4PC E Cup #13 (One)$56.00
2015-12-27Go4PC E Cup #13 (PC)$56.50
2015-12-27Go4PC E Cup #13 (PS4)$55.50
2015-12-27Go4SC2 Europe$16,712.75
2015-12-27King Of Garden State 2$1,070.00
2015-12-27La Mazmorra 2$75.65
2015-12-27RavenZ Cup$400.00
2015-12-27Starcraft League 2015$15,413.72
2015-12-27StarLadder StarSeries - Season 14$11,360.00
2015-12-26GG Goda 2015$1,372.10
2015-12-26GSL Preseason 2016$3,368.58
2015-12-26SSS @ MGC 2.1$110.00
2015-12-26¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Why Not? 100$ Cup$100.00
2015-12-25Community Open Tournament - Season 2$12,961.50
2015-12-25PGL - Return of the Kings 2015$9,284.16
2015-12-23Sector One Invitational$217.47
2015-12-23Winter Garden Melee 37$76.00
2015-12-22D!ngIT $2000 Weekly Cup$62,000.00
2015-12-22ESL Premium Only 50€ CS:GO 1on1 Cup$54.76
2015-12-22Get Smashed At The Foundry #75$310.00
2015-12-21ProDotA Cup Americas$5,000.00
2015-12-21ProDotA Cup Europe$5,000.00
2015-12-21RGN Freedom Cup$5,000.00
2015-12-21Starcraft Mondays$300.00
2015-12-201ª Liga Baiana de Dota 2$502.06
2015-12-20ASUS FINALS 9$3,015.00
2015-12-20Cap Arena 5$9,508.98
2015-12-20Clan Masters: Invitational$5,000.00
2015-12-20Cup Games4u Julcup$1,227.45
2015-12-20ESL Nordic Nationals Season 1$16,301.69
2015-12-20Forte 3$9,785.01
2015-12-20Gfinity Call of Duty PS4 Cup$3,395.19
2015-12-20Gfinity CS:GO Sunday Cup$5,153.45
2015-12-20Go4PC E Cup #12 (One)$56.00
2015-12-20Go4PC E Cup #12 (PC)$56.50
2015-12-20Go4PC E Cup #12 (PS4)$55.50
2015-12-20HaloWC 2016 - Qualifiers$2,000.00
2015-12-20HomeStory Cup XII$25,000.00
2015-12-20HoN Tour Season 4 (NA/EU)$123,184.00
2015-12-20IEM X - Cologne$50,000.00
2015-12-20Rising Stars Balkan #2$2,000.00
2015-12-20SC2ONLINE Community Open$50.00
2015-12-20SFCO BO3 #1$5,433.72
2015-12-20The Uprising$2,050.00
2015-12-20TLC Winter 2015$55,339.01
2015-12-20WCA 2015$1,972,960.88
2015-12-19AFKG MENA Championship$15,500.00
2015-12-19Millenium Predator Tournament 2015$10,867.44
2015-12-19OlimoLeague Weekly$5,100.00
2015-12-19Play It Cool CS:GO Community Challenge$2,000.00
2015-12-19Playing Ducks Female Masters 2015$2,717.26
2015-12-19Smash The Pale$184.74
2015-12-19The CraX: Qualifier 2$50.00
2015-12-1899Damage Arena$64,500.00
2015-12-18ASH@WIT 41$300.00
2015-12-18Gfinity Weekly Cup - Europe 3v3$6,179.41
2015-12-18JudgeHype Cup$449.97
2015-12-18QPAD King of Nordic - Season 2$2,500.00
2015-12-18QuickShot Arena$43,000.00
2015-12-18Rival StarCraft II League 2016 Weekly$75.00
2015-12-18SC2 SEA Masters Cup$1,900.00
2015-12-18The Break #54$210.00
2015-12-17ASL Bacon Infinity Weekly Cup$757.22
2015-12-17Game On European Invitational #2$1,988.41
2015-12-17Smashfield Weeklies$6,811.00
2015-12-16Brazil Mega Cup 2015$2,574.80
2015-12-16Operation: Kinguin$2,000.00
2015-12-16Wednesday Night Fights$6,000.00
2015-12-15AOE Việt Trung 2015$9,000.00
2015-12-15Get Smashed At The Foundry #74$310.00
2015-12-15GHL 2015 - Season 2$77,358.10
2015-12-15Heroes Battle Arena$10,000.00
2015-12-15King of the Hill - Asia$11,000.00
2015-12-15New Game Plus 34$345.00
2015-12-14CS:GO Champions League$80,000.00
2015-12-14Gauntlet StarCraft LotV Series 1$1,000.00
2015-12-14Go4LoL EUW$21,760.96
2015-12-13125 FPS Sunday Cup$2,040.88
2015-12-13ASUS Republic of Gamers 2015$32,656.45
2015-12-13Battle Hardened Gamers 2015$1,305.06
2015-12-13Enter The Storm - NA Cup #1$5,000.00
2015-12-13ESL ESEA Pro League S2$496,700.00
2015-12-13EU Autumn Live Championship 2015$30,000.00
2015-12-13Game On Asian Invitational$2,000.00
2015-12-13Gdynia Game Festival 2015$189,245.36
2015-12-13Gigabyte Top League$2,058.00
2015-12-13Go4PC E Cup #11 (One)$55.50
2015-12-13Go4PC E Cup #11 (PC)$56.50
2015-12-13Go4PC E Cup #11 (PS4)$55.50
2015-12-13HoN Tour Season 4 (CIS)$5,328.44
2015-12-13interLAN vol.5$1,594.29
2015-12-13Malaysia Cyber Games 2015$66,267.29
2015-12-13OWC 2015$5,000.00
2015-12-13SM-rata Kausi 2015$444.00
2015-12-13Spotimes Starleague Season 2$4,210.00
2015-12-13Super Smash Sundays #38$960.00
2015-12-13The Summit 4$114,867.00
2015-12-13THG ZOTAC Cup Magnus Winter Challenge$2,556.14
2015-12-13XLG Dota 2$6,982.98
2015-12-12CBL BO3 Kickoff$100.00
2015-12-12CEVO Season 8$115,000.00
2015-12-12HXC Gaming BO3 Event$400.00
2015-12-12Northeast Championships 16$4,200.00
2015-12-12Rubicon 5$1,000.00
2015-12-12The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2015$41,334.27
2015-12-12Tiermonster Code: Brawl #3 (1v1)$310.00
2015-12-12ZeratoR Cup #3$1,087.27
2015-12-11ASH@WIT 40$340.00
2015-12-11Go4Hearthstone Europe$1,101.69
2015-12-10Corsair Cup$400.00
2015-12-10D2CL Christmas Charity Magic$40,000.00
2015-12-10Leifeng Cup (SC2)$12,000.00
2015-12-09Counter-Strike Online World Championship 2015$40,000.00
2015-12-09GD Overwatch EU Laststand$1,200.00
2015-12-09WePlay Hearthstone League$5,000.00
2015-12-08Get Smashed At The Foundry #73$230.00
2015-12-08New Game Plus 33$260.00
2015-12-07ESEA Season 20$75,265.00
2015-12-07ESL Overwatch Atlantic Invitational$1,000.00
2015-12-07Go4LoL EUNE$21,679.57
2015-12-07Nintienda 5$46.36
2015-12-06Capcom Cup 2015$250,000.00
2015-12-06Crossfire Stars 2015 Grand Final$105,000.00
2015-12-06ESL UK Premiership Summer 2015$7,550.00
2015-12-06ESL Wintermeisterschaft 2015 Finals$27,838.97
2015-12-06Fragbite Masters Season 5$60,007.35
2015-12-06Game Show GEC Season 1$299,999.99
2015-12-06GIGABYTE $3000 Adelaide LAN$2,202.30
2015-12-06Go4PC E Cup #10 (One)$56.00
2015-12-06Go4PC E Cup #10 (PC)$56.50
2015-12-06Go4PC E Cup #10 (PS4)$56.00
2015-12-06Gold Series 2015 - Chongqing$14,580.48
2015-12-06GosuGamers Overwatch Weekly NA$240.00
2015-12-06Hitbox 4K Heroes Showmatch$4,000.00
2015-12-06HTC Ascension$10,000.00
2015-12-06LVP Season 9$42,060.20
2015-12-06MLG Pro League Championship 2015$50,000.00
2015-12-06Northern Arena 2015$20,000.00
2015-12-06NWC3L Season 2$100.00
2015-12-06Poznań GameFestival 2015$856.80
2015-12-06RGN European Open$2,500.00
2015-12-06The Defense Season 5$78,587.00
2015-12-06Ultimate-Arena #8$1,405.28
2015-12-06XLG League of Legends$5,211.77
2015-12-052GGT: Fatality Saga$600.00
2015-12-05Casino Royale$275.00
2015-12-05Gauntlet StarCraft LotV Series 1 Qualifier 2$300.00
2015-12-05Glory Of The N3WBS$300.00
2015-12-05GosuGamers Overwatch Weekly EU$240.00
2015-12-05King of the Watch Europe$120.00
2015-12-05KTAR XV$4,720.00
2015-12-05Legacy Cup$1,865.00
2015-12-05LPLOL 2015 - Grand Final$6,526.20
2015-12-05Razer Arena Monthly Mayhem - November 2015 - EU$1,000.00
2015-12-05Starcraft2.fi 5V. Cup$533.47
2015-12-05Texas Gaming Championships 5$5,710.00
2015-12-05The CraX: Qualifier 1$50.00
2015-12-05UZ 1v1 Extravaganza$200.00
2015-12-04ASH@WIT 39$305.00
2015-12-04Celestial Invitational$25,000.00
2015-12-03ESL Major League Winter Playoffs 2015$4,000.00
2015-12-03Hearthstone Premier League$4,245.00
2015-12-03i-league Season 4$78,127.31
2015-12-02BaseTradeTV: Matcherino #4$308.00
2015-12-02MSI Dragon Battle$19,878.84
2015-12-01Get Smashed At The Foundry #72$245.00
2015-12-01Showmatch MC vs. TLO$100.00
2015-12-01Twitch Warcraft 3 Champions League - Season 1$2,571.00
2015-11-30SLTV AmSeries Season XIV$1,000.00
2015-11-29Am2Pro Peterborough$3,000.00
2015-11-29ESL SEEC Season 2$5,297.00
2015-11-29ETF2L Season 22: Premiership Tier$1,180.00
2015-11-29FPS Gaming Lans Online 1 Day Cup$206.95
2015-11-29GCD Pro League #1$500.00
2015-11-29Go4Halo NA$400.00
2015-11-29Go4PC E Cup #9 (One)$56.00
2015-11-29Go4PC E Cup #9 (PC)$56.50
2015-11-29Go4PC E Cup #9 (PS4)$56.00
2015-11-29HFLAN 11$2,076.43
2015-11-29Liga Profissional$1,511.87
2015-11-29Mr.C Fest 3$867.62
2015-11-29NEST 2015$78,204.17
2015-11-29Smash Intensifies 2$1,933.22
2015-11-29Super Smash Sundays #37$450.00
2015-11-28Capital NEO Gaming Cup 2015 LAN Finals$1,059.40
2015-11-28DreamHack Winter 2015$576,454.01
2015-11-28ESL S.K.I.L.L. Pro League Season 2$30,012.50
2015-11-28King of the Watch #1$120.00
2015-11-28NVIDIA Dota 2 CIS Cup Series$3,000.00
2015-11-28Rubicon 4$860.00
2015-11-28Twister Cup #1$130.00
2015-11-28XLG Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$8,047.53
2015-11-27ASH@WIT 38$380.00
2015-11-26KCM Legend Match$1,410.46
2015-11-24Get Smashed At The Foundry #71$265.00
2015-11-24Matcherino: SjoW vs. Dwayna$12.30
2015-11-24New Game Plus 31$310.00
2015-11-23BaseTradeTV: Matcherino #3$1,870.00
2015-11-23Hitbox EU Championship #4$2,500.00
