Total Prize Money Earned:
$76,669.87 From 121 Tournaments
World Ranking:

There have been 33 esports players from Luxembourg that have been awarded a total of $76,669.87 USD in prize money across 121 tournaments. The highest awarding game was Fortnite with $34,458.20 USD won, making up 44.94% of all earnings by players from Luxembourg. Ivan "Hawkers" Riffel is the highest earning player from Luxembourg with $29,849.29 USD in prize money won overall, all of which was won from playing in Fortnite tournaments.

Top Games

 Game NameTotal (Game)
3.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$9,694.82
4.League of Legends$4,918.15
5.rFactor 2$2,500.00
6.Rainbow Six Siege$2,263.99
7.Super Smash Bros. Ultimate$2,203.66
8.Rocket League$1,753.08
10.King of Fighters XIV$307.44
12.Assetto Corsa Competizione$261.00
13.Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links$214.00
14.StarCraft II$173.51
15.Team Fortress 2$167.87$109.48
17.Project M$48.17
18.Age of Empires II$41.59
19.Super Smash Bros. Melee$9.14

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)
1.Luxembourg HawkersIvan Riffel$29,849.29
2.Luxembourg wiRerEric Wirtz$16,500.80
3.Luxembourg MRXMax Kugener$9,084.94
4.Luxembourg FloriixnFlorian Sahiti$4,608.91
5.Luxembourg JinshXiao Zhou Gilles Chen$3,319.94
6.Luxembourg Dylan PereiraDylan Pereira$2,530.00
7.Luxembourg Ra1kosHugo Kneip$2,263.99
8.Luxembourg LumerionElias Gashonga$1,598.21
9.Luxembourg LuiSLuis Silva$1,513.75
10.Luxembourg LorisRaptorLoris Centrone$975.18
11.Luxembourg BANGER- -$750.00
12.Luxembourg SimplyDaniel Dias$609.88
13.Luxembourg Kuroi- -$369.51
13.Luxembourg Ultra_Prizze- -$369.51
15.Luxembourg otekAlexander Konior$352.50
16.Luxembourg HrodRoberto Spigarelli$307.44
17.Luxembourg derspoBastian Saup$294.97
18.Luxembourg Félix RuppertFélix Ruppert$261.00
19.Luxembourg Senu- -$214.00
20.Luxembourg TraXThommy Meyer$198.75
21.Luxembourg JackOJacques Fuchs$173.51
22.Luxembourg CazaroC- -$167.87
23.Luxembourg KamiAlmeida Stewart$102.45
24.Luxembourg Gregory TansonGregory Tanson$66.15
25.Luxembourg KakpuNick Roeser$56.25

Top Tournament Results

1.TwitchCon 2019 - Fortnite - Finals$11,000.00Fortnite1 Player
2.DreamHack Sevilla 2018 (Fortnite)$3,405.05Fortnite1 Player
3.Fortnite World Cup 2019 - Week 10 - Europe$2,900.00Fortnite2 Players
4.LMVS 2021/22 - GT Series$2,500.00rFactor 21 Player
4.DreamHack Beyond Three-Headed Dragon Challenge Europe$2,500.00Hearthstone1 Player
6.Champion's Trios Cash Cup - Week 1 - Eu$2,300.00Fortnite1 Player
7.Masters Tour Online 2020 Asia-Pacific$2,250.00Hearthstone1 Player
7.Masters Tour 2020 Jönköping$2,250.00Hearthstone1 Player
9.Masters Tour 2022 Murder at Castle Nathria$1,818.00Hearthstone1 Player
10.ESL Meisterschaft: Spring 2022 (CS:GO)$1,792.43Counter-Strike: Global Offensive1 Player
11.FNCS: Season X - Heat 3: Europe$1,600.00Fortnite1 Player
12.Masters Tour 2021 Stormwind$1,500.00Hearthstone1 Player
12.FNCS: Chapter 2 Season 4 - Grand Finals: Europe$1,500.00Fortnite1 Player
14.Fortnite World Cup 2019 - Week 2 - Europe$1,450.00Fortnite2 Players
15.6 French Challengers - Season 2$1,213.24Rainbow Six Siege1 Player
16.ESL Pro League Season 15$1,200.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive1 Player
17.A1 eSports League Austria - Season 3 (LoL)$1,151.10League of Legends1 Player
18.Kaio Smash Series - Choc des Titans$1,113.41Super Smash Bros. Ultimate1 Player
19.POST Esports Masters 2022$1,108.53Rocket League3 Players
20.99Liga Season #18 - Division 1$1,107.60Counter-Strike: Global Offensive1 Player
21.6 French League Season 3$1,050.75Rainbow Six Siege1 Player
22.Masters Tour 2021 Silvermoon$1,000.00Hearthstone1 Player
22.Masters Tour 2021 Ironforge$1,000.00Hearthstone1 Player
22.Masters Tour 2020 Montreal$1,000.00Hearthstone1 Player
22.Masters Tour 2019 Las Vegas$1,000.00Hearthstone1 Player