Huntress Trials

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2021-08-14 to 2021-08-15

Tournaments hosted by Rix.GG for women and people from marginalized gender groups.

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.France France$5,048.3610 Players
2.Turkey Turkey$2,844.5914 Players
3.Germany Germany$1,702.708 Players
4.United Kingdom United Kingdom$1,170.094 Players
5.Russian Federation Russian Federation$768.042 Players
6.United States United States$561.641 Player
7.Austria Austria$550.483 Players
8.Sweden Sweden$440.663 Players
9.Bahrain Bahrain$346.931 Player
10.Qatar Qatar$346.931 Player
11.Serbia Serbia$342.651 Player
12.Spain Spain$308.085 Players
13.Denmark Denmark$274.922 Players
14.Italy Italy$238.671 Player
15.Lithuania Lithuania$238.671 Player
16.Slovakia Slovakia$238.671 Player
17.Hungary Hungary$205.581 Player
18.Poland Poland$147.405 Players
19.Latvia Latvia$70.761 Player
20.Norway Norway$70.761 Player
21.Netherlands Netherlands$69.341 Player
22.Romania Romania$68.541 Player
23.Belgium Belgium$68.531 Player


Huntress Trials - August 2021 (VALORANT)£2,000.00$2,773.59VALORANT 
Huntress Trials - July 2021 (VALORANT)£2,000.00$2,781.99VALORANT 
Huntress Trials - May 2021 (VALORANT)£2,000.00$2,838.63VALORANT 
Huntress Trials May EU Open (LoL)£1,000.00$1,415.12League of Legends 
Huntress Trials April EU Open (LoL)£500.00$694.00League of Legends 
Huntress Trials - April 2021 (VALORANT)£2,000.00$2,741.44VALORANT 
Huntress Trials - January 2021 (VALORANT)£2,100.00$2,878.16VALORANT