2015-11-23Leifeng Cup (HotS)$90,102.14
2015-11-23Rival StarCraft II League Invitational$200.00
2015-11-23Topanga League 5$19,495.20
2015-11-22AlienTech AllStars$6,382.21
2015-11-22BENQ CS:GO Asia Cup 2015$2,455.59
2015-11-22CFL Smackdown$7,107.81
2015-11-22CrossFire Stars Invitational Brazil 2015$20,000.00
2015-11-22Demacia Cup Grand Finals 2015$93,940.20
2015-11-22DoigCup 2$3,325.23
2015-11-22Gauntlet StarCraft LotV Series 1 Qualifier 1$300.00
2015-11-22Go4PC E Cup #8 (One)$56.00
2015-11-22Go4PC E Cup #8 (PC)$56.50
2015-11-22Go4PC E Cup #8 (PS4)$56.00
2015-11-22Gold Series 2015 - Xi'an$14,580.48
2015-11-22HoN Tour Thailand Winter 2015$30,005.50
2015-11-22IEM X - San Jose$162,500.00
2015-11-22Kickstart 4$1,151.56
2015-11-22Kings of the North 4$7,870.00
2015-11-22KOTN 4$960.00
2015-11-22Midwest Cup$1,400.00
2015-11-22Northwest Majors: Drop Zone$0.00
2015-11-22NWC3L Season 2 - Cup of Hope$15.00
2015-11-22Rocket Royale$3,500.00
2015-11-22SGB 2015$4,259.19
2015-11-22SPL - Season 2 Super Regionals$493,000.00
2015-11-22Super Sunday Showmatches$100.00
2015-11-22The a-MEi-zing Tournament$100.00
2015-11-22Vainglory China Invitational$66,606.54
2015-11-21BaseTradeTvT Tournament$2,000.00
2015-11-21Brawlhalla KOTH Tournament$100.00
2015-11-21BUST 3$5,120.00
2015-11-21eBash CoD:BO3 Nov 2015$2,000.00
2015-11-21FT PGH Carroll$640.00
2015-11-21GameGune 2015$26,832.79
2015-11-21Gamering.ru 2v2 TDM$107.68
2015-11-21Gfinity CS:GO UK Championship$7,594.77
2015-11-21GPL 2015 International Challenge$43,300.00
2015-11-21Grey Goo Tournament Series$6,000.00
2015-11-21MVG Frame Perfect Series$5,440.00
2015-11-21The Frankfurt Major 2015$3,000,000.00
2015-11-20ASH@WIT 37$280.00
2015-11-20Gothenburg Games 2015 (CS:GO)$1,720.50
2015-11-20Team Gravity's Fight Night 2015$5,620.00
2015-11-20Time2Win Invitational (HoN)$2,500.00
2015-11-19CIS LAN Championship #2$10,000.00
2015-11-19CSHUB Series$2,800.00
2015-11-19Fragbite Masters Heroes of the Storm Tournament$8,664.91
2015-11-19GameAgents League #2 Playoffs$25,000.00
2015-11-19GameOn Invitational 2015$1,000.00
2015-11-19Matcherino: Squirtle Squad vs. 2ARC Gaming$279.00
2015-11-18ESL Championnat National - Autumn 2015 LoL Cups$2,773.15
2015-11-18RGN Pro Series Championship 2015$30,000.00
2015-11-18Time2Win Invitational$5,341.42
2015-11-18Zotsmash 10$195.00
2015-11-17Get Smashed At The Foundry #70$305.00
2015-11-17Global Grand Masters$2,800.00
2015-11-17New Game Plus 30$325.00
2015-11-16BenQ All-Star Showmatches$7,768.49
2015-11-16MGN Tournament$3,000.00
2015-11-15Archon All-Stars Tournament$2,000.00
2015-11-15Eclipse (SSBM Doubles)$2,464.75
2015-11-15Eclipse (SSBM Singles)$9,858.98
2015-11-15Expogame Concepcion 2015$182.65
2015-11-15Game On - $1000 CS:GO Invitational$1,000.00
2015-11-15Go4PC E Cup #7 (One)$56.00
2015-11-15Go4PC E Cup #7 (PC)$56.50
2015-11-15Go4PC E Cup #7 (PS4)$56.00
2015-11-15iBUYPOWER Invitational$133,000.00
2015-11-15Masters of nC 1$236.83
2015-11-15Nantarena 15.2$861.92
2015-11-15PGL Legends of the Rift - Season 1$40,000.00
2015-11-15Retro Start$93.69
2015-11-15SanDisk SHOUTcraft Invitational II$23,020.00
2015-11-15SeatStory Cup IV$20,000.00
2015-11-15South Lan Event #16$1,612.53
2015-11-15SPL Season 2 EU Challenger Cup Fall$10,500.00
2015-11-15Super Smash Sundays #36$975.00
2015-11-15The Realm Eternal$1,490.00
2015-11-15Virtus.pro Staff Cup$13,000.00
2015-11-15WCA 2015 - AM Open Qualifiers$32,000.00
2015-11-15We Tech Those$3,390.00
2015-11-15XLG World of Tanks$3,243.84
2015-11-14Blade & Soul 2015 World Championship$103,401.12
2015-11-14Castplay Invitational$106.40
2015-11-14DAT BlastZone$4,381.26
2015-11-14Fenua Gaming Tournament #1$168.06
2015-11-14LoL KeSPA Cup 2015$88,446.24
2015-11-14Roll Tier 6$6,120.00
2015-11-14Save the Space Animals$720.00
2015-11-14Sombrero.gg Overwatch Cup #1$300.00
2015-11-14Totino's Invitational$50,000.00
2015-11-14WCA 2015 - Global Wild Card$12,557.59
2015-11-13ASH@WIT 36$300.00
2015-11-13NGTV Hols Cup - Season 2$2,661.00
2015-11-13QuickShot Showmatch$6,000.00
2015-11-12D2CL Season 6$50,000.00
2015-11-12ePG Melee Weekly 2015-11-12$160.00
2015-11-12iBuyPower eSports Day$2,500.00
2015-11-10ESL Wintermeisterschaft 2015 FIFA Cup$886.91
2015-11-10ESL Wintermeisterschaft 2015 LoL Cup$5,545.45
2015-11-10ESL Wintermeisterschaft 2015 SC2 Cup$1,298.73
2015-11-10New Game Plus 29$355.00
2015-11-10Ranked Racing Season 10 Finale - Year 1 Final$15,000.00
2015-11-10SEA Dragon Battle Season 3$2,000.00
2015-11-10Underdogs (CS:GO)$2,671.47
2015-11-09Canada Masters Series Cup 2015$14,976.05
2015-11-09ESL Wintermeisterschaft 2015 CS:GO Cup$3,330.67
2015-11-09ESL Wintermeisterschaft 2015 Hearthstone Cup$1,332.26
2015-11-08BenQ Grunex Challenge 2015$626.63
2015-11-08ESL Go4CrossFire #146 Europe$271.70
2015-11-08Go4PC E Cup #6 (One)$56.00
2015-11-08Go4PC E Cup #6 (PC)$56.50
2015-11-08Go4PC E Cup #6 (PS4)$56.00
2015-11-08HoN Tour (China)$236,185.14
2015-11-08La Mazmorra$106.29
2015-11-08Logitech G Challenge Argentina 2015$10,000.00
2015-11-08MČR 2015$6,652.94
2015-11-08NESO 2015$66,069.97
2015-11-08OMD #6$607.49
2015-11-08PGL Dota 2 Pro-AM$50,000.00
2015-11-08StarLadder ProSeries - Season 14$1,500.00
2015-11-08Swelder's Showmatch$268.55
2015-11-08The Smash Summit$40,454.02
2015-11-08Tipped Off 11$16,435.01
2015-11-08Treaty Cup 2015$385.00
2015-11-08UMG Invitational$10,000.00
2015-11-08xFunction Iberian Championship$3,974.76
2015-11-07BlizzCon 2015$1,000,000.00
2015-11-07Game Evolution 2015$21,782.08
2015-11-07Jv4.Eu 2v2 Tournament$100.00
2015-11-07Kill Roy$2,080.00
2015-11-07KTAR XIV$3,370.00
2015-11-07LGS Season 5$18,775.00
2015-11-07Maine Competitive Gaming Monthly #6$160.00
2015-11-07MCG #6 Doubles$108.00
2015-11-07Season 2 LatAm Regional Championship$60,000.00
2015-11-07WCS 2015 Global Finals$250,000.00
2015-11-06ASH@WIT 35$240.00
2015-11-06GUMS 04$1,030.00
2015-11-06Spicy Rice Cake Tournament Season 2$865.30
2015-11-04ASTRO Gaming Championship$1,085.99
2015-11-03Get Smashed At The Foundry #69$405.00
2015-11-03Underdogs (SC2)$4,158.26
2015-11-01ASUS ROG Nordic Challenge$10,000.00
2015-11-01Canada Cup 2015$22,311.73
2015-11-01CGPL Season 4 Finals (CS:GO)$10,000.00
2015-11-01DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015$275,000.00
2015-11-01ESL PGW Challenge 2015$10,860.80
2015-11-01ESWC 2015 PGW$80,000.00
2015-11-01Go4CoD:AW PS4 Europe$4,216.41
2015-11-01Go4CoD:AW Xbox One Europe$4,216.41
2015-11-01Go4PC E Cup #5 (One)$56.00
2015-11-01Go4PC E Cup #5 (PC)$56.50
2015-11-01Go4PC E Cup #5 (PS4)$56.50
2015-11-01Iron Gaming Daytona 2015$10,000.00
2015-11-01Malta Cyber Series #1 (LoL)$1,102.70
2015-11-01Nanyang Dota 2 Championships$220,183.00
2015-11-01Super Smash Sundays #35$530.00
2015-11-01WCA 2015 - EU Open Qualifiers$66,300.00
2015-10-312015 World Championship$2,130,000.00
2015-10-31Copa América 2015$57,800.00
2015-10-31CS:GO Baltics Cup$4,127.63
2015-10-31Friendly Fire 2v2 Mini Tournament #2$100.00
2015-10-31Gfinity CoD Xbone Cup$36,482.82
2015-10-31OlimoLeague October 2015$500.00
2015-10-31Season 2 Oceania Regional Championship$47,025.56
2015-10-28Lanbit Light 2015$1,872.00
2015-10-28Zotsmash 9$205.00
2015-10-27Get Smashed At The Foundry #68$260.00
2015-10-26Kung Fu Cup 2015 - Season 2$18,732.00
2015-10-26Lycan League$2,825.00
2015-10-25AlienTech CS:GO TiTans I$1,652.85
2015-10-25ESL UK Premiership Season 2$12,778.59
2015-10-25Game Show Open Tele2 Grand Final$4,343.76
2015-10-25Games Academy Latin Cup$500.00
2015-10-25Go4PC E Cup #4 (One)$56.00
2015-10-25Go4PC E Cup #4 (PC)$56.50
2015-10-25Go4PC E Cup #4 (PS4)$56.50
2015-10-25Heroes Circuit$1,617.07
2015-10-25Hs-arena grand opening invitational$5,000.00
2015-10-25Kickstart 3$958.68
2015-10-25KK Live CS:GO National Cup$2,849.82
2015-10-25LanExperience #21$5,509.50
2015-10-25Milan Games Week 2015 League by FACEIT$2,754.75
2015-10-25Rival StarCraft II League #3$700.00
2015-10-25Virtual Lan #15$1,487.57
2015-10-25WCA 2015 - CN Open Qualifiers$22,051.12
2015-10-242v2 Clan Battle Tournament$1,500.00
2015-10-24ANZ Showdown$1,111.11
2015-10-24Ascendancy Cup$750.00
2015-10-24Challengestone #4$3,000.00
2015-10-24cloudM HotS Farewall Tournament$260.00
2015-10-24Insomnia XVII$6,665.63
2015-10-24Mass Madness 5$1,010.00
2015-10-23ASH@WIT 33$375.00
2015-10-23Gnomejon Archon Cup #2$750.00
