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Overall Esports Stats For 2009

Total Prize Money: $4,081,685.54
Total Tournaments: 647
Total Active Players: 2487
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $6,308.63
Mean Earnings/Player: $1,641.21
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $1,000.00
Median Earnings/Player: $317.64

Top Countries for 2009

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$933,787.70130 Players
2.United States United States$678,478.12623 Players
3.Sweden Sweden$434,889.88123 Players
4.China China$335,208.7789 Players
5.Germany Germany$289,710.79203 Players
6.Denmark Denmark$157,091.95102 Players
7.France France$140,204.25151 Players
8.Russian Federation Russian Federation$126,507.65112 Players
9.Poland Poland$121,556.7842 Players
10.United Kingdom United Kingdom$108,165.91114 Players
11.Netherlands Netherlands$69,096.8848 Players
12.Ukraine Ukraine$63,560.7950 Players
13.Spain Spain$56,715.4530 Players
14.Finland Finland$52,528.5054 Players
15.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$46,493.1036 Players
16.Canada Canada$44,501.77103 Players
17.Norway Norway$28,146.9241 Players
18.Japan Japan$23,025.758 Players
19.Bulgaria Bulgaria$20,818.0838 Players
20.Slovakia Slovakia$19,790.285 Players
21.Czech Republic Czech Republic$12,843.8013 Players
22.Singapore Singapore$12,124.3015 Players
23.Belgium Belgium$11,260.5417 Players
24.Italy Italy$9,286.797 Players
25.Austria Austria$8,999.8815 Players
26.Turkey Turkey$7,640.917 Players
27.Belarus Belarus$7,358.882 Players
28.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$7,000.001 Player
29.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$6,615.031 Player
30.Brazil Brazil$6,000.008 Players
31.Uruguay Uruguay$6,000.001 Player
32.Mexico Mexico$5,050.002 Players
33.Malaysia Malaysia$5,048.1012 Players
34.Croatia Croatia$4,700.001 Player
35.Hungary Hungary$4,653.412 Players
36.Argentina Argentina$3,660.0015 Players
37.Malta Malta$3,396.0014 Players
38.Australia Australia$3,000.001 Player
39.Chile Chile$2,248.355 Players
40.Estonia Estonia$2,017.879 Players
41.Portugal Portugal$2,015.297 Players
42.Latvia Latvia$1,507.096 Players
43.Ireland Ireland$1,279.184 Players
44.Viet Nam Viet Nam$1,263.2522 Players
45.Pakistan Pakistan$1,100.006 Players
46.Switzerland Switzerland$1,041.843 Players
47.Peru Peru$787.272 Players
48.United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates$600.006 Players
49.Indonesia Indonesia$600.002 Players
50.Slovenia Slovenia$553.121 Player
51.Iceland Iceland$426.501 Player
52.Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of$420.121 Player
53.Algeria Algeria$222.271 Player
54.Ecuador Ecuador$182.621 Player
55.Lithuania Lithuania$180.532 Players
56.India India$100.001 Player
57.Philippines Philippines$100.001 Player
58.Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia$0.001 Player