This list represents the top players of the specified country in esports who won prize money based on information published on the internet. Sources include news articles, forum posts, live report threads, interviews, official statements, reliable databases, VODs and other publicly-accessable sources that preserve "historical" information.

Highest Earnings for Viet Nam

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)Highest Paying GameTotal (Game)% of Total
1.Viet Nam ArchieTrần Minh Nhựt$50,895.34|League of Legends$50,704.3299.62%
2.Viet Nam OptimusCường, Trần Văn$39,134.94|League of Legends$39,134.94100.00%
3.Viet Nam QTVNguyễn Trần Tường Vũ$33,231.02|League of Legends$33,231.02100.00%
4.Viet Nam JunieTrần Hữu Nhựt Minh$28,781.20|League of Legends$28,781.20100.00%
5.Viet Nam SlayNguyễn, Ngọc Hùng$25,266.95|League of Legends$25,266.95100.00%
6.Viet Nam NIXWATERMai Nhật Tân$24,335.27|League of Legends$24,335.27100.00%
7.Viet Nam SofMLê, Quang Duy$21,784.52|League of Legends$21,784.52100.00%
8.Viet Nam VioletNgô, Mạnh Quyền$20,951.53|League of Legends$20,951.53100.00%
9.Viet Nam LeviĐỗ, Duy Khánh$19,135.00|League of Legends$19,135.00100.00%
10.Viet Nam SafetyHuỳnh Văn Tân$19,062.78|League of Legends$19,062.78100.00%
11.Viet Nam StarkPhan, Công Minh$16,900.00|League of Legends$16,900.00100.00%
12.Viet Nam NeilyoLan Tran$16,575.40|Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft$16,575.40100.00%
13.Viet Nam MinasPhước, Phạm Minh$15,442.54|League of Legends$15,442.54100.00%
14.Viet Nam PHONETAPChristopher Huynh$13,166.67|Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft$13,166.67100.00%
15.Viet Nam TSULê, Anh Duy$12,557.11|League of Legends$12,557.11100.00%
16.Viet Nam AuzezeNguyên, Lê Hoàng$11,591.16|League of Legends$11,591.16100.00%
17.Viet Nam JinkeyTrần Công Cam$11,232.67|League of Legends$11,232.67100.00%
18.Viet Nam BacT- -$9,521.66|Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings$9,521.66100.00%
19.Viet Nam LovidaLong Mai Nhật$9,126.83|League of Legends$9,126.83100.00%
20.Viet Nam VainsGiang, Davis$8,250.00|Vainglory$8,250.00100.00%
21.Viet Nam TikBùi Hoàng$8,072.32|League of Legends$8,072.32100.00%
22.Viet Nam UziLê Thanh Hà$7,705.95|League of Legends$7,705.95100.00%
23.Viet Nam alyTrinh, Duy Hoai An$7,600.00|CrossFire$7,600.00100.00%
24.Viet Nam rudoHo, Dai Hoai Tuoi$7,600.00|CrossFire$7,600.00100.00%
25.Viet Nam SnailLe, Thanh Quoc$7,600.00|CrossFire$7,600.00100.00%
26.Viet Nam WarzoneĐoàn, Văn Ngọc Sơn$7,082.77|League of Legends$7,082.77100.00%
27.Viet Nam ShynNguyễn Khánh Sơn$6,287.36|League of Legends$6,287.36100.00%
28.Viet Nam MarnMartin Phan$6,052.57|Super Street Fighter IV$4,000.0066.09%
29.Viet Nam OneLe, Vo Tan Phat$6,000.00|CrossFire$6,000.00100.00%
30.Viet Nam phatkonPham, Tan Phat$6,000.00|CrossFire$6,000.00100.00%
31.Viet Nam KingofWarNguyễn, Đức Hiệp$5,720.20|League of Legends$5,720.20100.00%
32.Viet Nam GoNyLê Hồng Ny$5,667.29|League of Legends$5,667.29100.00%
33.Viet Nam CelebrityNguyễn, Phước Long Hiệp$5,653.42|League of Legends$5,653.42100.00%
34.Viet Nam SerghNam Lộc Liêu$5,283.57|League of Legends$5,283.57100.00%
35.Viet Nam RowHoàng Duy, Phương$5,259.94|League of Legends$5,259.94100.00%
36.Viet Nam sykenThilo Phan$5,108.77|Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$5,108.77100.00%
37.Viet Nam ZacAn Nguyen$4,854.85|Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$4,854.85100.00%
38.Viet Nam Yellow- -$4,705.95|Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings$4,705.95100.00%
39.Viet Nam ExcavatorThien Hoang$4,600.00|CrossFire$4,600.00100.00%
40.Viet Nam JungleologyNguyễn Hồng Thắng$4,600.00|League of Legends$4,600.00100.00%
41.Viet Nam TankerDinh Nguyen$4,600.00|CrossFire$4,600.00100.00%
42.Viet Nam BeyondVĩnh Thanh Trương$4,551.17|League of Legends$4,551.17100.00%
43.Viet Nam MaximHong Nguyen$4,468.04|CrossFire$4,468.04100.00%
44.Viet Nam VigossDai, Pham Minh$4,222.99|League of Legends$4,222.99100.00%
45.Viet Nam ScaryNguyễn, Hải Hà$3,936.03|League of Legends$3,936.03100.00%
46.Viet Nam TartarusNguyễn, Hưng Thịnh$3,313.83|League of Legends$3,313.83100.00%
47.Viet Nam RonOPLê, Thiên Hàn$3,253.42|League of Legends$3,253.42100.00%