2015-10-23RSTL Solo League 2$741.40
2015-10-20Get Smashed At The Foundry #67$325.00
2015-10-20MCSL Pro Gamer Tournament$703.20
2015-10-20MLG Pro League Season 1 (RL)$2,600.00
2015-10-20New Game Plus 26$350.00
2015-10-19Bisu Blind League$2,200.00
2015-10-19Sudamerican Master 3$3,500.00
2015-10-182015 Classic Tetris World Championship$1,000.00
2015-10-1899damage Liga Season #1$11,360.71
2015-10-18Asus ROG Championship 2015$3,080.00
2015-10-18Buffalo Brawl 2015$5,540.00
2015-10-18ESL Go4Smite Brasil$2,560.18
2015-10-18Go4PC E Cup #3 (One)$56.00
2015-10-18Go4PC E Cup #3 (PC)$56.50
2015-10-18Go4PC E Cup #3 (PS4)$56.50
2015-10-18HTC Heroes Brawl$6,200.00
2015-10-18Kakutop League III$2,837.26
2015-10-18MLG World Finals 2015$579,953.00
2015-10-18PxL LAN #44$3,433.44
2015-10-18Smash Brabant Tournament 4$636.07
2015-10-18StarLadder StarSeries - Hearthstone Season 1$15,000.00
2015-10-18Super Smash Sundays #34$770.00
2015-10-17Continental Rumble$100,000.00
2015-10-17Extra Life Charity: Smash 4 Tournament$1,570.00
2015-10-17Jessembly #2$3,120.98
2015-10-17Torneo Banfileño 2$146.26
2015-10-17Ultra Hyakkishu Cup 2015$9,706.33
2015-10-17WCA 2015 - Asia Pro Qualifiers$148,057.53
2015-10-16Azubu.tv Showmatch$15,000.00
2015-10-16BaseTradeTV: Matcherino #2$772.74
2015-10-16Fantasy Expo Challenge Season 1 Finals$7,517.70
2015-10-15NetParty Fyn #17$737.20
2015-10-1499damage Masters #3$20,000.00
2015-10-14Go4ShardsofWar Europe$1,029.21
2015-10-13eGrizzly Baltic League$344.40
2015-10-13Get Smashed At The Foundry #66$300.00
2015-10-13Heroes of Newerth Cyber League$2,030.10
2015-10-13New Game Plus 25$385.00
2015-10-12Brasil Game Cup 2015$16,063.20
2015-10-12ESL Heroes Major League - Season 3$20,000.00
2015-10-11Defiler Tour$790.00
2015-10-11DGC League 2015$20,966.28
2015-10-11FrostByteLAN 2015$2,443.71
2015-10-11Go4PC E Cup #2 (One)$56.00
2015-10-11Go4PC E Cup #2 (PC)$56.50
2015-10-11Go4PC E Cup #2 (PS4)$56.00
2015-10-11Inkstorm I$720.00
2015-10-11MLG 10K Series$26,575.00
2015-10-11NCS October$170.00
2015-10-11NetParty Fyn #16$5,631.42
2015-10-11Nintienda 4$47.66
2015-10-11Road to Blizzcon 2015: American Championship$225,000.00
2015-10-11SoCal Regionals 2015$37,154.00
2015-10-11TCEG Con 2015$10,407.84
2015-10-11The World CS:GO Championships 2015$100,000.00
2015-10-11TSU 7$246.96
2015-10-11VIDEO GAME FEST 2015 CS:GO$3,087.40
2015-10-102015 SK Telecom Proleague$131,020.00
2015-10-10Cheesadelphia 1$2,000.00
2015-10-10Crown's Counter-Strike Invitational$39,574.85
2015-10-10ESL Evolve Major League 2015$11,054.10
2015-10-10Gauntlet LotV Open #2$300.00
2015-10-10iWCGPS 2015$16,000.00
2015-10-10KartRider League Evolution 2015$54,188.00
2015-10-10League of Sharks Championship Autumn 2015$15,218.52
2015-10-10Rubicon 3$910.00
2015-10-10Rus_Brain Cup$2,898.30
2015-10-10WSVG Maldives 2015$29,600.00
2015-10-09ASH@WIT 32$260.00
2015-10-09BaseTradeTV: Matcherino$1,026.00
2015-10-09MLG Amateur 1K Series$30,830.00
2015-10-08MLG 250 Series$30,980.00
2015-10-07ESL Go4FIFA EU (FIFA 15, PC)$4,964.67
2015-10-07Spicy Rice Cake Tournament Season 1$432.67
2015-10-06ESL Go4FIFA EU (FIFA 15, Xbox One)$4,098.63
2015-10-06Get Smashed At The Foundry #65$320.00
2015-10-06New Game Plus 24$315.00
2015-10-05BaseTradeTV: Not Short Notice$76.14
2015-10-05ESL Go4FIFA EU (FIFA 15, PS4)$4,087.04
2015-10-05MixBOT Pro-League Invite$3,000.00
2015-10-041º Campeonato Feminino CS:GO$101.71
2015-10-04Challengers Cup$1,500.00
2015-10-04D!ngIT Sunday Brawl #1$1,000.00
2015-10-04ESL Mistrzostwa Polski Season 11$26,104.64
2015-10-04ESL One New York 2015$286,589.00
2015-10-04eSportsArena $25K Invitational$25,000.00
2015-10-04Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 1 - CIS Qualifier$20,000.00
2015-10-04GIGACON 2015$17,037.03
2015-10-04Go4LoL Brasil$409.56
2015-10-04Go4PC E Cup #1 (One)$56.00
2015-10-04Go4PC E Cup #1 (PC)$56.50
2015-10-04Go4PC E Cup #1 (PS4)$56.00
2015-10-04GSL Season 3 2015$88,648.80
2015-10-04MLG 5K Series$66,260.00
2015-10-04MWEB GameZone Masters Series$6,370.62
2015-10-04PGL CS:GO Season 1$100,000.00
2015-10-04Road to Blizzcon 2015: Asia-Pacific Championship$72,392.80
2015-10-04Road to Blizzcon 2015: European Championship$225,000.00
2015-10-04SocialNAT Master League$21,300.52
2015-10-04SY Nations Cup II$50,000.00
2015-10-04The Big House 5$38,290.00
2015-10-04The Wavedashers 2$101.62
2015-10-04XLG #2$1,525.79
2015-10-03CSHR Championship Season 2 LAN Finals$755.81
2015-10-03GUMS 03$779.00
2015-10-03JCG Premier League 2015 Season$4,520.30
2015-10-03OlimoLeague September 2015$500.00
2015-10-03Project M at The Big House$565.00
2015-10-03Road to Blizzcon 2015: Korean Championship$85,300.00
2015-10-03UMG/MLG 2K Series$35,294.00
2015-10-02ASH@WIT 31$125.00
2015-09-30ASL Season 5$5,680.00
2015-09-30The 8$1,000.00
2015-09-30Uprise Champions Cup Season 3$5,000.00
2015-09-29Counter Pit League$50,000.00
2015-09-29GA Show Match$2,000.00
2015-09-29Get Smashed At The Foundry #64$320.00
2015-09-29LongZhu Gaming Queen Invitational 2015 - Season 2$20,597.13
2015-09-29New Game Plus 23$365.00
2015-09-27Abios Grand Tournament$5,000.00
2015-09-27BOXR: Reflex 01$1,035.00
2015-09-27ESL Go4FIFA Germany Cup (FIFA 15, PC)$3,179.56
2015-09-27ESL Go4FIFA Germany Cup (FIFA 15, PS4)$3,128.98
2015-09-27ESL Go4FIFA Germany Cup (FIFA 15, Xbox One)$2,383.88
2015-09-27ESL Go4WoW EU$1,448.70
2015-09-27GA LAN Cup$5,543.08
2015-09-27Gfinity Champion of Champions 2015$100,000.00
2015-09-27Kickstart 2$620.86
2015-09-27Super Smash Sundays #33$1,030.00
2015-09-27Tecnobar 4$106.27
2015-09-27The ManaFight #1$250.00
2015-09-27xfunction Challenger$1,680.66
2015-09-26H1Z1 Invitational 2015$173,328.00
2015-09-26KO Fighting Game Festival 2015$15,000.00
2015-09-26MCG #5$180.00
2015-09-26MCG #5 (Doubles)$146.00
2015-09-26Milan Games Week 2015$15,000.00
2015-09-26ZOTAC Cup Heroes of the Storm (Europe)$8,262.84
2015-09-25ASH@WIT 30$240.00
2015-09-25DreamHack Stockholm 2015$25,000.00
2015-09-25Gfinity Starcraft 2 Summer Masters II 2015$10,000.00
2015-09-24ePG Melee Weekly 2015-09-24$72.00
2015-09-24ePG Project M Weekly 2015-09-24 Project M$60.00
2015-09-24WCA 2015 - EU Qualifiers$198,530.50
2015-09-222015 iNPAS$21,000.00
2015-09-22Get Smashed At The Foundry #63$360.00
2015-09-22New Game Plus 22$470.00
2015-09-20Anvil Smash #19$525.00
2015-09-20Argentina Game Show 2015$1,060.05
2015-09-20Cracow Game Spot & Allplay CS:GO$2,680.40
2015-09-20CS:GO:OC $5K Open$5,000.00
2015-09-20DreamHack London 2015$85,000.00
2015-09-20Elimination Mode$10,000.00
2015-09-20ESL Bulgarian Championships 2015$3,819.42
2015-09-20ESL Go4S.K.I.L.L. EU$3,977.12
2015-09-20HTC Throwdown$16,990.00
2015-09-20LoL Battle Arena Season One$20,000.00
2015-09-20MLG Pro League CoD AW Season 3$175,000.00
2015-09-20Rising Tornado$2,000.00
2015-09-20Road to Blizzcon 2015: Regional Prequalifiers (Hearthstone)$3,000.00
2015-09-20SmashDown #4$553.90
2015-09-20VIPL - Season 1$70,467.00
2015-09-20WGL RU 2015/16 Season 1$40,000.00
2015-09-20X1 das Estrelas 2015$1,268.53
2015-09-20XLG #1$1,268.53
2015-09-19125 FPS Showmatch$455.00
2015-09-19Pitt Smash Presents$1,060.00
2015-09-19RBBG Washington 2015$30,000.00
2015-09-19Rebirth V$3,906.00
2015-09-19Tiermonster Code: Brawl #2 (2v2)$250.00
2015-09-18ASH@WIT 29$225.00
2015-09-18LevelDown Championship$2,261.80
2015-09-18Rising Showmatch$100.00
2015-09-18Winter Garden Weekly 9/18/15$100.00
2015-09-17Alientech CS:GO European Cup$1,712.40
2015-09-16CrossFire Stars National Finals 2015$10,000.00
2015-09-16Frag-o-Matic 17.1$1,770.00
2015-09-16Hitbox Arena Showdown #4 Invitational$2,500.00
2015-09-16Ranked Racing Season 9 Finale$6,000.00
2015-09-15Get Smashed At The Foundry #61$355.00
2015-09-15New Game Plus 21$415.00
2015-09-13Alienware Summer's End Cup$10,000.00
2015-09-13Archon Team League Championships$250,000.00
2015-09-13Balkan SuperCup$1,500.00
2015-09-13DeutschLAN 2015$2,663.92
2015-09-13Enter The Storm - Cup #3$10,100.00
2015-09-13Gold Series 2015 - Tianjin$14,713.53
2015-09-13ROG Extreme Gaming #2$1,560.00
2015-09-13Spotimes Starleague$8,511.48
2015-09-13Super Smash Sundays #32$1,000.00
2015-09-13Uprise Champions Cup Season 3$3,000.00
2015-09-13VSGC Weekly 2015-09-13$235.00
2015-09-13WCS 2015: Season 3$279,000.00
2015-09-12Battle @ The Dome$301.60
2015-09-12ESL ESEA Pro League Dubai Invitational 2015$250,000.00
