Red Bull Home Ground #2

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2021-11-04 to 2021-11-07

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$15,267.009 Players
2.Belgium Belgium$10,871.953 Players
3.Finland Finland$10,524.986 Players
4.Turkey Turkey$6,361.2811 Players
5.Poland Poland$5,204.663 Players
6.Russian Federation Russian Federation$4,510.7412 Players
7.Spain Spain$4,395.054 Players
8.Lithuania Lithuania$2,544.525 Players
9.Czech Republic Czech Republic$2,428.853 Players
10.Sweden Sweden$1,850.552 Players
11.France France$1,387.926 Players
12.Egypt Egypt$1,156.605 Players
13.Germany Germany$693.963 Players
14.Croatia Croatia$578.301 Player
15.Ukraine Ukraine$462.642 Players
16.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$231.321 Player
17.Belarus Belarus$231.321 Player
18.Denmark Denmark$231.321 Player
19.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$231.321 Player
20.Latvia Latvia$231.321 Player


Red Bull Home Ground #2€60,000.00$69,395.42VALORANT