Agent's Range

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2021-12-17 to 2021-12-18

Agent's Range is the German-speaking community (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) for VALORANT.

Organizer of series Kingdom Calling and Agent's Rising.

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Germany Germany$19,170.2533 Players
2.Lithuania Lithuania$2,584.747 Players
3.Finland Finland$2,431.763 Players
4.Czech Republic Czech Republic$2,302.101 Player
5.Denmark Denmark$1,946.442 Players
6.Sweden Sweden$892.291 Player
7.France France$620.202 Players
8.Latvia Latvia$358.921 Player
9.Belgium Belgium$292.961 Player
10.Russian Federation Russian Federation$292.961 Player
11.Turkey Turkey$292.961 Player
12.Austria Austria$281.021 Player


Kingdom Calling #6€5,000.00$5,620.36VALORANT 
Kingdom Calling #5€5,000.00$5,659.66VALORANT 
Kingdom Calling #4€5,000.00$5,859.11VALORANT 
Kingdom Calling #3€5,000.00$5,881.76VALORANT 
Kingdom Calling #2€5,000.00$6,082.26VALORANT 
Kingdom Calling€2,000.00$2,363.36VALORANT