2015-09-12King of '94$2,691.20
2015-09-12Rubicon 2$1,462.00
2015-09-11ASH@WIT 28$280.00
2015-09-10ePG Melee Weekly 2015-09-10 Melee$340.00
2015-09-10ePG Project M Weekly 2015-09-10 Project M$220.00
2015-09-09World Leisure Games 2015$61,177.35
2015-09-08Gaming Paradise 2015$50,000.00
2015-09-08Get Smashed At The Foundry #60$285.00
2015-09-08New Game Plus 20$480.00
2015-09-07Brasil Mega Arena - São Paulo 2015$7,029.39
2015-09-06ACL Melbourne 2015$9,795.66
2015-09-06Brawlhalla September 1v1 Tournament$100.00
2015-09-06CG-LAN #4$2,390.40
2015-09-06eGaming CS:GO Championship$1,674.48
2015-09-06First Attack 2015$7,410.00
2015-09-06Gfinity Hearthstone Summer Masters II 2015$10,000.00
2015-09-06How Dair You$1,394.08
2015-09-06Paragon Los Angeles 2015$23,710.00
2015-09-06Road to Blizzcon 2015: Regional Prequalifiers (HotS)$271,110.80
2015-09-06Romanian CSGO Series$500.00
2015-09-06SPO TV GAMES Twitch TEKKEN CRASH$21,300.00
2015-09-06UMG Washington D.C. 2015$54,000.00
2015-09-06WinOut $20,000 CS:GO Championships$20,000.00
2015-09-052015 MSI Woman StarCraft2 League$6,768.53
2015-09-054Gamers StarCraft II Tournament$9,475.59
2015-09-05Fragbite Masters Champions Showdown$11,876.90
2015-09-05Friendly Fire 2v2 Mini Tournament #1$100.00
2015-09-05Gauntlet LotV Open #1$300.00
2015-09-04QPAD King of Nordic - Season 1$6,000.00
2015-09-03RGN Brazilian Open$2,000.00
2015-09-02Wednesday Night Melee 09/03/2015$210.00
2015-09-01Get Smashed At The Foundry #59$375.00
2015-09-01Hitbox EU Championship #3$2,500.00
2015-09-01New Game Plus 19$415.00
2015-08-31MSI Masters Gaming Arena 2015$75,000.00
2015-08-30Alberta Beat Down V$3,938.94
2015-08-30ESL Go4Evolve EU$5,454.95
2015-08-30ESL Southeast Asia Legends Season 16$600.00
2015-08-30Garena Season Cup #4$921.30
2015-08-30Gfinity EU Pro League S2 2015 Premier$17,390.93
2015-08-30Go4WoT Asia$500.00
2015-08-30Indy Cup 4$213.37
2015-08-30Liga Games Academy Season 5$767.53
2015-08-30ONOG Summer Circuit Finals$25,000.00
2015-08-30PAX Prime 2015$10,000.00
2015-08-30RBBG Santa Monica 2015$9,960.00
2015-08-30Road to Blizzcon 2015: China Championship$126,606.07
2015-08-30Smash @ WTF 2015-08-30$60.00
2015-08-30SMYM 16$4,480.00
2015-08-30SonicTV BJ Starleague with OGN #2$38,115.00
2015-08-30South East Asia Dota 2 Championship$10,000.00
2015-08-30Summer Jam 9$13,053.00
2015-08-30Tecnobar 3$80.75
2015-08-30Ultimate-Arena #6$1,565.55
2015-08-293rd Hong Kong Esports Tournament$25,354.93
2015-08-29eBash CoD:AW Aug 2015$500.00
2015-08-29KBX CS:GO Edition$7,236.00
2015-08-29LCK Summer 2015$250,140.71
2015-08-29MCG #4$226.00
2015-08-29Melee @ Legends$295.00
2015-08-29Summer Madness 2015$1,600.00
2015-08-29UMG/MLG 5K Series$6,890.00
2015-08-29War3 Forever Cup$2,190.96
2015-08-28ASH@WIT 27$275.00
2015-08-28CS Select #27$200.00
2015-08-28Matcherino: SjoW vs. Spo$233.00
2015-08-27Corsair Gaming Arena$12,000.00
2015-08-27RGN Pro Series$20,000.00
2015-08-26Hearthlytics Open #16$30.00
2015-08-26Wednesday Night Melee 08/26/2015$200.00
2015-08-25CS Select$6,700.00
2015-08-25Get Smashed At The Foundry #58$365.00
2015-08-25New Game Plus 18$505.00
2015-08-24Go4WoT EU$2,518.50
2015-08-24Heart of Melee 5$151.00
2015-08-23Challengers Korea Summer 2015$50,170.99
2015-08-23ESL One Cologne 2015$250,000.00
2015-08-23Gfinity Play Like A Legend Season 4 2015$14,000.00
2015-08-23Hell, It's Aboot Time$17,000.00
2015-08-23LCS 2015 Summer$200,000.00
2015-08-23Level Up Smash 8/23/2015$204.00
2015-08-23LPL Summer 2015$391,481.80
2015-08-23MES Detroit 25K$25,000.00
2015-08-23MGMS CoD:AW Qualifier$771.07
2015-08-23Nexus Cup - Eternal Conflict$16,120.00
2015-08-23Nintienda 3$48.61
2015-08-23On Art Challenge Series Season 2$571.49
2015-08-23SCAN Hearthstone Invitational #2$2,354.17
2015-08-23SKTAR 4$3,710.00
2015-08-23VCS Summer 2015$67,664.62
2015-08-22BoundByGames Summer LAN Party$0.00
2015-08-22GUMS 02$720.00
2015-08-22OGN Hearthstone Masters KR Season 3$22,869.00
2015-08-22PGS Summer 2015$4,979.96
2015-08-22The Salty Splatoon$50.00
2015-08-22VAI BH!$171.92
2015-08-21Gamerz Smash Lab #14$540.00
2015-08-21GameWorks 4v4 LAN$0.00
2015-08-21Showmatch Jaedong vs. PiLiPiLi$175.00
2015-08-21Winter Garden Melee 8/21/15$90.00
2015-08-20Asia Arena Cup$4,000.00
2015-08-20MLG 3v3 Rocket League$500.00
2015-08-20Ranked Racing Season 8 Finale$6,000.00
2015-08-19Hearthlytics Open #15$30.00
2015-08-19Hitbox Arena Showdown #3 Invitational$2,500.00
2015-08-18Get Smashed At The Foundry #57$480.00
2015-08-18New Game Plus 17$470.00
2015-08-17xfunction Masters$3,514.26
2015-08-16Altitude Fight Night‬ Season I$629.20
2015-08-16Gimmicks, Guts & Glory$500.00
2015-08-16Heir II the Throne$3,943.73
2015-08-16INTEL TheNesTM Cup 2015$1,505.34
2015-08-16Lima 2015$92.49
2015-08-16NiP TV Female Challenge$1,000.00
2015-08-16Summit 2015$6,156.86
2015-08-16ZOTAC Cup Hearthstone (South East Asia)$1,300.00
2015-08-15Crazy Hand 2015$241.29
2015-08-15CWeS Summer Cup 2015$555.08
2015-08-15EGU CoD LAN #3$1,200.00
2015-08-15LOL Ladies Battle - Summer 2015$11,830.00
2015-08-15NXTGAME Dota 2 Invitational$2,000.00
2015-08-15ShoT Invitational$200.00
2015-08-15ZOTAC Cup Hearthstone (Europe)$1,543.52
2015-08-14Vainglory World Invitational$26,319.00
2015-08-13Challenger Series Summer 2015$159,869.70
2015-08-13ePG Monthly$370.00
2015-08-13Game Show CS:GO League Season 2$30,000.00
2015-08-12Hearthlytics Open #14$30.00
2015-08-11Get Smashed At The Foundry #56$380.00
2015-08-11New Game Plus 16$525.00
2015-08-11Pandaria Storm$188.70
2015-08-10Heart of Melee 3$158.78
2015-08-092x2 Cup Artemonusa$164.21
2015-08-09EGL Dallas 10K$40,000.00
2015-08-09eRath Inaugural$550.00
2015-08-09ESL Sommermeisterschaft 2015 Finals$29,182.18
2015-08-09ESOC Majors$1,610.00
2015-08-09Gfinity Starcraft 2 Summer Masters I 2015$10,000.00
2015-08-09GPL Summer 2015$100,000.00
2015-08-09IEM X - gamescom$105,500.00
2015-08-09SmashDown #3$679.90
2015-08-09SMITE Esportspedia Community Invitational$500.00
2015-08-09Super Smash Con$54,580.00
2015-08-08CBLoL Winter 2015$42,763.07
2015-08-08Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series$100,000.00
2015-08-08Latin America Cup 2015 - Closing Cup$35,000.00
2015-08-08LoL Japan League 2015$16,226.85
2015-08-08OPL 2015 - Split 2$23,611.20
2015-08-08SmileCup LOTV$221.69
2015-08-08SoCAL Series #2$500.00
2015-08-08TCL Summer 2015$10,788.45
2015-08-08The International 2015$18,429,613.05
2015-08-08ZOTAC Cup Hearthstone (North America)$1,400.00
2015-08-07ESL One Battlefield 4 Summer Season 2015$19,654.88
2015-08-07Gamescom Invitational 2015$11,524.00
2015-08-07Multifrags Invitational 2015$1,500.00
2015-08-06ESL S.K.I.L.L. Pro League Season 1$57,559.33
2015-08-06LSPL Summer 2015$67,653.60
2015-08-06StormGrounds August Invitational$1,664.34
2015-08-05ESL Major League Summer 2015$4,000.00
2015-08-05Hearthlytics Open #13$30.00
2015-08-04Get Smashed At The Foundry #55$410.00
2015-08-04New Game Plus 15$535.00
2015-08-04OlimoLeague July 2015$500.00
2015-08-03HOTS TopAchat Tournament$2,247.20
2015-08-02Acer Predator Masters Season 1$40,000.00
2015-08-02Challengestone #3$3,000.00
2015-08-02CN vs NA Challenge$96,626.40
2015-08-02Douyu.tv CS:GO Masters S1$6,119.67
2015-08-02Garena Season Cup #3$660.29
2015-08-02Gfinity CoD Summer Championship 2015$100,000.00
2015-08-02LGS Season 4$7,240.00
2015-08-02Low Tier City 3$14,245.01
2015-08-02Płońsk E-Sport Challenge$5,569.20
2015-08-02Super Smash Sundays #31$1,780.00
2015-08-02The Gauntlet Cup Final$1,000.00
2015-08-02Tiermonster Code: Brawl #1 (1v1)$250.00
2015-08-02TPL Summer 2015$6,886.71
2015-08-02TTÜ e-Sport 2015 Suvi$3,734.61
2015-08-01ASSEMBLY Summer 2015$56,219.05
2015-08-01SCR 6$685.85
2015-08-01Smash PhD! II$97.23
2015-07-31Hard Engage #1$146.74
2015-07-29Hearthlytics Open #12$30.00
2015-07-28Get Smashed At The Foundry #54$465.00
2015-07-28Gfinity Premium Hearthstone Cup$937.95
2015-07-28New Game Plus 14$460.00
2015-07-28ROOT Gaming Hearthstone Invitational 2$1,000.00
2015-07-28Storm League 2015 - Season 2$24,154.20
2015-07-28TGA HON$2,416.06
2015-07-27Heart of Melee$140.36
2015-07-26Acer Game Show - Season 1$16,669.03
2015-07-26CEVO Season 7$75,000.00
2015-07-26Doesplay Gold Coast 10k$7,287.00
2015-07-26GHL 2015 - Season 1$80,551.50
2015-07-26Gnomejon Archon Cup #1$750.00
2015-07-26HCS Season 2$225,000.00
