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Overall Esports Stats For 2019

Total Prize Money: $1,682,659.34
Total Tournaments: 67
Total Active Players: 656
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $25,114.32
Mean Earnings/Player: $2,565.03
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $1,000.00
Median Earnings/Player: $969.56

Top Countries for 2019

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$424,736.4559 Players
2.China China$376,402.5195 Players
3.United States United States$175,800.4088 Players
4.Russian Federation Russian Federation$118,080.2930 Players
5.Sweden Sweden$63,396.3949 Players
6.France France$61,914.2236 Players
7.Belarus Belarus$53,375.7515 Players
8.Finland Finland$45,310.1011 Players
9.Canada Canada$30,612.8810 Players
10.Denmark Denmark$30,350.9913 Players
11.United Kingdom United Kingdom$28,180.2633 Players
12.Germany Germany$22,303.2717 Players
13.Ukraine Ukraine$22,212.088 Players
14.Indonesia Indonesia$20,294.2414 Players
15.Netherlands Netherlands$15,592.4110 Players
16.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$15,000.008 Players
17.Norway Norway$9,379.464 Players
18.Australia Australia$9,344.508 Players
19.Peru Peru$8,560.0012 Players
20.Portugal Portugal$8,340.794 Players
21.Belgium Belgium$8,229.444 Players
22.Israel Israel$7,878.422 Players
23.Japan Japan$7,500.008 Players
24.Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of$6,500.001 Player
25.Czech Republic Czech Republic$5,235.188 Players
26.Cuba Cuba$5,000.001 Player
27.Thailand Thailand$5,000.008 Players
28.Italy Italy$4,507.502 Players
29.Latvia Latvia$4,320.733 Players
30.Singapore Singapore$4,119.319 Players
31.Mongolia Mongolia$4,071.202 Players
32.Croatia Croatia$3,368.143 Players
33.Viet Nam Viet Nam$2,876.501 Player
34.Serbia Serbia$2,350.004 Players
35.Iceland Iceland$2,333.001 Player
36.Brazil Brazil$2,083.213 Players
37.Mexico Mexico$2,060.212 Players
38.Argentina Argentina$1,858.001 Player
39.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$1,800.002 Players
40.Greece Greece$1,766.204 Players
41.Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan$1,500.001 Player
42.New Zealand New Zealand$1,500.001 Player
43.Lithuania Lithuania$1,300.004 Players
44.Chile Chile$1,289.3515 Players
45.Kosovo, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of$1,250.001 Player
46.Spain Spain$969.561 Player
47.Poland Poland$921.006 Players
48.Switzerland Switzerland$758.102 Players
49.Ethiopia Ethiopia$733.331 Player
50.Jordan Jordan$650.002 Players
51.Iraq Iraq$600.004 Players
52.Bulgaria Bulgaria$577.003 Players
53.Lebanon Lebanon$500.005 Players
54.Pakistan Pakistan$500.001 Player
55.Malaysia Malaysia$437.962 Players
56.Turkey Turkey$400.001 Player
57.Romania Romania$354.002 Players
58.Hong Kong Hong Kong$290.801 Player
59.Uzbekistan Uzbekistan$240.001 Player
60.Hungary Hungary$228.607 Players
61.Montenegro Montenegro$200.001 Player