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Overall Esports Stats For 2009

Total Prize Money: $4,129,020.31
Total Tournaments: 666
Total Active Players: 2629
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $6,199.73
Mean Earnings/Player: $1,570.57
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $1,006.25
Median Earnings/Player: $292.73

Top Games of 2009

1.Counter-Strike$1,353,400.64773 Players121 Tournaments
2.StarCraft: Brood War$708,775.32137 Players51 Tournaments
3.WarCraft III$387,351.0074 Players90 Tournaments
4.World of WarCraft$350,138.9168 Players12 Tournaments
5.Counter-Strike: Source$247,039.65321 Players47 Tournaments
6.Halo 3$234,900.7176 Players7 Tournaments
7.Defense of the Ancients$124,530.20123 Players17 Tournaments
8.FIFA 09$118,886.6952 Players17 Tournaments
9.Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare$109,724.84121 Players21 Tournaments
10.Quake Live$79,946.0833 Players19 Tournaments
11.Gears of War 2$60,000.000 Players4 Tournaments
12.Super Smash Bros. Melee$51,999.99161 Players89 Tournaments
13.Magic: The Gathering Online$50,000.008 Players1 Tournament
14.Super Smash Bros. Brawl$48,302.26195 Players97 Tournaments
15.TrackMania Nations Forever$35,765.5930 Players13 Tournaments
16.Team Fortress 2$32,478.48142 Players10 Tournaments
17.Red Stone$23,000.0012 Players1 Tournament
18.Rainbow Six: Vegas 2$15,000.000 Players1 Tournament
19.Asphalt 4$12,000.003 Players1 Tournament
20.Carom 3D$12,000.003 Players1 Tournament
21.Virtua Fighter 5$12,000.003 Players2 Tournaments
22.Wise Star 2$12,000.003 Players1 Tournament
23.Quake III Arena$10,591.1820 Players7 Tournaments
24.Age of Empires II$10,134.8411 Players2 Tournaments
25.Day of Defeat: Source$7,717.6435 Players3 Tournaments
26.Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory$6,637.4618 Players1 Tournament
27.Call of Duty 2$4,401.020 Players1 Tournament
28.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2$4,211.8411 Players2 Tournaments
29.FIFA 08$2,560.193 Players1 Tournament
30.Street Fighter IV$1,602.7213 Players5 Tournaments
31.Age of Empires$880.0016 Players1 Tournament
32.Pro Evolution Soccer 2009$713.063 Players4 Tournaments
33.Super Smash Bros.$100.007 Players2 Tournaments
34.Marvel vs. Capcom 2$90.006 Players2 Tournaments
35.Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike$45.003 Players2 Tournaments
36.BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger$35.003 Players1 Tournament
37.Guilty Gear XX Accent Core$35.009 Players2 Tournaments
38.King of Fighters XI$25.003 Players1 Tournament
39.Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus$0.003 Players1 Tournament
40.Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix$0.008 Players2 Tournaments