2015-07-26LanCraft 2015$10,556.00
2015-07-26LAST V$823.04
2015-07-26LMS 2015 Summer$133,345.80
2015-07-26Malta eSports Festival 2015 (LoL)$1,097.40
2015-07-26QuakeCon 2015$40,000.00
2015-07-26r1seCup 2$1,194.24
2015-07-26Smash FORE$1,685.00
2015-07-26SPL - Season 2 Summer$289,500.00
2015-07-26StarLadder StarSeries - LoL Summer 2015$51,420.00
2015-07-252015 Europe Open #1$100.00
2015-07-25BWAPI mini Tour 2$38.40
2015-07-25Friendly Fire 2v2 Tournament #1$300.00
2015-07-25Gfinity Free to Play Hearthstone Cups$938.76
2015-07-25Hitbox Challenger by Razer$5,000.00
2015-07-25MCG #3$190.00
2015-07-25MCG #3 (Doubles)$85.00
2015-07-25Nintendo Start$163.44
2015-07-24No Punish Zone$26.17
2015-07-24OlimoLeague June 2015$500.00
2015-07-24The Break #44$360.00
2015-07-24The Gauntlet Cup 2$1,000.00
2015-07-23IzakTV Summer Cup 2015$750.00
2015-07-23SEA Dragon Battle #2$2,000.00
2015-07-23SHOUTcraft Clan Wars$11,000.00
2015-07-22DouyuTV Dota 2 Tournament$25,768.00
2015-07-22Gfinity EU Pro League S1 2015 Premier$16,960.60
2015-07-22Hearthlytics Open #11$30.00
2015-07-22HuomaoTV Mid-summer League Season 1$24,157.52
2015-07-21New Game Plus 13$515.00
2015-07-20IEM X - Shenzhen$35,000.00
2015-07-19ACL CoD League Season 1 Playoffs$1,105.80
2015-07-19ESEA s19: NA ID$14,180.00
2015-07-19ESEA Season 19$57,950.00
2015-07-19Evo 2015$303,500.00
2015-07-19SSSS MFGA$200.00
2015-07-19Super Smash Dimanches 1$108.30
2015-07-19The Onslaught 2$5,000.00
2015-07-19TSU 6$115.54
2015-07-18DreamHack Valencia 2015$66,250.00
2015-07-18FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2$100,000.00
2015-07-18LAN in the Highlands 2015$2,000.00
2015-07-18TLP Tenerife 2015$17,454.45
2015-07-17ESL Warcraft III Invitational Shanghai$9,662.04
2015-07-17Friday Night Bad Manners KOTH$1,260.00
2015-07-17Ranked Racing Season 7 Finale$6,000.00
2015-07-17Vulcun Deckmasters #1$45,600.00
2015-07-16Mango vs Leffen money match (07-16-2015)$200.00
2015-07-16Street Fighter x Tekken @ EVO 2015$500.00
2015-07-15Balkan Championship #2$2,000.00
2015-07-15Gfinity LoL Weekly Cups$783.34
2015-07-15Hearthlytics Open #10$30.00
2015-07-15Stone League 2015 Season 1$14,982.22
2015-07-14Get Smashed At The Foundry #53$475.00
2015-07-14New Game Plus 12$485.00
2015-07-13ONOG Summer Circuit GEICO Brawl #1$4,000.00
2015-07-13SC2Improve Team League Season 4$2,196.06
2015-07-13StormGrounds Invitational$1,500.00
2015-07-12Ballistix $5000 CS:GO Challenge$4,500.00
2015-07-12Demacia Cup Summer 2015$56,338.80
2015-07-12DPL Season 3$265,378.00
2015-07-12e-University League 2015$3,904.97
2015-07-12Electronic Sports China Cup 2015 (WarCraft 3)$15,410.50
2015-07-12ESWC Montréal 2015$90,000.00
2015-07-12ETF2L 6v6 Season 21$1,115.60
2015-07-12G-League 2015$165,938.52
2015-07-12Gfinity Summer Masters I 2015$10,000.00
2015-07-12Godzilla Cup$2,415.15
2015-07-12KeSPA Cup Season 2 2015$22,162.87
2015-07-12Rocket Beans TV Archon Cup$2,506.38
2015-07-12SMITE Pro League Season 2 - Hitbox Invitational$6,000.00
2015-07-12StarLadder StarSeries - Season 13$64,160.00
2015-07-12Team3V CS:GO Series$167.36
2015-07-12UMG Dallas 2015$40,000.00
2015-07-12ZODIAC Dream League 2015$1,977.80
2015-07-11BWAPI mini Tour 1$39.05
2015-07-11ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League Season 1$100,000.00
2015-07-11FACEIT Road2QuakeCon$2,500.00
2015-07-11FEST Lyon 2015$33,469.53
2015-07-11GosuCup SEA 2015$500.00
2015-07-11KTAR XIII$1,830.00
2015-07-11Mayhem July 2015$1,654.99
2015-07-11We Got Game! West Edmonton Mall NHL 15 tournament$0.00
2015-07-102015 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 3$70,266.46
2015-07-09French National Championships$1,440.35
2015-07-09StarLadder StarSeries - Hearthstone Kick-Off$9,900.00
2015-07-08ESL Sommermeisterschaft 2015 FIFA Cup$894.55
2015-07-08Hearthlytics Open #9$30.00
2015-07-08League One EU$13,000.00
2015-07-0799damage Masters 2$20,000.00
2015-07-07ESL Sommermeisterschaft 2015 LoL Cup$5,583.02
2015-07-07ESL Sommermeisterschaft 2015 SC2 Cup$1,339.94
2015-07-07Get Smashed At The Foundry #52$500.00
2015-07-07New Game Plus 11$430.00
2015-07-07TeamLiquid Super Brawl #1$2,250.00
2015-07-06ESCC 2015$64,408.00
2015-07-06ESL Sommermeisterschaft 2015 CS:GO Cup$3,026.00
2015-07-06ESL Sommermeisterschaft 2015 Hearthstone Cup$1,345.23
2015-07-06WCA 2015 - CN Qualifiers$196,405.28
2015-07-05ASUS FINALS 8$4,539.90
2015-07-05ESL ESEA Pro League S1$500,500.00
2015-07-05eSports Festival 2015$19,728.84
2015-07-05EXP 2015$5,032.99
2015-07-05FC Smash 15XR: Return$5,140.00
2015-07-05Garena Season Cup #2$1,069.36
2015-07-05Gfinity Play Like A Legend Season 3 2015$10,000.00
2015-07-05HomeStory Cup XI$25,000.00
2015-07-05HTC Recharged$5,000.00
2015-07-05SLTV SemiSeries Season XIII$1,780.00
2015-07-05Super Smash Saga$169.73
2015-07-05Ultimate-Arena #5$1,537.17
2015-07-05WCS 2015: Season 3 - Qualifier$2,043.51
2015-07-04ESL Mistrzostwa Polski - Spring 2015$10,500.48
2015-07-04Montreal ComicCup$3,172.48
2015-07-04OVS EsportFest July 2015$529.64
2015-07-03Titan Arena IV$2,500.00
2015-07-01Hearthlytics Open #8$30.00
2015-07-01Heroes Hype Challenger Series - Twitch Challenge$500.00
2015-06-30Game Show Dota 2 Invitational$15,000.00
2015-06-30Get Smashed At The Foundry #51$420.00
2015-06-30New Game Plus 10$460.00
2015-06-29ACL Sydney 2015$11,488.52
2015-06-29ESL Championnat National - Spring Finals 2015$13,532.86
2015-06-29League One NA$14,500.00
2015-06-28CEO 2015$70,650.00
2015-06-28Challengestone #2$3,000.00
2015-06-28EGO Championship Series Qualifier$2,456.32
2015-06-28Gfinity 2015 Summer Masters I$80,000.00
2015-06-28Gold Series 2015 - Fuzhou$14,970.40
2015-06-28GSL Season 2 2015$94,324.80
2015-06-28LongZhu Gaming Queen Invitational 2015$21,090.61
2015-06-28LVP Season 8$30,383.10
2015-06-28PxL LAN #43$2,755.96
2015-06-28RBBG Toronto 2015$10,000.00
2015-06-28Smash Fight Club 8$344.99
2015-06-28WCS 2015: Season 2$279,000.00
2015-06-27Arena XP$31.94
2015-06-27Final Cup Gamergy 3$1,953.86
2015-06-27Gamer's Gathering 4$513.59
2015-06-27Gamergy 3 Open Bracket$502.41
2015-06-27Hungry Games Showmatch$2,233.01
2015-06-27It's Fine$710.00
2015-06-27MLG 2K Series$1,135.00
2015-06-26DingIt Hearthstone Invitational 2$500.00
2015-06-26ProDota Cup$1,677.47
2015-06-25Massa' SersCup$560.76
2015-06-25Misscliks Eye on the Storm Brawl Nighter$700.00
2015-06-24Hearthlytics Open #7$30.00
2015-06-23E-sport-bets Celebration Show-match$15,000.00
2015-06-23Get Smashed At The Foundry #50$395.00
2015-06-23New Game Plus 9$410.00
2015-06-23OGN Hearthstone Masters KR Season 2$24,057.00
2015-06-22DingIt Hearthstone Invitational 1$500.00
2015-06-22OSC Global Allstars$2,000.00
2015-06-21DSCL Open$1,841.00
2015-06-21ESL Heroes Major League - Season 2$8,400.00
2015-06-21ESL One Frankfurt 2015$296,202.00
2015-06-21Gfinity Free to Play SC2 Cup$158.73
2015-06-21HoN Tour Thailand Summer 2015$28,882.54
2015-06-21Kung Fu Cup 2015 - Season 1$21,262.76
2015-06-21MLG Pro League CoD AW Season 3 Relegation$10,000.00
2015-06-21South East Asia Major 2015$15,000.00
2015-06-202015 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2$70,263.72
2015-06-20CJM CS:GO CUP$227.12
2015-06-20EGU CoD LAN #2$1,500.00
2015-06-20fB's Weekly$1,121.55
2015-06-20MCG #2$130.00
2015-06-20oR LAN$340.70
2015-06-20Switzerland Gone Wild Week 1$32.56
2015-06-19#RottiShowmatches June 2015$400.00
2015-06-19HyperX CS:GO Clash$5,000.00
2015-06-18Ranked Racing Season 6 Finale$6,000.00
2015-06-16ECL 2015 Spring$75,678.93
2015-06-16Get Smashed At The Foundry #49$340.00
2015-06-16New Game Plus 8$500.00
2015-06-15DreamHack Summer 2015$376,404.32
2015-06-15Evolve Proving Grounds$115,000.00
2015-06-14GameGod ESL Weekly Cup #1$312.02
2015-06-14Gfinity Play Like A Legend Season 2 2015$9,750.00
2015-06-14Madals Showmatches$3,400.00
2015-06-14Rival StarCraft II League #2$600.00
2015-06-14Showmatch MacSed vs. Shana Bo69$816.83
2015-06-14South Signal Invitational 2015$200.00
2015-06-14SPL - Season 2 Masters Sao Paulo$10,000.00
2015-06-14TLC Spring 2015$28,568.03
2015-06-14Tuddinn #2-2015 LAN Finals$754.43
2015-06-13Defend This House$685.00
2015-06-13eBash CoD:AW Jun 2015$2,500.00
2015-06-13eSport Club Munich Cup$225.20
2015-06-13m(EAT) Grinder Showmatch$200.00
2015-06-13Nexus Cup - Kael'thas Season$16,111.10
2015-06-13Razer Think Fast Cup 2$10,000.00
