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Overall Esports Stats For 2019

Total Prize Money: $1,682,659.34
Total Tournaments: 67
Total Active Players: 656
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $25,114.32
Mean Earnings/Player: $2,565.03
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $1,000.00
Median Earnings/Player: $969.56

Top Games of 2019

1.PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$600,000.0096 Players2 Tournaments
2.Dota 2$479,803.13140 Players10 Tournaments
3.Overwatch$370,043.00163 Players2 Tournaments
4.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$57,952.73107 Players12 Tournaments
5.League of Legends$51,380.0016 Players1 Tournament
6.Heroes of the Storm$45,960.0020 Players2 Tournaments
7.StarCraft II$35,125.8533 Players12 Tournaments
8.WarCraft III$23,133.3620 Players4 Tournaments
9.Artifact$12,073.6543 Players12 Tournaments
10.Hearthstone$5,000.004 Players2 Tournaments
11.Super Smash Bros. Ultimate$1,125.308 Players3 Tournaments
12.Call of Duty: Black Ops 4$500.005 Players1 Tournament
13.StarCraft: Brood War$359.721 Player1 Tournament
14.ARMS$151.306 Players2 Tournaments
15.Lethal League Blaze$51.303 Players1 Tournament