2v2 Clan Battle Tournament

Prize Pool:
USD - US Dollar


Phase 1: Every clan fights each other clan once in a round-robin format doing best-of-3 matches.

Clans must switch out their competitors each round inside the bo3.

The same two players from a clan can not compete together as a team for more than one round in the bo3 series.

The same player can not compete in any two rounds consecutively.

The winning clan of each round must swap their players out AND choose their legends before the losing clan has to swap players.

This is designed to require clans to mix and match their players as competitive teams. It should add a layer of strategy that takes place before each round.

Phase 2: When the round robin is over (ie. when each clan has faced each other clan once) the wins will be tallied, and the top 4 clans move on to a semi-finals and grand finals single-elimination tournament.) The rules remain the same for the semifinals and finals, except the matches are best-of-5. The losers of the semi-finals then compete for 3rd place, the winners compete for 1st place.

Tournament Results

Prize Money By Country

1.United States United States$1,155.5431 Players
2.Norway Norway$150.001 Player
3.Canada Canada$54.463 Players
4.Denmark Denmark$50.001 Player
5.Brazil Brazil$25.001 Player
6.United Kingdom United Kingdom$21.252 Players
7.Russian Federation Russian Federation$18.753 Players
8.Sweden Sweden$12.502 Players
9.Finland Finland$6.251 Player
10.Netherlands Netherlands$6.251 Player


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