Riddle Brawl #1 (EU)

2017-04-06 to
Prize Pool:
USD - US Dollar

Announcing Europe's newest Brawlhalla tournament series; The Riddle Brawl Tournaments!

On April the 6th, players of the EU region will compete in a large double elimination tournament. Competition will be narrowed down to Top 8, who will compete on April 9th where every match best-of-5 and streamed. With $250 and 176 Circuit Points on the line, we hope this will be a great appetizer for what is to come.

Riddle is a eSport organisation competing at a top level in the Norway eSport scene. With teams in League of Legends, Rocket League, and Hearthstone, we hope to bring eSports to a new level as an organisation promoting eSports globally and making it accepted amongst everyone.

Riddle is now using all its resources to promote Brawlhalla, engage players, and host tournaments for a community we so love.

With this, we welcome you to the first of many Riddle Brawl Tournaments. The entire tournament will mostly be streamed but we will ensure those few brave souls making it to Top 8 will be promoted in a spectacular way only fitting for those seeking fame and victory! We welcome all of EU to participate in this event! Follow us on twitter for updates and giveaways! https://twitter.com/RiddleBrawl

This event is region locked, only players physically living in Europe may participate. Please read the Rules and Prizes sections below.

Tournament Results

Finland  TB

Prize Money By Country
1.Finland Finland$150.001 Player
2.Morocco Morocco$75.001 Player
3.Denmark Denmark$25.001 Player


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