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Overall Esports Stats For 2019

Total Prize Money: $19,026,895.90
Total Tournaments: 496
Total Active Players: 4595
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $38,360.68
Mean Earnings/Player: $4,140.78
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $2,137.28
Median Earnings/Player: $776.00

Top Games of 2019

1.Dota 2$4,457,623.13307 Players21 Tournaments
2.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$3,409,604.70841 Players99 Tournaments
3.Rainbow Six Siege$2,074,084.26134 Players5 Tournaments
4.Fortnite$1,823,343.15691 Players51 Tournaments
5.Overwatch$1,451,385.00551 Players8 Tournaments
6.PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$1,049,640.00144 Players6 Tournaments
7.StarCraft II$738,376.71156 Players41 Tournaments
8.Hearthstone$732,000.00178 Players9 Tournaments
9.FIFA 19$663,000.00113 Players6 Tournaments
10.Call of Duty: Black Ops 4$577,417.00181 Players22 Tournaments
11.Arena of Valor$539,360.0040 Players2 Tournaments
12.Apex Legends$299,619.00208 Players24 Tournaments
13.Rocket League$234,118.3884 Players5 Tournaments
14.Gears of War 4$200,000.005 Players1 Tournament
15.League of Legends$154,923.25101 Players5 Tournaments
16.Super Smash Bros. Ultimate$106,701.9264 Players23 Tournaments
17.StarCraft: Brood War$71,694.7231 Players3 Tournaments
18.Artifact$59,791.64152 Players66 Tournaments
19.Brawlhalla$50,645.50128 Players38 Tournaments
20.Guns of Boom$50,000.004 Players1 Tournament
21.Heroes of the Storm$47,075.0030 Players3 Tournaments
22.WarCraft III$41,451.6030 Players7 Tournaments
23.Tekken 7$29,960.0012 Players2 Tournaments
24.Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings$26,900.0019 Players2 Tournaments
25.Gwent$25,000.008 Players1 Tournament
26.rFactor 2$20,340.0016 Players1 Tournament
27.World of WarCraft$20,000.0022 Players2 Tournaments
28.Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition$18,270.008 Players1 Tournament
29.Madden NFL 19$15,000.002 Players1 Tournament
30.Super Smash Bros. Melee$11,667.0011 Players2 Tournaments
31.Magic: The Gathering Arena$10,000.0016 Players1 Tournament
32.TrackMania 2: Stadium$4,957.1712 Players8 Tournaments
33.Black Squad$4,009.4720 Players2 Tournaments
34.iRacing.com$2,051.9419 Players2 Tournaments
35.Dragon Ball FighterZ$1,550.007 Players2 Tournaments
36.Soul Calibur VI$1,290.004 Players1 Tournament
37.Dead or Alive 6$870.003 Players1 Tournament
38.BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle$570.003 Players1 Tournament
39.ARMS$485.8115 Players6 Tournaments
40.CrossFire$452.7523 Players3 Tournaments
41.Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2$300.003 Players1 Tournament
42.Super Street Fighter II Turbo$270.003 Players1 Tournament
43.Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite$240.003 Players1 Tournament
44.Injustice 2$170.003 Players1 Tournament
45.Pokkén Tournament DX$170.003 Players1 Tournament
46.Super Smash Bros.$150.003 Players1 Tournament
47.Street Fighter Alpha 2$130.003 Players1 Tournament
48.Age of Empires$100.004 Players1 Tournament
49.Lethal League Blaze$51.303 Players1 Tournament
50.Mario Tennis Aces$51.303 Players1 Tournament
51.Hand of the Gods$34.201 Player1 Tournament