Tiermonster Code: Brawl #1 (1v1)

Prize Pool:
USD - US Dollar

-Rules- All matches before Finals and Grand Finals will be Best of 3 matches with 3 stocks with a time limit of 8 minutes

Finals and Grand Finals will be Best of 5 matches with 3 stocks and no time limit

Final Rule is that you must be within the Tiermonster Mumble Server before you can compete within the Semi Finals and onward, more will be explained in Communication

-Seeding- Seeding will be based on 1v1 Ranking at the time of the tournament

-Map Selection- Map Selection will be decided by the Map Striking System

Map Striking is done through this process: -Player 1 (decided on who is higher up on the brackets) will decide one map to ban.

-Player 2 will then pick a map to ban.

-This Process will then repeat until there is one map remaining, this map will be played for the first game.

-After the first game, the winner of the first game will pick one map to ban, then the loser of the first match will pick one map from the remaining pool to play

-The previous step will repeat for the rest of the games in the set

-Legend Counter Pick- You are allowed to counter pick Legends in game 2 and onwards yet this can only be done by the loser of the previous game.

-Disconnect- This will be treated the same as all other tournaments meaning that the players are allowed to restart the game if there is a disconnect before a stock has been taken, in the event that a stock has already been taken then they cannot restart the match but they can reconnect since a bot will take over which allows you to rejoin mid match.

-Communication and Match Reporting-

This is an important part to not only the organization of this tournament but in also the way scores are submitted. The use of Mumble is required. It is required that you join the Tiermonster Mumble Server (tiermonster.mumble.com). This will replace the normal Steam Group Chat set-up that previous tournaments have used since this will provide multiple rooms to not only allow you to have pleasant chat with other competitors during downtime but to also provide rooms that a

Tournament Results

United States  Tybo
United States  Foda

Prize Money By Country

1.United States United States$180.002 Players
2.Norway Norway$70.001 Player


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First Ever Tiermonster Brawlhalla Tournament! : Brawlhalla
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