Total Prize Money Earned:
$5,755,252.88 From 977 Tournaments
World Ranking:

There have been 872 Singaporean esports players that have been awarded a total of $5,755,252.88 USD in prize money across 977 tournaments. The highest awarding game was Dota 2 with $2,618,156.88 USD won, making up 45.49% of all earnings by Singaporean players. Koh "iceiceice" Daryl Pei Xiang is the highest earning Singaporean player with $1,802,055.42 USD in prize money won overall, with $1,799,655.42 USD or 99.87% won from playing in Dota 2 tournaments.

Top Games

 Game NameTotal (Game)
1.Dota 2$2,618,156.88
2.League of Legends$338,512.55
3.Rainbow Six Siege$308,572.75
4.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$279,803.50
6.Mobile Legends: Bang Bang$221,350.05
7.Brawl Stars$198,333.35
8.FIFA Online 3$150,365.20
9.Call of Duty: Mobile$147,750.00
12.Heroes of the Storm$83,584.15
13.League of Legends: Wild Rift$80,778.61
14.FIFA Online 4$77,943.56
15.Ultra Street Fighter IV$70,987.11
16.Rocket League$69,215.83
19.Free Fire$40,000.00
20.StarCraft II$35,147.09
22.Counter-Strike: Source$30,000.00
23.Street Fighter V$23,926.64
24.Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition$23,599.00
25.Halo 5: Guardians$22,500.00

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)
1.Singapore iceiceiceKoh, Daryl Pei Xiang$1,802,055.42
2.Singapore NutZJeng Yih Wong$231,167.65
3.Singapore DethYang Heng$173,765.95
4.Singapore XianHo, Kun Xian$134,084.92
5.Singapore BenkaiBenedict Tan$115,477.42
6.Singapore AmraanAmraan Gani$104,770.30
7.Singapore ChawyWong, Xing Lei$97,771.34
8.Singapore xyToh, Wai Hong$95,900.72
9.Singapore JingggJing Jie Wang$69,254.94
10.Singapore CoupDeAceNicholas Ng$67,791.67
11.Singapore ZarateJoseph Yeo Jia Hui$65,227.18
12.Singapore SpeakEasyMohamed Yunos$63,072.80
13.Singapore HysteRiXJeremy Mao Xuan Tan$62,717.80
14.Singapore LunarmetaLGlen Suryasaputra$62,425.00
15.Singapore ResponseJerome Kuek Jiaen$60,500.00
16.Singapore MeracleGalvin Kang Jian Wen$57,273.52
17.Singapore ScytheCharleston Yeo$56,583.34
18.Singapore ImpressioNAnthony Lim$54,422.25
19.Singapore YsaeraAdrian Rui Wui Hong$53,263.96
20.Singapore hyhyLim, Han Yong$51,405.05
21.Singapore jrdnJordan Cheng$51,305.00
22.Singapore LambyseriesWesley Seek$48,893.50
23.Singapore splashskeNevin Aw$47,280.56
24.Singapore PolosonWilson Koh Chin Wei$39,166.87
25.Singapore AaronAaron Koh$37,520.46

Top Tournament Results

1.The International 2015$479,169.94Dota 22 Players
2.The International 2021$320,160.00Dota 22 Players
3.The International 2016$186,934.20Dota 21 Player
4.The International 2014$163,966.60Dota 21 Player
5.Brawl Stars World Finals 2020$150,000.00Brawl Stars3 Players
5.The International 2011$150,000.00Dota 25 Players
7.Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2021 - East Finals$144,000.00Call of Duty: Mobile4 Players
8.The International 2019$102,990.20Dota 21 Player
9.The International 2018$76,596.60Dota 21 Player
10.The Kiev Major 2017$75,000.00Dota 23 Players
11.DAC 2018$74,000.00Dota 21 Player
12.DAC 2015$73,380.40Dota 21 Player
13.EA Champions Cup Spring 2018$71,660.66FIFA Online 32 Players
14.M3 World Championship$70,000.00Mobile Legends: Bang Bang10 Players
15.EA Champions Cup Winter 2018$66,666.66FIFA Online 42 Players
16.Six Invitational 2020$60,000.00Rainbow Six Siege5 Players
16.EA Champions Cup Winter 2016$60,000.00FIFA Online 33 Players
18.VCT 2022: Stage 2 Masters - Copenhagen$48,000.00VALORANT2 Players
19.The Frankfurt Major 2015$40,500.00Dota 21 Player
20.Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore$40,000.00Free Fire4 Players
20.Six Invitational 2021$40,000.00Rainbow Six Siege5 Players
22.The Boston Major 2016$37,500.00Dota 23 Players
23.MPL Singapore Season 2$37,000.05Mobile Legends: Bang Bang13 Players
24.MPL Singapore Season 1$37,000.02Mobile Legends: Bang Bang12 Players
25.WPC ACE Dota 2 League$33,046.93Dota 21 Player