European Masters Spring 2021

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2021-03-29 to 2021-05-02

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Poland Poland$30,160.9922 Players
2.France France$27,286.086 Players
3.Netherlands Netherlands$18,511.264 Players
4.United Kingdom United Kingdom$15,626.392 Players
5.Germany Germany$12,681.418 Players
6.Belgium Belgium$9,616.241 Player
7.Norway Norway$9,255.632 Players
8.Denmark Denmark$7,512.695 Players
9.Portugal Portugal$7,091.983 Players
10.Romania Romania$6,611.172 Players
11.Spain Spain$6,450.906 Players
12.Bulgaria Bulgaria$6,370.774 Players
13.Greece Greece$5,769.735 Players
14.Belarus Belarus$3,245.481 Player
15.Czech Republic Czech Republic$3,245.481 Player
16.Austria Austria$2,884.872 Players
17.Italy Italy$2,884.872 Players
18.Serbia Serbia$2,884.872 Players
19.Sweden Sweden$1,562.642 Players
20.Ukraine Ukraine$651.101 Player


European Masters Spring 2021€150,000.00$180,304.53League of Legends