2015-06-12ASH@WIT 17$365.00
2015-06-12MLG Black Ops II 5K Throw Back$5,000.00
2015-06-10Mountain Trail Challenge$6,822.31
2015-06-10NVIDIA Hearthstone Pro-Am Tournament$25,000.00
2015-06-10PES 2015 World Finals$26,544.76
2015-06-09Aftonbladet Fight Night$8,000.00
2015-06-09Get Smashed At The Foundry #48$400.00
2015-06-09Hitbox Arena Showdown Invitational$2,500.00
2015-06-09New Game Plus 7$415.00
2015-06-08Logitech’s Free 2 Play (CS:GO)$1,123.13
2015-06-07Brasil Mega Arena - Rio 2015$3,906.45
2015-06-07Draemong Starleague$1,336.50
2015-06-07DreamHack CoD Nordic Championship 2015$5,951.85
2015-06-07DreamHack Summer Warm-Up$1,500.00
2015-06-07Enter The Storm - Cup #2$5,000.00
2015-06-07ESL HLS Season 2$37,400.00
2015-06-07ESWC 2015 China Qualifier$4,836.18
2015-06-07FirstGameTV Dota 2 Cup$10,000.00
2015-06-07Fragbite Masters Season 4$75,516.95
2015-06-07Hearthstone Open @ Escalera Club Vienna$567.30
2015-06-07HTC Reborn Invitational$10,000.00
2015-06-07Indy Cup 3$189.44
2015-06-07joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2$167,247.00
2015-06-07MarsTV Dota 2 League 2015$334,835.92
2015-06-07MLG Pro League CoD AW Season 2$75,000.00
2015-06-07NA/EU 5v5 Cup #25$300.00
2015-06-07Polish DOTA2 Championship Season 2$534.45
2015-06-07Vectorama 2015 (CS:GO)$3,383.66
2015-06-06Bring All The Hype$322.19
2015-06-06FACEIT SEA Launch Cup$1,500.00
2015-06-06Kakutop League II$2,778.51
2015-06-06Logitech’s Free 2 Play (Dota 2)$973.38
2015-06-06Mayhem June 2015$1,575.00
2015-06-06Off The LAN$1,100.37
2015-06-06SoA 2015$780.00
2015-06-02Get Smashed At The Foundry #47$400.00
2015-06-02Hitbox EU Championship$1,000.00
2015-06-02HTC: Best of 69$4,046.00
2015-06-02New Game Plus 6$380.00
2015-06-02The Tunes Tuesdays # 21$480.00
2015-06-02WCA 2015 - AM Qualifiers$176,800.00
2015-05-31ACL Brisbane 2015$2,677.50
2015-05-31CJM First Blood$1,099.22
2015-05-31DVDA 10$2,860.00
2015-05-31EGE 2015$4,319.56
2015-05-31G1K SoCal LAN #2$1,225.00
2015-05-31GamePlan Weekend Tourney$500.00
2015-05-31Garena KotH #2$229.28
2015-05-31GOML 2015$4,545.46
2015-05-31Lan@Sup 2015$710.65
2015-05-31NA/EU 5v5 Cup #24$300.00
2015-05-31Tampa Never Sleeps$2,130.00
2015-05-31Tecnobar 2$87.97
2015-05-31Ultimate-Arena #4$1,531.12
2015-05-31Viagame House Cup #3$25,000.00
2015-05-30desRow's NA Weekly$1,950.00
2015-05-30EASFC 2015$5,787.71
2015-05-30ETG 10$3,100.00
2015-05-30GPL 2015 Season 2$10,643.06
2015-05-30Hypespotting 3$116.49
2015-05-30i-league Season 3$448,969.63
2015-05-30OlimoLeague May 2015$500.00
2015-05-30Tuddinn #1-2015 LAN Finals$465.90
2015-05-30Valtra Smash Tournament$106.36
2015-05-29Alienware Area 51 Cup #2$10,000.00
2015-05-29ASH@WIT 15$475.00
2015-05-28OGSeries PyPHeroes Cup$441.72
2015-05-28Ranked Racing Season 5 Finale$6,000.00
2015-05-28StarLadder ProSeries - Season 12$4,920.00
2015-05-28XLG Legend of Glory$472.66
2015-05-27GamePlan Pro League$2,000.00
2015-05-26Esportal Dota 2 League$115,302.10
2015-05-26Get Smashed At The Foundry #46$350.00
2015-05-26New Game Plus 5$410.00
2015-05-26Zotsmash 8$170.00
2015-05-24AOC & Rapoo Masters Championships$3,000.00
2015-05-24BAM 7$10,811.83
2015-05-24Combo Breaker 2015$39,140.00
2015-05-24DreamHack CoD Swedish Championship 2015$2,383.48
2015-05-24EpicGL CoD:AW 3K$3,000.00
2015-05-24ESL UK Premiership Spring 2015$15,491.02
2015-05-24GameGod ESL Challenge$314.56
2015-05-24Garena HoN 1x1 Cup #4$240.00
2015-05-24Gold Series 2015 - Shenyang$14,983.35
2015-05-24JST 7$1,194.62
2015-05-24MES Detroit 20K$20,000.00
2015-05-24NA/EU 5v5 Cup #23$300.00
2015-05-24SFCO AW #3$5,284.99
2015-05-24Shuffle VII$4,020.00
2015-05-24Smash in Marseille 2015$1,266.21
2015-05-24Stunfest 2015$15,176.16
2015-05-24Uprise Champions Cup Season 2$4,044.00
2015-05-24WhatYouPlay Season Cup$3,963.73
2015-05-232v2 Speed Duel Championship 2015$37,500.00
2015-05-23MCG #1$171.00
2015-05-221v1 Speed Duel Championship 2015$37,500.00
2015-05-22Showmatch - olofmeister vs pashaBiceps$500.00
2015-05-22WATCH This: Jord Invitational$525.00
2015-05-22ZODIAC March Masters$400.00
2015-05-21DeadEye Bounty League$19,800.00
2015-05-20Canada Cup S5$11,898.00
2015-05-20GIGABYTE Challenge$11,079.54
2015-05-20HyperX Head-to-Head$3,000.00
2015-05-20Showmatch by Intel & ASUS$2,000.00
2015-05-19FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015$26,000.00
2015-05-19Get Smashed At The Foundry #45$265.00
2015-05-19New Game Plus 4$410.00
2015-05-19OGN Hearthstone Masters KR - Special Match$18,422.00
2015-05-19RGN Spring Classic$1,600.00
2015-05-19Zotsmash 7$145.00
2015-05-18DVDA 9$920.00
2015-05-17#RottiShowmatches May 2015$500.00
2015-05-172014 Magic Online Championship$116,000.00
2015-05-17Brawler's Inn$3,674.90
2015-05-17Enthusiast Gaming Live$4,035.77
2015-05-17Gaming Gen 4$2,518.34
2015-05-17Gfinity CS:GO Spring Masters II 2015$50,000.00
2015-05-17Hearthstone SEA Legends S10$600.00
2015-05-17HTC Invitational$5,000.00
2015-05-17Mayan Lan 2015$1,316.59
2015-05-17MCS Open Season 2$20,470.00
2015-05-17NA/EU 5v5 Cup #22$300.00
2015-05-17The Summit 3$271,685.00
2015-05-17TSU 5$200.88
2015-05-17UMG California 2015$35,000.00
2015-05-162v2 Damage Duel Championship 2015$37,500.00
2015-05-16Deadman Cup 2$419.89
2015-05-16G2A.com ShowMatch$6,799.20
2015-05-16Lanbit Spring 2015 Gunnar Open$1,221.00
2015-05-16RCTIC Päivä$2,861.76
2015-05-16Reflex THC Cup #1$264.00
2015-05-16Smash PhD! (Melee)$100.35
2015-05-151v1 Damage Duel Championship 2015$37,500.00
2015-05-15AlphaDraft Challenger League$10,500.00
2015-05-15RSTL Solo League 1$802.61
2015-05-15The Gauntlet Cup 1$1,000.00
2015-05-15Yard G2A Fest Ep.1$9,500.00
2015-05-12Get Smashed At The Foundry #44$285.00
2015-05-12New Game Plus 3$355.00
2015-05-11Press Start LAN 2015$23,250.00
2015-05-10ASIANCYBERGAMES CS:GO OPEN 2015$1,487.72
2015-05-10Colosos del Nexo$1,000.00
2015-05-10D2CL Season 5$79,503.00
2015-05-10ESL SEE Championship 2015$5,602.36
2015-05-10Garena HoN Series (CIS)$393.52
2015-05-10Gfinity CoD Spring Masters I$25,000.00
2015-05-10GHL 2015 - Preseason$32,232.40
2015-05-10Heroes of the Storm Team League$4,615.00
2015-05-10Mid-Season Invitational 2015$200,000.00
2015-05-10MPGL SEA Season VII$50,000.00
2015-05-10RBBG Dota 2$88,280.00
2015-05-10TeamLiquid Open$600.00
2015-05-09EGU CoD LAN #1$1,000.00
2015-05-09ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft 2015 Finals$28,688.71
2015-05-09LGS Season 3$7,631.00
2015-05-09SoCAL Series #1$500.00
2015-05-08BirdieLan #26$1,217.29
2015-05-08DreamHack Tours 2015$93,609.47
2015-05-08DX Ranking Hors Série$251.77
2015-05-08KPL 2015 Season 1$23,200.00
2015-05-07TGA Grand Prix Summer 2015$28,990.62
2015-05-06Liga GA Division 2$221.89
2015-05-05Get Smashed At The Foundry #43$300.00
2015-05-05KeSPA Cup Season 1 2015$23,091.50
2015-05-05New Game Plus 2$235.00
2015-05-05Storm League 2015 - Season 1$24,161.40
2015-05-05Zotsmash 6$80.00
2015-05-04Double Harvesting TL Open$200.00
2015-05-04FACEIT League 2015 Stage 1$85,000.00
2015-05-04Starcraft 2 Legends Battle$554.50
2015-05-04Telenor League Spring 2015$2,006.55
2015-05-03ESWC Zénith 2015$50,000.00
2015-05-03Gfinity Starcraft 2 Spring Masters II 2015$10,000.00
2015-05-03HKHK Lanparty 2015$1,079.78
2015-05-03InsideDOTA Challenge #2$5,000.00
2015-05-03LanExperience #20$6,720.00
2015-05-03Liga Games Academy Division 1$843.46
2015-05-03Play It Cool$30,000.00
2015-05-03SCAN Invitational 2$2,270.78
2015-05-03Sumi's Sunday Series$290.15
2015-05-03The Breakout Invitational 4$1,914.71
2015-05-03X5 Mega Arena 3$14,588.08
2015-05-022015 Versus EVO Qualifier$610.00
2015-05-02ASL Season 4$5,500.00
2015-05-02ASUS Play It Cool$5,000.00
2015-05-02OGN Hearthstone Masters KR Season 1$24,732.00
2015-05-02Telenorligaen Spring Division 1$986.46
2015-05-01Balance of Power$1,000.00
2015-05-01Friday Night Fights$700.00
2015-05-01Indy Cup 2$138.93
2015-05-01LCK Spring 2015$259,417.61
2015-05-01The Break #38$210.00
2015-04-30The GameAgents League$5,000.00
2015-04-30VSGC Weekly 4/30/15$130.00
2015-04-29IET 2015$128,793.60
2015-04-28New Game Plus 1$290.00
2015-04-27GamePlan Female League$2,500.00
2015-04-26CSS Season 1$100,000.00
2015-04-26DreamHack Bucharest 2015$26,417.05
2015-04-26Evry Games City$9,812.16
2015-04-26Gfinity FIFA15 Spring Masters II 2015$10,000.00
2015-04-26Gold Series 2015 - Wuhan$14,967.17
