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Overall Esports Stats For 2006

Total Prize Money: $5,678,857.04
Total Tournaments: 407
Total Active Players: 1981
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $13,952.97
Mean Earnings/Player: $2,866.66
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $5,600.00
Median Earnings/Player: $500.00

Top Games of 2006

1.Counter-Strike$2,131,599.40950 Players117 Tournaments
2.StarCraft: Brood War$809,030.24142 Players41 Tournaments
3.Halo 2$618,050.0054 Players19 Tournaments
4.WarCraft III$517,579.9589 Players64 Tournaments
5.Quake 4$358,339.0073 Players35 Tournaments
6.Counter-Strike: Source$177,710.53254 Players27 Tournaments
7.Super Smash Bros. Melee$144,584.0044 Players22 Tournaments
8.Madden NFL 2006$100,000.001 Player1 Tournament
9.FIFA 06$85,769.9917 Players10 Tournaments
10.Quake III Arena$83,813.7646 Players6 Tournaments
11.Battlefield 2$79,074.590 Players8 Tournaments
12.Project Gotham Racing 3$72,300.008 Players4 Tournaments
13.TrackMania Nations$72,000.0011 Players2 Tournaments
14.Dead or Alive 4$53,050.0013 Players4 Tournaments
15.Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War$43,000.003 Players1 Tournament
16.Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory$36,350.2054 Players4 Tournaments
17.Need for Speed: Most Wanted$35,000.0014 Players6 Tournaments
18.Gran Turismo 4$32,000.004 Players1 Tournament
19.Pro Evolution Soccer 5$32,000.004 Players1 Tournament
20.Call of Duty 2$31,249.280 Players8 Tournaments
21.FIFA 07$27,300.005 Players3 Tournaments
22.Age of Empires II$25,332.5450 Players5 Tournaments
23.Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter$24,000.000 Players2 Tournaments
24.Forza Motorsport 2$15,000.002 Players1 Tournament
25.Day of Defeat$10,300.001 Player1 Tournament
26.Capcom vs. SNK 2$10,250.008 Players1 Tournament
27.Guilty Gear XX Slash$10,250.006 Players1 Tournament
28.Hyper Street Fighter II$10,250.008 Players1 Tournament
29.Marvel vs. Capcom 2$10,250.008 Players1 Tournament
30.Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike$10,250.008 Players1 Tournament
31.Tekken 5$10,250.008 Players1 Tournament
32.Live for Speed$1,895.486 Players2 Tournaments
33.Defense of the Ancients$738.835 Players1 Tournament
34.Age of Empires$289.2519 Players2 Tournaments