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Overall Esports Stats For 2008

Total Prize Money: $7,462,214.43
Total Tournaments: 546
Total Active Players: 2589
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $13,667.06
Mean Earnings/Player: $2,882.28
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $3,201.43
Median Earnings/Player: $490.49

Top Games of 2008

1.Counter-Strike$1,651,308.06737 Players113 Tournaments
2.StarCraft: Brood War$1,049,976.45191 Players26 Tournaments
3.Counter-Strike: Source$871,999.50468 Players61 Tournaments
4.Halo 3$688,924.6772 Players11 Tournaments
5.WarCraft III$681,496.09116 Players105 Tournaments
6.World of WarCraft$450,500.0072 Players11 Tournaments
7.World in Conflict$228,110.7325 Players7 Tournaments
8.Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare$218,907.09165 Players23 Tournaments
9.Forza Motorsport 2$207,000.0016 Players1 Tournament
10.FIFA 08$201,433.2562 Players13 Tournaments
11.Dead or Alive 4$189,708.4618 Players3 Tournaments
12.F.E.A.R.$118,000.008 Players2 Tournaments
13.Unreal Tournament 3$104,812.823 Players3 Tournaments
14.Madden NFL 2009$100,000.001 Player1 Tournament
15.Defense of the Ancients$81,556.2455 Players11 Tournaments
16.Gears of War$66,974.500 Players6 Tournaments
17.Quake III Arena$65,619.7023 Players14 Tournaments
18.Rainbow Six: Vegas 2$64,000.000 Players6 Tournaments
19.Team Fortress 2$59,639.4474 Players7 Tournaments
20.Red Stone$35,000.006 Players1 Tournament
21.Need for Speed: ProStreet$32,208.4612 Players3 Tournaments
22.TrackMania Nations Forever$30,946.318 Players6 Tournaments
23.Command & Conquer 3$28,185.417 Players5 Tournaments
24.Project Gotham Racing 4$25,208.465 Players3 Tournaments
25.Quake Live$25,000.0019 Players2 Tournaments
26.Super Smash Bros. Melee$22,934.6185 Players27 Tournaments
27.Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock$19,000.008 Players2 Tournaments
28.Age of Empires III$17,500.003 Players1 Tournament
29.Asphalt 4$17,500.003 Players1 Tournament
30.Carom 3D$17,500.003 Players1 Tournament
31.Virtua Fighter 5$17,500.003 Players2 Tournaments
32.Super Smash Bros. Brawl$16,501.8788 Players35 Tournaments
33.Age of Empires II$14,988.3623 Players7 Tournaments
34.Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory$12,014.8830 Players2 Tournaments
35.Enemy Territory: Quake Wars$4,650.126 Players1 Tournament
36.Battlefield 2$2,976.950 Players1 Tournament
37.Crysis$2,976.950 Players1 Tournament
38.Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike$2,890.005 Players2 Tournaments
39.QuakeWorld$2,775.070 Players1 Tournament
40.Marvel vs. Capcom 2$2,610.0010 Players4 Tournaments
41.Day of Defeat: Source$2,285.8212 Players1 Tournament
42.Pro Evolution Soccer 2008$2,084.156 Players3 Tournaments
43.Super Street Fighter II Turbo$1,770.006 Players2 Tournaments
44.Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection$1,720.006 Players2 Tournaments
45.Unreal Tournament 2003$1,700.001 Player1 Tournament
46.Capcom vs. SNK 2$1,450.006 Players2 Tournaments
47.Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance$1,290.010 Players1 Tournament
48.Guilty Gear XX Accent Core$80.003 Players1 Tournament