2015-04-26League of Sharks Spring 2015$7,649.25
2015-04-26LPL Spring 2015$378,782.40
2015-04-26Northwest Majors VII$1,670.00
2015-04-26SPL - Season 2 Spring Multi-Region LAN$60,000.00
2015-04-26StarLadder StarSeries - Season 12$233,040.00
2015-04-26Super Nebulous 3$3,860.00
2015-04-26Terror TEMPTS Starleague$5,658.25
2015-04-26UGC Niagara 2015$22,086.30
2015-04-26WGL The Grand Finals 2015$300,000.00
2015-04-25II. PlayIT Országos Bajnokság$3,835.53
2015-04-25OlimoLeague April 2015$500.00
2015-04-25SSS @ MGC 2015-04-25$85.00
2015-04-24#RottiShowmatches April 2015$700.00
2015-04-24G-Guard Challenge$3,500.00
2015-04-24Ranked Racing Season 4 Finale$6,000.00
2015-04-23DingIT The Hot Seat$2,475.00
2015-04-23Hitbox EU Championship #2$2,700.12
2015-04-23VSGC Weekly 4/23/15$110.00
2015-04-21Game Over XIV$225.00
2015-04-21Get Smashed At The Foundry #42$250.00
2015-04-20HFLAN 9$930.24
2015-04-20NA Quake Live Duel Cup #8 - April$155.00
2015-04-19CIS LAN Championship$13,000.00
2015-04-19DingIt Round Robin Invitational$5,000.00
2015-04-19ESEA S18 LAN$144,000.00
2015-04-19ESEA S18: NA ID$14,180.00
2015-04-19ESL One BF4 Spring Season 2015$43,671.20
2015-04-19ET Reborn LAN 2015 (6on6)$2,107.30
2015-04-19EU MLG 10K Series$975.00
2015-04-19Garena KotH #1$307.24
2015-04-19Gfinity Hearthstone Spring Masters II 2015$10,000.00
2015-04-19Go4GW2 EU$8,930.14
2015-04-19Go4GW2 NA$7,000.00
2015-04-19GPL 2015 Season 1$10,587.18
2015-04-19InfoShow Lan Party 2015$540.30
2015-04-19Iron Forum Ladies' Night 2015$4,841.55
2015-04-19Kinguin For Charity - Easter Edition 2015$5,000.00
2015-04-19LCS 2015 Spring$200,000.00
2015-04-19MVG Sandstorm$3,955.01
2015-04-19Rising Stars Asia 2$2,000.00
2015-04-19Romanian Dota 2 Pro League$1,620.99
2015-04-19Titan Arena III$2,500.00
2015-04-19VPGame Pro League$24,208.50
2015-04-18CBLoL Summer 2015$49,321.20
2015-04-18D!ngIT CS:GO Invitational$1,000.00
2015-04-18Invictus 4/18/15$110.00
2015-04-18The First Reset$399.00
2015-04-17RGN Intercontinental Open$9,600.00
2015-04-17The Break #37$280.00
2015-04-16Challengers Korea Spring 2015$55,041.00
2015-04-16OlimoLeague March 2015$500.00
2015-04-16Reawakened Guild 3v3 Tournament$6,000.00
2015-04-16TyRanT War 3$9,000.00
2015-04-15CEVO Season 6$11,721.00
2015-04-15Dingit.tv Invitational$2,000.00
2015-04-14Game Over XIII$245.00
2015-04-13ESEA Season 18$44,250.00
2015-04-13Get Smashed At The Foundry #41$460.00
2015-04-12CGPL Season 3 (CS:GO)$4,606.80
2015-04-12Enter The Storm - Cup #1$3,000.00
2015-04-12ESL Pro League Winter 2014-2015$32,000.00
2015-04-12GPL Spring 2015$100,000.00
2015-04-12I'm Not Yelling!$6,240.00
2015-04-12joinDOTA MLG Pro League$86,460.00
2015-04-12LMS 2015 Spring$133,572.60
2015-04-12Nexus Cup - Sylvanas Season$5,605.72
2015-04-12OMD #5$549.02
2015-04-12SeatStory Cup III$20,000.00
2015-04-12StarLadder StarSeries - LoL Spring 2015$55,992.00
2015-04-12The Wavedashers$64.94
2015-04-12Topanga World League 2$24,963.59
2015-04-12Vietnam All-stars Challenger 2015$1,342.41
2015-04-12WCS 2015: Season 2 - Qualifier$2,032.51
2015-04-11Anicend Amsterdam 5K$5,301.19
2015-04-11DX Ranking Session #8$76.33
2015-04-11Latin America Cup 2015 - Opening Cup$35,000.00
2015-04-11Mortal Kombat X Fatal 8 Exhibition$7,500.00
2015-04-11South America Challenge Tour$1,000.00
2015-04-10Apollo: LotV Fight Night$915.00
2015-04-10GOTOP! Clan Arena 3X3$180.15
2015-04-10League One Powered by D!ngIt$4,000.00
2015-04-10SLTV SemiSeries Season XII$1,346.40
2015-04-10Spicy Spot Tournament 2015-04-10$360.00
2015-04-09EPG Melee Monthly 04.09.15$150.00
2015-04-09LSPL Spring 2015$67,668.72
2015-04-09OPL 2015 - Split 1$24,907.68
2015-04-09VSGC Weekly 4/9/15$180.00
2015-04-08Challenger Series Spring 2015$219,684.96
2015-04-07Battle of the Ladder Heroes - March$350.00
2015-04-07Get Smashed At The Foundry #40$315.00
2015-04-06Beauty 10 (SSBM Doubles)$587.84
2015-04-06Beauty 10 (SSBM Singles)$705.42
2015-04-06Gamers Assembly 2015$92,530.15
2015-04-06Rendevouz Resurrection #2$3,864.30
2015-04-06VCS Spring 2015$70,035.32
2015-04-05Copenhagen Games 2015$51,187.01
2015-04-05Gfinity Open #1$14,920.00
2015-04-05Hypespotting 4 (USFIV)$15,000.00
2015-04-05InsideDOTA Challenge #1$4,000.00
2015-04-05Logitech CS:GO Invitational$1,272.00
2015-04-05NorCal Regionals 2015$15,000.00
2015-04-05SPL - Season 2 Spring$29,500.00
2015-04-05The Gathering 2015$5,848.84
2015-04-05The Party 13$662.70
2015-04-05The Pinnacle 4$5,000.00
2015-04-05WCS 2015: Season 1$281,000.00
2015-04-05Xfinity Hearthstone Invitational I$10,000.00
2015-04-04CS:GO Mini LAN$300.00
2015-04-04Full Bloom 1$920.00
2015-04-04Mayhem April 2015$1,250.00
2015-04-04SSS @ MGC 2015-04-04$50.00
2015-04-04SWEET XX$1,968.00
2015-04-04TCL Winter 2015$11,210.34
2015-04-03Blackrock Mountain Launch Invitational$5,000.00
2015-04-03GEST SEA Cup 2015$3,000.00
2015-04-03Кубка 4game VII$2,675.20
2015-04-02ETF2L 6v6 Season 20$4,073.30
2015-04-01ESL Heroes Major League - Season 1$8,400.00
2015-03-31ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft 2015 FIFA Cup$876.95
2015-03-31ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft 2015 LoL Cup$5,481.01
2015-03-31ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft 2015 SC2 Cup$1,315.45
2015-03-31Get Smashed At The Foundry #39$335.00
2015-03-302v2 Ting Cup$5,000.00
2015-03-304SeasonsGaming Summer Duel Finals$420.36
2015-03-30DVDA 8$2,425.01
2015-03-30ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft 2015 CS:GO Cup$3,291.93
2015-03-30ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft 2015 Hearthstone Cup$1,316.76
2015-03-30The Plantronics Invitational$149.04
2015-03-29Call of Duty Championship 2015$1,000,000.00
2015-03-29Demacia Cup Spring 2015$56,361.90
2015-03-29Gfinity Starcraft 2 Spring Masters I 2015$10,000.00
2015-03-29Gold Series 2015 - Hangzhou$14,967.17
2015-03-29HoN Tour Season 3 (SEA)$185,106.00
2015-03-29Nichtrauchermonatlich 5$23.96
2015-03-29Ultimate-Arena #3$1,524.46
2015-03-29Viagame House Cup #2$25,000.00
2015-03-28Alienware Area 51 Cup$10,000.00
2015-03-28Dustin March Madness$10,000.00
2015-03-28EsportFest March 2015$868.80
2015-03-28Iron Gaming 4v4 Advanced Warfare Xbone$500.00
2015-03-28JAB 3$1,810.00
2015-03-28MSI CS:GO March Cup 2015$283.17
2015-03-28TPL Spring 2015$7,522.24
2015-03-26DingIt Showdown Series One #1$850.00
2015-03-26TaKeTV's Heroes Battle$1,104.32
2015-03-25ESL Major League Winter 2014/15$2,000.00
2015-03-24125 FPS One Map Cup$300.00
2015-03-24Get Smashed At The Foundry #38$470.00
2015-03-23War is Coming$123,000.00
2015-03-22CN vs EU Season 2$55,913.52
2015-03-22Final Round 18$15,000.00
2015-03-22Gfinity CS:GO Spring Masters I 2015$50,000.00
2015-03-22GSL Season 1 2015$84,041.93
2015-03-22Major All Stars$104,361.00
2015-03-22NA Quake Live Duel Cup #7 - March$220.00
2015-03-22Nantarena 15.1$649.14
2015-03-22Rival StarCraft II League #1$200.00
2015-03-22Titan Arena II$2,500.00
2015-03-22WGL RU 2014/15 Season 3$102,000.00
2015-03-212015 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 1$67,800.00
2015-03-21DX Ranking Session #7$77.90
2015-03-21HoSic BJ Starleague Season 2$184.60
2015-03-21Komplett BarCraft Experience II$1,836.48
2015-03-21KTAR XII$1,500.00
2015-03-21MST #11$1,730.08
2015-03-21Plan B$56.37
2015-03-19EIZO Cup #15$2,128.67
2015-03-19GME Arena HoN 1x1 Cup #1$36.90
2015-03-19OTK Invitational Skirmish$2,500.00
2015-03-19xfunction Iberian Cup$1,603.20
2015-03-18Ranked Racing Season 3 Finale$6,000.00
2015-03-17Get Smashed At The Foundry #37$320.00
2015-03-16Hitbox EU Championship$2,618.07
2015-03-15Bad Moon Rising$4,280.00
2015-03-15Doesplay Gold Coast Lan #1$1,906.47
2015-03-15EGO AW 3$1,007.71
2015-03-15Epsilan #12$2,515.18
2015-03-15ESL HLS - Katowice 2015$30,000.00
2015-03-15ESL One: Katowice 2015$250,000.00
2015-03-15IEM IX - World Championship$301,121.00
2015-03-15Intel Challenge Katowice$30,000.00
2015-03-15NEL Winter 2015$28,760.92
2015-03-15NES S1 - GT$562.70
2015-03-15NES S1 - GTC$562.64
2015-03-15NES S1 - P$1,125.33
2015-03-15Nine States Tournament 2015$0.00
2015-03-15No Man's LAN 10$1,478.41
2015-03-15SXSW Gaming Fighters Invitational$20,000.00
2015-03-15The Onslaught$3,000.00
2015-03-15TSU 4$149.22
2015-03-15WGL NA Season 5 Finals$166,000.00
2015-03-14Boston COD Clash$1,200.00
2015-03-14Dingit.tv Monthly Championship$1,600.00
2015-03-14KobraLAN 2015$99.44
