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Overall Esports Stats For April 2006

Total Prize Money: $126,220.83
Total Tournaments: 24
Total Active Players: 209
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $5,259.20
Mean Earnings/Player: $603.93
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $3,675.64
Median Earnings/Player: $324.56

Top Games of April 2006

1.Counter-Strike$44,687.2793 Players8 Tournaments
2.Halo 2$38,975.0026 Players2 Tournaments
3.Super Smash Bros. Melee$9,775.0013 Players2 Tournaments
4.StarCraft: Brood War$9,084.8019 Players2 Tournaments
5.Battlefield 2$8,855.390 Players2 Tournaments
6.Counter-Strike: Source$8,000.6640 Players4 Tournaments
7.Quake 4$6,222.839 Players3 Tournaments
8.Call of Duty 2$619.880 Players1 Tournament