48.Viet Nam RambutanPhạm, Xuân Giang$3,201.09|Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$3,201.09100.00%
49.Viet Nam AkihoĐức Sơn Trần$3,185.84|League of Legends$3,185.84100.00%
50.Viet Nam MeoUNguyễn, Minh Hoàng$3,185.84|League of Legends$3,185.84100.00%
51.Viet Nam RapPhan, Phú Quốc$3,094.19|Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$3,094.19100.00%
52.Viet Nam LoliTaVũ Hoàng Việt$3,074.16|League of Legends$3,074.16100.00%
53.Viet Nam SunnyNguyễn, Thanh Phong$3,065.13|League of Legends$3,065.13100.00%
54.Viet Nam DancerPhu Nghiem$3,000.00|CrossFire$3,000.00100.00%
55.Viet Nam KickerTien Vu$3,000.00|CrossFire$3,000.00100.00%
56.Viet Nam FuryPhạm, Xuân Tiến$2,964.75|League of Legends$2,964.75100.00%
57.Viet Nam cLbHoang Nguyen$2,962.83|Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$2,962.83100.00%
58.Viet Nam JohnnyPPhan, Hoàng Trí$2,887.93|Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$2,887.93100.00%
59.Viet Nam TarzanCao, Ngọc Thắng$2,882.83|League of Legends$2,882.83100.00%
60.Viet Nam TearNguyễn, Chiến Thắng$2,882.83|League of Legends$2,882.83100.00%
61.Viet Nam yTBùi, Thế Vinh$2,877.00|League of Legends$2,877.00100.00%
62.Viet Nam ACCM- -$2,855.95|Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings$2,855.95100.00%
63.Viet Nam CooL- -$2,855.95|Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings$2,855.95100.00%
64.Viet Nam MeWNguyễn Thành Trung$2,674.16|League of Legends$2,674.16100.00%
65.Viet Nam HeavenQuách, Đăng Phi$2,656.40|League of Legends$2,656.40100.00%
66.Viet Nam darklordHoang Giang$2,632.99|Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$2,632.99100.00%
67.Viet Nam ExoTrần, Quang Hậu$2,598.59|League of Legends$2,598.59100.00%
68.Viet Nam Hakumen- -$2,541.85|FIFA 16$2,541.85100.00%
69.Viet Nam YushinLê Phước Nhân$2,429.62|League of Legends$2,429.62100.00%
70.Viet Nam CromTrần, Minh Hữu$2,400.00|League of Legends$2,400.00100.00%
71.Viet Nam SacrificeNhật Tài Phạm$2,400.00|League of Legends$2,400.00100.00%
72.Viet Nam KL7Nguyễn Hoàng Duy Khang$2,390.11|Dota 2$2,390.11100.00%
73.Viet Nam SenaTrương, Tuấn Tú$2,313.83|League of Legends$2,313.83100.00%
74.Viet Nam foxVõ Quốc Vương$2,290.11|Dota 2$2,290.11100.00%
75.Viet Nam Tove LoVương Thiện Tài$2,290.11|Dota 2$2,290.11100.00%
76.Viet Nam JinkyTrường Giang Phạm$2,200.00|League of Legends$2,200.00100.00%
77.Viet Nam LysnaLê, Ðình Dũng$2,185.84|League of Legends$2,185.84100.00%
78.Viet Nam BeeOneVũ, Tuấn Phi$2,180.40|League of Legends$2,180.40100.00%
79.Viet Nam crazyguyCong Anh Ngo$2,174.58|Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$2,174.58100.00%
80.Viet Nam EasynamLê, Thành Nam$2,145.15|League of Legends$2,145.15100.00%
81.Viet Nam MessiahNgô, Gia Lực$2,000.00|Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$2,000.00100.00%
82.Viet Nam PrinceMai Nguyễn Minh Thắng$2,000.00|League of Legends$2,000.00100.00%
83.Viet Nam shoutaPhạm, Quang Thắng$2,000.00|Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$2,000.00100.00%
84.Viet Nam SniperHoang Pham$2,000.00|CrossFire$2,000.00100.00%
85.Viet Nam NessĐỗ, Ngọc Tú$1,964.75|League of Legends$1,964.75100.00%
86.Viet Nam kyoChia Wei Hsu$1,917.60|Counter-Strike$1,917.60100.00%
87.Viet Nam HopePhạm, Trung Hiếu$1,882.83|League of Legends$1,882.83100.00%
88.Viet Nam BEAN- -$1,868.04|CrossFire$1,868.04100.00%
89.Viet Nam BOTKONZ- -$1,868.04|CrossFire$1,868.04100.00%
90.Viet Nam KUKON- -$1,868.04|CrossFire$1,868.04100.00%
91.Viet Nam RAMBO- -$1,868.04|CrossFire$1,868.04100.00%
92.Viet Nam Baroibeo- -$1,798.82|League of Legends$1,798.82100.00%
93.Viet Nam AkenoHồ, Trung Hậu$1,765.26|League of Legends$1,765.26100.00%
94.Viet Nam ClearTrịnh, Ngọc Anh Tuấn$1,765.26|League of Legends$1,765.26100.00%
95.Viet Nam KidzPhạm, Tuấn Vĩ$1,765.26|League of Legends$1,765.26100.00%
96.Viet Nam PetlandVõ, Huỳnh Quang Huy$1,765.26|League of Legends$1,765.26100.00%
97.Viet Nam TuKoNNguyen, Tuan$1,755.93|Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$1,755.93100.00%
98.Viet Nam KenTLương, Hoàng Bảo Anh$1,740.34|League of Legends$1,740.34100.00%
99.Viet Nam HanYiAnTrần, Quang Hiệp$1,685.00|League of Legends$1,685.00100.00%
100.Viet Nam EggLê Hoàng Ngà$1,658.12|League of Legends$1,658.12100.00%