2015-03-14Mayhem March 2015$1,030.00
2015-03-14SWEET XIX$2,360.00
2015-03-14Thailand eSports League by Garena$30,375.80
2015-03-14Warehouse Throwdown 2015-03-14$1,250.00
2015-03-13Gfinity Hearthstone Spring Masters I 2015$7,000.00
2015-03-13Hitbox Obutto Championship #2$5,000.00
2015-03-13Two vs Twournament: TwEurope Edition$234.46
2015-03-12Indy Cup 1$92.48
2015-03-11Balkan Championship #1$500.00
2015-03-11Hearthstone Elite Invitational #1$5,000.00
2015-03-10Get Smashed At The Foundry #36$240.00
2015-03-09ROOT Gaming Hearthstone Invitational$2,300.00
2015-03-08DSCL Invitational 2015$683.40
2015-03-08Gfinity FIFA15 Spring Masters I 2015$7,000.00
2015-03-08Go4TrackMania Europe$512.77
2015-03-08HCS Season 1$100,000.00
2015-03-08Lan ETS 2015$22,988.54
2015-03-08Legends Cyber Arena$5,556.46
2015-03-08NA Regional Finals 2015$10,000.00
2015-03-08PGS Spring 2015$2,260.40
2015-03-08Solo King Korean 1v1 Tournament$16,158.00
2015-03-07Abuget Cup 2015$1,500.00
2015-03-07Heroes Big League$30,000.00
2015-03-07NeoNebulous 4$160.00
2015-03-07SSS @ MGC 2015-03-07$120.00
2015-03-07ZeratoR Cup #2$1,081.29
2015-03-06Friday Night Frags by Strafe App$500.00
2015-03-05SAMPEX II$267.28
2015-03-04ESL MWC Challenge$16,376.03
2015-03-04The Prime Major$1,500.00
2015-03-03#RottiShowmatches March 2015$700.00
2015-03-02Iron Trophy Europe$3,000.00
2015-03-0141 Starleague Season 3$1,292.20
2015-03-01Canada Cup S4$7,000.00
2015-03-01EGO AW 2$1,321.09
2015-03-01EU Regional Finals 2015$10,000.00
2015-03-01Fantasy Expo Challenge Season 0 Finals$7,557.48
2015-03-01GO.Female League 2015$1,200.00
2015-03-01Hawaii Game League #1$70.33
2015-03-01Heroes Champions League$2,500.00
2015-03-01Kinguin For Charity - Spring Edition 2015$5,000.00
2015-03-01Kongdoo Starz League$36,280.00
2015-03-01LGS Season 2$7,981.00
2015-03-01Ultimate-Arena #2$1,567.44
2015-03-01WGL EU Season 5$84,537.35
2015-02-28Button Smash 2015 (TTT2)$2,000.00
2015-02-28ETG 9$0.00
2015-02-28HSL Season 1 Champion's League$5,000.00
2015-02-28joinDOTA Masters$30,000.00
2015-02-28Lantrek 2015$16,199.70
2015-02-28Lord of the Arena 3$3,000.00
2015-02-28OlimoLeague February 2015$500.00
2015-02-28Titan Arena$2,500.00
2015-02-27125 FPS Season #22 Pro League$807.08
2015-02-27Friday Night Frags by 27in1.com$250.00
2015-02-26Showmatch mYinsanity vs. MVP$200.00
2015-02-26The Pinnacle 3$5,000.00
2015-02-24AOE Pro Masters 2015$3,015.00
2015-02-24Get Smashed At The Foundry #35$350.00
2015-02-22EGL Battle of Europe 2015$11,385.00
2015-02-22ESL HLS Season 1 - Finals$20,000.00
2015-02-22Gamers For Giving 2015$20,600.00
2015-02-22Heroes of Cards$3,000.00
2015-02-22HoN Tour Season 3 (CIS)$9,280.00
2015-02-22JCG Premier League 2014 Season$1,467.75
2015-02-22McSmashter 4$7,874.59
2015-02-22MLG Pro League CoD AW Season 1$75,000.00
2015-02-22NA Quake Live Duel Cup #6 - February$245.00
2015-02-22Raise Your Game$263.30
2015-02-22SHFFL Up and Deal$1,960.00
2015-02-22Sonic Boom 2015$3,539.51
2015-02-22Winter Brawl 9$10,610.00
2015-02-21Great Revival$4,640.00
2015-02-21Planetkey Heroes Invitational$565.33
2015-02-21See Me in Office Hours: 1$490.00
2015-02-21Skillz CS:GO Cup$153.71
2015-02-21SSS @ MGC 2015-02-21$65.00
2015-02-21SWEET XVIII$2,280.00
2015-02-21Tampa Never Sleeps 5$1,740.00
2015-02-20DVDA 7$2,190.00
2015-02-17Get Smashed At The Foundry #34$410.00
2015-02-17King of Majors$15,000.00
2015-02-16Silent Gamers CTF Cup #1$65.00
2015-02-16Two vs Twournament V2.2$401.73
2015-02-15BR Regional Finals 2015$5,000.00
2015-02-15Cap Arena$4,404.83
2015-02-15Frag-o-Matic 17.0$2,047.50
2015-02-15Hadelan 2015$2,634.91
2015-02-15Nordic Masters 2015$10,261.50
2015-02-15SonicTV BJ Starleague with OGN$45,915.60
2015-02-15Tecnobar 1$115.21
2015-02-14APAC Regional Finals 2015$11,650.51
2015-02-14DX Ranking Session #6$81.96
2015-02-14Ranked Racing Season 2 Finale$6,000.00
2015-02-14SSB im Studio$80.40
2015-02-1299damage Masters$10,000.00
2015-02-12EIZO Cup #14$2,263.03
2015-02-12Inven Invitational 2$1,000.00
2015-02-11First Person Lover Challenge$5,960.00
2015-02-10Get Smashed At The Foundry #33$285.00
2015-02-10The Safety Net$2,500.00
2015-02-09DAC 2015$3,057,521.00
2015-02-09InsaLan #10$3,620.82
2015-02-09MSI Challenge Tournament$2,900.00
2015-02-08Am2Pro LAN$7,623.50
2015-02-08BREKAN Cuadrangular 2015$200.00
2015-02-08China OSL 5$4,519.16
2015-02-08HoN Tour Season 3 (NA/EU)$58,522.00
2015-02-08HuoMaoTV All Star Invitational$2,080.62
2015-02-08TeSL 2014-2015$9,964.95
2015-02-07iOS Pantamera$29,930.58
2015-02-07Nexus Cup - Thrall Season$5,601.61
2015-02-07SSS @ MGC 2015-02-07$130.00
2015-02-04TakeTV Beta Brawl$565.07
2015-02-03BaseTradeTV: Two vs Twournament$239.09
2015-02-03Get Smashed At The Foundry #32$320.00
2015-02-03MyStarCraft Arena$3,567.30
2015-02-02Battle of the Best$3,000.00
2015-02-01Apex 2015$50,974.00
2015-02-01Clutch Con 2015$15,000.00
2015-02-01IEM IX - Taipei$75,000.00
2015-02-01LOL Ladies Battle - Spring 2015$12,797.44
2015-02-01MES Detroit 10K$10,000.00
2015-02-01Razer Arena Open Beta Kickoff Tournament$1,500.00
2015-01-31ASSEMBLY Winter 2015$32,955.96
2015-01-31Carnage!! #4 CTF Draft$28.90
2015-01-31Kinguin For Charity - Winter Edition 2015$5,000.00
2015-01-31The Pinnacle 2$5,000.00
2015-01-30BountyHunter Series$2,500.00
2015-01-29Balkan Rising Stars$1,000.00
2015-01-28Bridon Open Cup$7,075.00
2015-01-27The UK Challenge Winter 2014/2015$758.87
2015-01-26FPSPulse Launch Event powered by Ninox$500.00
2015-01-26MAL presents: The Beginning$1,300.00
2015-01-252015 MLG X Games Aspen$50,000.00
2015-01-25Dota Regions Season 2$3,000.00
2015-01-25Garena Invite Cup$600.00
2015-01-25GPL 2014 Season 2$12,929.22
2015-01-25Kakutop League I$1,814.71
2015-01-25Mianyang City Cup$91,164.64
2015-01-25NetEase Gold Series$63,362.74
2015-01-25Ultimate-Arena #1$1,568.90
2015-01-24Divide Cup Summer 2015$158.32
2015-01-24eBash CoD:AW Jan 2015$2,500.00
2015-01-24GEFORCE GTX AllStar-Tournament$6,163.85
2015-01-24Neo Canadia 5$1,706.44
2015-01-24OlimoLeague January 2015$500.00
2015-01-24Smash For Smiles 2$2,180.00
2015-01-24SOC 2013-2014$12,832.00
2015-01-24Super Nebulous 2$1,230.00
2015-01-23Alienware Area 51$10,000.00
2015-01-22GamingLive & NVIDIA Showmatch$1,000.00
2015-01-22NVIDIA Showmatch CS:GO$2,500.00
2015-01-21Inven Invitational$646.80
2015-01-21RGN New Years Open$1,275.00
2015-01-21ZOTAC Cup StarCraft II (Europe)$2,936.50
2015-01-20Get Smashed At The Foundry #31$305.00
2015-01-19NA DuelCup Showmatch ZorakWar vs Davis$65.00
2015-01-1816th floor Tournament$116.17
2015-01-18AvT Auckland 2015$0.00
2015-01-18E2C Smash 4 Worldwide$1,000.00
2015-01-18FCO AW #2$5,198.65
2015-01-18International Invitational Tournament 4$11,893.07
2015-01-18Paragon 2015$9,115.00
2015-01-18Soldiers of Newerth Ritter Net$277.93
2015-01-18StarLadder StarSeries - Season 11$86,227.00
2015-01-18The Flex Zone$2,679.00
2015-01-18Uprise Champions Cup Season 1$1,530.00
2015-01-17Final Battle$3,740.00
2015-01-17HKESC Winter Season$6,773.08
2015-01-17MCS Open Season 1$31,518.50
2015-01-16Millenium Showmatches CS:GO$500.00
2015-01-15Deadly Gaming Cup Season 1$10,000.00
2015-01-13Get Smashed At The Foundry #30$325.00
2015-01-13StarLadder ProSeries - Season 11$1,500.00
2015-01-12DVDA 6$1,520.00
2015-01-12Hitbox Elite Cup$2,500.00
2015-01-11BEAST V$11,119.66
2015-01-11EIZO Foris Trophy$2,385.26
2015-01-11EPS America Season XI$20,000.00
2015-01-11G2A.com December Cup$10,000.00
2015-01-11NA Duel Cup #5 - January$215.00
2015-01-11Smite World Championship 2015$2,612,259.00
2015-01-11WCS 2015: Season 1 - Qualifier$2,010.00
2015-01-10ASL Season 3$3,760.00
2015-01-10G1K SoCal LAN #1$2,000.00
2015-01-08LoL Pro League - Season II$20,000.00
2015-01-06Dota 2 League$59,326.00
2015-01-06Get Smashed At The Foundry #29$330.00
2015-01-06i-League Season 2$129,259.23
2015-01-05Hey, Look, Koreans!$2,500.00
2015-01-05OMEN Encounter$13,000.00
2015-01-042014 CGA Major League$1,289.40
2015-01-04Hairy Smash$1,582.58
2015-01-04New Year Invitational$500.00
2015-01-04SWEET Prologue$4,480.00
2015-01-04UGC St. Louis 2015$21,000.00
2015-01-04UMG Orlando 2015$25,000.00
2015-01-03Collision XI$470.00
2015-01-03DX Ranking Session #5$72.01
2015-01-03Ranked Racing Season 1 Finale$6,000.00
2015-01-03SSS @ MGC 2015-01-03$105.00
2015-01-03WATO FP$255.01
2015-01-01MasterHand 1$167.62